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    Making music, football, basketball, looking good.
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    Figure out where da hoes at

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    2011 Divison Round Win vs New England
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    AFC Championship 2011 vs Pitt
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    Absolutely not lol

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  1. Or at least counsel them lol
  2. Hahaha wait now I get it.😂 yea I got some bad asses on the squad
  3. Patriot Killa Killa’s select: Mark Gastineau, DE Odell Beckham JR.
  4. The Patriot Killa Killa’s select: Andre Reed, WR and Charles Haley, DE
  5. It’s my go right now, correct?
  6. Patriot Killa

    Revis officially retires

    He’s a future 1st ballot Hall Of Famer. You sound ridiculous.
  7. We are doing 4 players starting in round 4? @Jetsfan80
  8. Patriot Killa

    Revis officially retires

    One of the best Jets ever. one of the best players ever.
  9. Could even play Tackle! Just pure dominate at any position on the line
  10. Patriot Killa Killa’s select: Orlando Pace and Brian Dawkins