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  1. Just need the season to go long enough to secure our #1 pick. Then toss this entire season on the sh*t heap of history. Cap will also be devastated next season when this one doesn't finish and we're swimming in it.
  2. I'll keep this in mind when we finish 0-16
  3. His offense did score one TD on that brilliant 50 yard run he drew up for Darnold
  4. Welcome to the Jets. The coach never answers to the GM. Everyone answers to the incompetent Johnson brothers
  5. Whatever they're wearing sitting home Sundays when COVID mercifully ends the season
  6. My plan is to go about my normal Thursday routine and not acknowledge that we have a game. They're already ruining weekends. I can't let them get me during weekdays now also
  7. The Johnson brothers are the opposite of King Midas. You seem to think these are QBs that would thrive if we gave them more time. It's just not true. They thrive cause they got the **** away from us. Sam might have the potential to be a good QB if we haven't already totally broken him, but it won't be here. We're going to be on to ruining Trevor Lawrence next year
  8. Our team couldn't possibly be worse if we just fired the coaches and sent the players out to run whatever the **** they want. Might be worth a try. What are they going to do? Humiliate themselves? Lol. Too late
  9. Just bring in Mike Leach after this past weekend, at least our offense will be watchable and our post game press trainwreck will be fun again
  10. Basically. This is the conversation I had with a neighbor who let me borrow his shop vac Sunday. Do we try and surround Darnold when we get the obvious #1 pick that we can trade off for the highest ransom ever, or did we already break him and take Trevor.

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