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    Figure out where da hoes at - Sheldon Richardson

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    2011 Divison Round Win vs New England
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    AFC Championship 2011 vs Pitt
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    Absolutely not lol

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  1. You and @Mogglez are in my thoughts & prayers. Please keep us updated and god bless both of you. Much love!
  2. I do not. But that doesn’t mean I know anything more than they do despite the difference in opinion.
  3. Jerry Jones: I’ll give you a 1st and 3rd for Jamal Adams. JD: you do know he was top 20 on PFF’s list of top players from 2019? Jerry Jones: you slick SOB, you drive a hard bargain. Here’s 7 first round picks and I just put you under my life insurance.
  4. Easily could be working out with teammates in NJ somewhere. I think Mark asked Sam on the podcast if he was getting everyone together to throw. He told him that he planned on it. I’m sure that happened or is happening at some point or another.
  5. Excited to see Darnold behind a decent OL. I think Becton dominates and pushes people around from the very start. Wish we could of gave Darnold one more reliable target. Hoping the TE’s stay healthy and get plenty involved. Ryan Griffin and Chris Herndon can make up for the lack of bodies at WR.
  6. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  7. But point is whether you are competent at your job or not, it’s still the correct way to approach it imo.
  8. Lol I broke my phone and come back 3 days later to find out that the Jets are still believing, the Dolphins want him and now the Giants are in on him. definently looking like premature ramble by Mehta at the moment.

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