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  1. It's looking more like a slip and slide where he forgot to turn the hose on.
  2. Do you not know what presumed means? Stop defending this cluster ****. Nobody who's any good wants anything to do with us. Bill Belichik quit on a post it note 24 hours in as our head coach. Every coach who's come since Woody bought the team has gone backwards. You have to be next level stupid to accept a job with this team.
  3. This team is so sh*tty I'd be down with letting you take over for the rest of the year. You seem to be more passionate about the team than Gase
  4. Might as well march them out there on Sunday to at least have something to look at. They'd be equally effective at stopping the run as the current starters
  5. Yeah, ok. We got the presumed #1 pick at QB from 3 years ago and only got a coked up Adam Gase to show up
  6. I've been saying this. Cross off any promising head coaching candidate. Why would anyone with a brain and a bright future tie themselves to this franchise? I don't know where we even go from Adam Gase unless the Johnson's want to back up a truck full of money. Which they never do, they don't spend on coaches
  7. Lol. How sad is it our tiny little punter is probably the best player on the team right now? Not his fault we can't even find good special teams players to cover on a roster of people who could only make the 31 other rosters on special teams
  8. I mean it's sad that these aren't joke votes. I voted for him. It's possible he's the best player on the team right now. I'm just scared his leg will fall off from overuse
  9. We can tell. I tried to not watch the Jets on Sunday and tuned into Redzone. I couldn't avoid our incompetence for 1 minute. We gave up an 80 yard TD on Then first play of the game
  10. I think we're going 0-9. I don't see us beating anyone including Alabama or Clemson right now given the effort and coaching. I'm just throwing it in cause the rookie QB. Chargers should have won that game. They played scared the last 5 minutes of regulation. Running clock when they should have gone for the TD. What good is a 3 point lead with Mahomes and Butker who can hit a FG from half field?
  11. You're right. I ment to say Chargers. Colts are going to run it down our throats. My apologies
  12. We maybe got a shot against the Broncos or Colts, but not the way we looked the last two weeks. We better not **** up the Lawrence sweepstakes with a BS second half rally. Even if you want to keep Darnold around we can sell that pick for the biggest draft haul in NFL history

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