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  1. Oh no, not the run run pass on 3rd & 7!!
  2. Elijah Moore is a superstar waiting to blossom AND he’s such a humble hard working player. We have our guy for the future.
  3. Absolutely brother, it feels good to be Jets fan right now.
  4. No from more Fans lol that’s why I didn’t post. And agreed! Today was electric. Wilson was dealing. Moore was great. RB’s looked good. Felt like game day. Doesn’t matter how battered and tortured this fan base is, we show up when it’s time to show up. That market size always gives training camp a different feel from any other NFL team.
  5. undertow, not only did we win, we won everything there is to win today.
  6. Yeah seems like every year there’s an unnecessary amount of contradiction in tweets lol. Didn’t surprise me to see Mogglez tweet lol
  7. Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh is everything this team needed and more. Excuse me. And MOORE.
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