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  1. Jags ****ed everyone with the Christian Kirk signing. Same with Browns and Watson. Market is now broke. All these WRs want to be paid. You don't think 10% income tax vs 0% factors in? We also play in a swamp.vs being on a sunny beach, but its money and NY market has no real appeal as far as sponsors anymore with social media
  2. I hope we win but I wish Darnold the best. I'm glad he's getting a second chance. Nobody deserved Adam Gase
  3. Without bothering to read anything is the snag they gave up two first round picks for a box safety that sucks and wants QB money? I don't think they can cause the picks but they'd be better off walking away now
  4. I don't like these Tampa people Edit: kinda pissed on our goalie getting smashed and the BS goal with to many men on the ice. I thought Tampa was going to breeze to another cup, but I'm not impressed and angry now. I got my ticket for the next game
  5. Fair enough. I shut it off after the best Macho Man impression I've ever seen. I figure with no 3rd rounder it was a high note. I want that dude at my birthday. He nailed the mannerisms down to the Goodell handshake and I'm a picky Macho Man connoisseur
  6. I got No clue what's happening this year. I'm just glad we're going offense finally. Who we trading up for? That's the real question. We can't just do it to do it
  7. The tea isn't caffeinated. You'll be fine
  8. I want to punch you in the face, but I'm drinking my tea and going to bed
  9. I clap as long as it's offense. 20 years of this team drafting D and they're not even good at it. At least make the game watchable after last year
  10. I don't particularly care. If you like him and I'm wrong you can laugh at me in a few years, if not I win. I'm not passionate about it. Just didn't want him
  11. Woody is Skip Bayless minus any charisma. I don't care what he thinks and hope somebody takes his phone away for the rest of the week
  12. I really don't feel like I'm missing anything. I don't watch much other than the Jets anyway. Just get her Hulu. I was thinking about it anyway but I think it was the Miami game. I called and just said cancel it...... I'm done. They could have offered it free for a year. I was done, lol I'll get one of those HD antenna things this year for Jets games. Praying they're not so bad again I throw that out
  13. I got mixed feelings on this. I kinda miss him and think hed be good opposite Mims. Why is he disgruntled though with the Panthers and why would you ever want to come back here knowing the organization? I mean we're all praying this is finally the culture change moment but still the Johnson's steering the ship
  14. The bar is so GD low right now. I very literally cancelled my cable and said **** this half way through last season. We've sucked before. Thats normal. Nothing like last year ever. Just pretend like you care and are trying to improve weekly
  15. Is the draft actually this week? I get caught up in so much BS nonsense here leading up to it I didn't actually know. I don't watch TV. Edit: I know its soon cause it's my friends birthday and helping put together a surprise bachelor party for him also this weekend. His 21st I left the club, tried walking to Radio City Music hall and getting in hammered with no sleep. Thank God I gave up as I sobered up. I would have wound up another failed Jets fan GIF
  16. WTF? Is Riana trying to get back with Chris Brown also? What am I missing here?
  17. I think you got it backwards. Sheldon was the locker room cancer who infected Mo. He was the King Turd in the locker room
  18. I'm hopeful but will believe when I see it. Last decent pass rush we had was John Abraham and he got annoyed when you asked him to dress for a game
  19. Na, it's the offseason. Once we get closer to the draft I'll care
  20. Honestly the answer is yes. I don't care. If you give me a SB this year I'll happily get a dumb thing printed on my body
  21. I love you cause you're either the best troll ever on purpose, or you do this by mistake. Either way keep going after Tom Shane. Including Kyle Trask definitely made me giggle
  22. Doing my daily coffee/poop combo at 9am cause it's the best part of my day + I'm getting paid for it. I guess this story must be true. Dudes verified on Twitter as "Digital Talent for DenverFan.com" this story on its face is stupid and I'm banned on Twitter anyway, but the real injustice here is not the made up pick we didn't take. It's that Max hasn't gotten us all blue check marks for being digital talent. We should be getting this level of respect as JetNation digital talent when we vomit out stuff we make up entirely
  23. This is fine for a season. I'm fine for a year if it makes everyone feel better to fill a stadium. It's not even FDA approved. I'm making my own choice and it's up to every individual, but if that's what it takes for a year to fill the stadium so the Jets can get booed again I'm fine. They shouldn't loose their tickets going forward though
  24. I don't think people should be forced. It's up to the stadium, the should but those tickets back at face value. Nobody should be forced to take something to take something the FDA hasn't approved or lose something they love
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