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  1. Did that guy force Covid positive people into nursing homes under the threat of litigation and legal penalties if they refused?
  2. I'm enjoying the continuous stream of tweets they keep putting up of other athletes laughing at him. Loved Chuck offering him 25k out of pocket if he hit the green, right before putting it in the sand. Edit: On a side note I've never watched a single golf event on TV ever. This is how sad the state of sports is right now.
  3. He's been so amazing In all this I don't think it's fair to call his brother Fredo anymore. It's now up for debate
  4. Darron Lee was a ******* safety with horrible coverage skill we drafted to play LBer. He was barely bigger than Adams
  5. I'm drunk half the time and could put together a better list than ESPN. It's why I resent the media during this Covid BS. They still get paid to put out the world's dumbest takes for clicks, while 90% of The people this Virus wouldn't hurt are stuck home cause we flat lined the econemy instead of doing a selective shut down protecting the vulnerable. Half the deaths are cause they forced infected people into nursing homes. This entire thing will look retarded in 6 months, most of my friends who lost jobs won't get to laugh about it though cause their jobs aren't coming back any time soon
  6. That's worth the joke buy with the 30% off they're giving right now. I want a Mims if somebody can link it. I'm stuck on the phone and not sure if I'm just missing it. I'd buy one when I get home later today
  7. The only people who hate the Jets are us. Nobody else has time enough to care, they're just laughing. Most of the media just troll us cause we're a big market. The best example is that human bottom feeding roach, Manish. He has a career cause he knows we'll give him clicks on his complete bullahit. Guy is a cockroach, but he'll outlast most of us
  8. I don't have a problem paying quarterback money to a quarterback. I have a hard time giving it to a loud mouth Twitter troll who plays a non premium position.
  9. Protection for when Darnold catches chicken pox this year
  10. **** no. Him and Adams in the same room is terrifying. They'd spend more time on Twitter than at the practice facility
  11. Sam. Dak has a top three in the NFL O line and RB. Mark Sanchez made it deeper into the playoffs with just the line and good defense. Probably a top 5 WR group next year also with Lamb. I don't like the cowboys so I hope they pay, but they're shooting themselves in the foot for years if they do.
  12. Let him walk after the year for ****s sake. He isn't worth half that and is in large part a product of all the talent around him. Trade for Rodgers next offseason when he shoots his way out of GB and draft the next guy
  13. So don't buy them...... did he take your credit card number? If you're buying crap based off Instagram posts who's at fault? I don't feel like you could or should regulate stupidity. You're free to think he's an a$$hole. I agree
  14. I hate Brady, but he's selling vitamins and nobody is being told they cure Covid. It's a journalist who somehow is still getting paid while being the least essential scum working in the country. I'm more offended that somebody got paid to write this than a supplement nobody really cares about

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