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  1. James Connor is one of the most overrated players in American sports history. It looks like he’s running in quick sand.
  2. Just depends which coach schemes better tbh. Coaches matter way more than 1/10th of what QB’s do tho. That is the point of the post...
  3. That’s doesn’t mean coaches are only 1/10th as important because that’s absolutely not true despite how important QB’s are.
  4. Watson can make this really embarrassing for them if he wants to. He can absolutely force their hand in the media.
  5. But it’s not that cut & dry & every situation isn’t Tampa’s. Just to re-write my response to this tweet in the other thread, Coaches can scheme men open, manufacture easy completions, make reads easier & mask QB’s flaws. Jared Goff is a prime example. Jimmy G is a prime example. Does Kyle Shanahan make Nick Mullens better? Yes. Did Pederson’s RPO offense propel Foles & Philly to a SB? Yes. Did Foles look that good anywhere else outside of the system? No.
  6. I think he’s wrong, respectfully. The perfect NFL trifecta is the GM-Coach-QB
  7. I don’t agree. The best coaches can make the middling QB’s really good with plays that manufacture open men, easy throws, easier reads, etc. Now you absolutely need the guy to make decent decision but nah coaches are not 1/10th as important.
  8. Lazard couldn’t even get off the line of scrimmage before his jersey was getting yanked.
  9. well put. Reality is that we need somebody(s) to catch the ball other than Crowder, and I don’t mind paying 20 million out for some of the best help we can get. We have a lot of money & barely any of it committed to future cap space. I’m absolutely fine taking a pedal to the floor approach with playmakers in FA. Give us multiple competent starters for the QB to throw to. It doesn’t matter if it’s Darnold, Watson, Fields or Wilson. This team desperately needs guys that they haven’t had in continuity since Braylon, Keller & Holmes. We had Decker & Marshall for one year outside of that & nothing else. You’d have to go back to the early 2000’s to find any other real Jets offensive weapons. (Wayne Chrebet? Coles? Curtis Martin?) & yet some fans are acting like we’re too good to cough up money for Allen Robinson.
  10. Idk about tool, he seems like he could do good. He was under Payton for awhile as Asst. HC and he’s clearly pretty motivational.

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