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  1. At least you didn’t say on your chest.
  2. I see your point, but in my defense, at least I incorporated the draft pick value chart in this scenario and worked my way up to equal value lol. More than likely, in real life, we do have to overpay in terms of chart value a bit to close that kind of deal. Don’t think there’s a proposal we could make to move up that far without giving up most of the extra gained high draft picks we’ve gotten. figured I’d take a crack at it though lol.
  3. Fair, I don’t think anyone does either, but I also don’t see a reason to challenge a hypothetical scenario. It’s just a talking point.
  4. Did you actually read the trade proposal? It has us keeping our 34. What you’re giving up is Seattle’s 1st (#23), 3rd round pick (#66), Seattle’s 2022 1st and a 2022 3rd rounder. You maintain your 2nd this year & next. Which basically sets you up to have a regular draft in 2022 post-trade except you were able to use the extra capital from next year to apply it this year.
  5. @football guy sources mentioned this. It’s not something written in stone or anything, but it makes for a nice hypothetical scenario nonetheless.
  6. I truthfully think he sniffed too many salts to calm down for the presser. Probably had em a little light headed and looney looking.
  7. I’m sorry, if you could, point me in the direction where all the trendy cool football fans are, so I can learn the modern techniques that I’ve been sheltered from for so long.
  8. The difference is the decisions he makes in the midst of that pressure & lack of weapons. Does he shoot himself in the foot like Darnold or does he not throw it up for grabs & finds an alternative way to make a play.
  9. Layering in the best jokes first so when there’s nothing left to impress with, she’s already slept with you & left the hotel key with the desk clerk. you know, like a fine lasagna.
  10. “Zach Wilson marries hot brunette he took to prom instead of attending Draft Event” I hate this kid, he makes big decisions too quickly. Why don’t you think THINK THINK kid? Ehh? Hell is wrong with this guy? I hope he isn’t the pick. He’s already displaying he doesn’t care about ball enough.
  11. This clown Peter King was one of the people in the media raving hysterical about Wilson > Lawrence and now he’s doing this He knows the jets are repeating the same mistakes and he loves it If the case you’re making is that he liked Wilson over TL before the Jets were rumored to take Wilson #2 & now he’s doing this. maybe it’s not a mistake at all? Maybe it’s because it’s the Jets making the pick. Ever think of that? Or do you just hate the Wilson pick so much you have to make up your own reasoning?
  12. He wasn’t being serious. He was being a jokester. If it was Fields most likely going to the Jets, he would of been serious.
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