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    Figure out where da hoes at - Sheldon Richardson

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    2011 Divison Round Win vs New England
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    Absolutely not lol

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  1. Can we please get a really impressive Sam Darnold drive??
  2. Absolutely clutch stop for the defense. They had us on our heels and were driving.
  3. That particular brand I had in the picture are the best imo.
  4. lol I’m totally cool with catching a stomach ulcer over this excellent stoner dish.
  5. I prefer the chicken and cheese ones but all they had were these. the corn tortillas aren’t bad either though.
  6. It may not be BBQ but I’m getting ready to smash this. #PreGameMeal
  7. Best we could get is a 3rd rounder in that case. Doubt he signs for 3rd rounder money though. Best case we get a 4th. better to try and trade him first.
  8. They got a 2nd and Kearse for Richardson and he had similar #’s the year he was traded.
  9. I wouldn’t take a damn thing for Bell. That’s our future hall of famer now. Fix the OL and be happy with what we have back there.

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