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    2011 Divison Round Win vs New England
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    AFC Championship 2011 vs Pitt
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  1. Patriot Killa

    Jets add Speedy Receiver Jonah Trinnaman

    He’s a cheap camp body who has amazing athletic ability...what reach has possibly been made here?
  2. Patriot Killa

    New National Anthem Policy For NFL

    All good, Hawkeye. I had just gotten the impression that you didn’t really care much for me after that one incident. I enjoy a lot of your posts as well. Good to hear though.
  3. Patriot Killa

    New National Anthem Policy For NFL

    Very ballsy! I like it. Players on this team feel a lot more comfortable with Chris. He’s given them a work space where they can feel however they want to feel about these matters and express those feelings just as freely. It’s also to be noted that they seem to have a more personal relationship with Chris than players in the past did with Woody. It’s a very good thing and I sure hope the guy just tells Woody straight out...”I want permanent affiliation with the team.” the progress this organization has made towards being professionally run since he has gotten here has been huge. I didn’t think much of his presence when he first arrived but it is very clear how big of an impact he has made.(or how big of an impact owners make in general.)
  4. Patriot Killa

    New National Anthem Policy For NFL

    I don’t care much for the posters attitude towards me most of the time, but I reckon he suggests they stop playing it all together or at least while the players aren’t out there. and i painfully agree with him.
  5. Patriot Killa

    New National Anthem Policy For NFL

    Chris also stated that he is willing to pay all player fines regarding the National Anthem.
  6. Deep Cover’s instrumental was so good. That’s a classic beat.
  7. What is a little worrying for me is.. let’s say Teddy lights it up big time and he starts looking like a long term answer and we trade him and start Darnold eventually..and Darnold turns out to be not as good as Teddy. Lol we still lose in the end.
  8. I would very much be happy if Teddy returns to form and makes us a solid and competitive team. At first I wanted to see Darnold start soon but I’m slowly understanding...if Bridgewater can be Bridgewater...we really have the luxury of letting the guy sit as long as we want. We will be a decent team with Teddy at center. honestly.
  9. Patriot Killa

    Jets OTA’s Day 2

    I’ll hold this Loss..😔 fair enough lol.
  10. Patriot Killa

    Jets OTA’s Day 2

    Awh man. I guess we’ll have to shut this one down guys. Sorry for the inconvenience, I just got an answer back on Twitter about OTA’s today. only open to beat writers every Tuesday of the week for the next 3 weeks. Mandatory minicamp is when the excitement comes around as far as updates go. truly sorry.
  11. Patriot Killa

    Jets OTA’s Day 2

    Back at it again with the up to the minute updates. Stay tuned JN. We have lift off in T-minus 30 minutes.🚀
  12. Isn’t life so much easier when you can ride other people’s genius?😏 SAR better copy right the phrase before you come along and make so much money off of it that you never have to worry about overpriced apple sauce again.😂
  13. Patriot Killa

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Some fans tweeted a Pic of his ankle in a cast before OTAs today.