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  1. Just now, Patriot Killa said:

    Shouldn’t it be “The better the individuals, the better the D will look?”

    Yeah the more good guys the better the D, in theory. But it's a team game and until the unit is good individuals just aren't gonna be as good.


    But individuals will shine more the better the D plays as a unit. So if this D comes together guys like Lee and Leo will start to get more love from the fans as they can fulfill their roles better. There's several young guys that should be improved that will help that. Including Adams and Maye also.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    He showed a lot more dominance today. Very violent hands and hit hard. Just seemed like a whole different guy. Showed a ton of intensity.

    Lee has put on some muscle and he looks like he's in fantastic shape. He's bigger. You can see it in his gait even, that he feels really good, and strong.


    People need to stop trying to pigeon hole him into a type and just let the dude mature.


    He's not limited at all. But is a fantastic athlete and is fast and quick. He needed some time to adjust. Most guys do.



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  3. 14 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    I'm really just hoping they go completely younger all over the organization. If they want to keep Wright in some capacity that's fine, but they need an entire staff turnover that understands modern day strength & conditioning, especially with pitchers. The Mets still have a good framework to compete in the NL and will have a lot of money to spend, but they need some people at the top that know what they're doing with players. It's really preposterous how talented the Mets were when they started the season and what they ended with; and that is 100% on the ******* organization, and especially on Terry.

    I got the feeling Terry was on the way out in August, maybe even earlier, and felt that it was time. There was a vibe in the dugout that was visible. But in typical Mets organizational style, it goes to sh*t. Things go bad, a bunch rats scurry for cover, finger point, and kick the man when he's down. It was reminiscent of Willie. Of course when things go bad in Mets land there needs to be a scapegoat so Terry gets blamed when all he's doing is putting the players he has on the field to try and win. Just take the hit as an organization whether there's fault or not. Blaming the injuries on Terry is ridiculous when Sandy is overseer of everything including organizational approach. Sometimes sh*t happens, but let's make sure somebody takes a hit to the balls, even tho nobody knows what really happened, cough cough Sandy. There's gotta be a few real snickering pussies in that organization.

    Outside of the injuries, with a new generation of players it's probably for the best, and time. 

  4. Wally LOL. Yeah, and hire Dykstra as bench coach.

    Kudos to David Wright for what he said. I'm proud of him. I was never the biggest fan, but I am now. 

    Hire Ventura, Wright as bench coach, and move Goody to 3rd base coach.

    Kick Jeff Wilpon in the balls squarely. After all these years, now we have that schmuck exercising his ****wit ass into the team. 

  5. 1 hour ago, BroadwayJoe12 said:

    I never really took diet into consideration, ran track and swam in college so I essentially lived on carbs, protein shakes and meat, but starting a surgical residency a little over a year ago I have been trying anything I can find to increase my energy, stay healthy all while having less free hours than I have ever had in my life. 

    Couple of things that I ran into that was giving me real problems: it was tough for me to find healthy keto snacks that weren't filled with sugar substitutes, weren't pork rinds or basically just a smaller portion of what I ate for lunch or dinner. I have always had three large meals, but had a snack between, for roughly five meals a day. In my college days, I would simply fill them with a protein bar, shake etc. If anyone has any homemade bars or ideas that aren't meant for treats, but just smaller meals that would be great.

    The other issue that I had was I have too cook in bulk, as I work 6 days a week and at the very minimum 12 hours a day, so I pretty much only have time to throw food on the stove at night or in the morning and not cook every day. It has always been easier to do this with bulk chicken, fish etc. but also pasta, rice, potatos.  I love spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, but haven't found enough keto bulk recipes to keep my from getting bored of the same meal. 


    What do you guys have for breakfast? I always used to toss some pasta/rice/sweet potatos and scrambled eggs and meat on the stove in the morning, or reheat whatever I had the night before, or oatmeal etc. but on Keto it was eggs, meat and cheese. I had a difficult time varying my breakfast selections and that was a huge problem for me. I tried different smoothies, but even if it were a 1000 calorie smoothie (almond milk, protein powder, peanut butter etc.) just isn't as filling as an actual meal. 


    Anyway, I didn't really notice any difference in energy, but I'm also in a unique environment where every single person around me is exhausted 24 hours a day, so maybe it's just not something that can overcome the sh*tty scenario of a surgical residency. I also can't survive off of coffee to do my job effectively right now, hopefully that will change in a few years. 


    I have also dabbled in carb cycling, but I think the issue always comes with that I don't have the time to figure out my macros and which days i'm working out etc. Anyway, glad to see everyone is eating healthier and sharing their stories, definitely refreshing to read. Best of luck. 

    Wow, that's a lot work around. The biggest key I would think is to resist sugar, processed food, and the refined flour. Sardines, Salmon, simple chick pea, or bean, salads, hard boiled eggs, quality cheese, simple salads with that stuff; over night oatmeal w/ flax, almond butter, blueberries, etc., Nuts and seeds, all to carry you.

    Smoothies. A simple smoothie with frozen chopped kale, strawberries or blueberries, and ground flax seeds, in coconut water is really easy to make and takes little time. And get a good meal with quality protein and salad or vegetables once a day.

    A slow cooker or pressure cooker to make those big meals and to freeze portions

    I am in no way as busy as you, and I can prolly afford to lose some more weight, but when I'm in keto I can go for a swim in the ocean or fish hard before i eat anything and I'm fine. But I have to make sure I have something to eat at the right time, usually several hours into my day.

    Also, I like to keep it simple stupid, and I have don't really have a problem with a limited variety in my food either.

    Good luck. Prolly all things you've considered but hope it helps..

  6. Plawecki may be letting the Coupons off the hook with the Catcher depth. Looks good. I hope Terry keeps playing him. Let d'Arnaud observe somebody with cajones while he accepts a lesser role...with glee.

  7. 33 minutes ago, Super Bowl before I die said:

    Rosario's idol must be Cespedes .

    When Rosario can carry a team to the post season on one leg, after carrying a team to the WS, he gets a pass. He has some some lessons to be learned. Hopefully they're not hard lessons.

  8. Terry's hot in the postgame. I think he benched Rosario for his look but he's saying Rosario has a hurt finger :blink:. Media can't get a smidgen of info out of either one about this 'hurt finger'. Rosario needs some maturing and seasoning yet.

  9. So we sign this dude Aoki. I presume then that the real money's going towards a good infielder or catcher, or God forbid both? Ima be pissed if they don't sign a quality player.

    Mets sign OF Norichika Aoki to major league contract

  10. 14 minutes ago, Lizard King said:

    I did keto for about 90 days, went and got my blood done pre and post, and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels were fantastic. 

    That happened with me too, blood sugar also. But, as time time goes on excessive fat can be a detriment, it was for me. You can go keto with the fat but there's also abusing that in the long term. In the end the fat is in the food for the most part. Moderate amounts of coconut and olive oil works, but too much doesn't.

    I do not do any kind of endurance but I swim, with some high intensity, and fish, and I can go a long time on keto. But as soon as I backed off the extra fat, and salt, it got better..maybe much better. The carbs in the vegetables and nuts work for me. There's a name for them that I forget...it's fiber factor in relation the carbs.

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