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  1. Patriot Killa

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    Gase loves screens and utilizes receiving backs very well and it’s a big part of his play calling. Bell is perfect here for so many reasons.
  2. Patriot Killa

    Two Tight Ends

    Fells signed with someone
  3. Perfect pick up to me. Easily best serviceable Center left out there. You still draft one but Stefen is a good pivot from missing out previously.
  4. None of this excuses neglecting OL in the draft and actually rebuilding the team for a young QB to thrive around. He did not do that, instead, he signed Matt Forte for RB, resigned Winters and drafted Chad Hansen, ArDarius Stewart and Devin Smith. You build a team first like the Browns did when they traded for Jarvis Landry, drafted Antonio Calloway and also Njoku the year before. They made sure the QB they were going to draft had weapons and protection before hand. Maccagnan didn’t. Not only did Maccagnan not build a team for the young QB to thrive in, he also didn’t move the needle on the impact meter for this roster. so no...make no mistake..he’s had 17 rebuilds. He just saves his ass drafting Darnold because there was clearly a resurgence of patience attached to drafting the kid.
  5. Patriot Killa

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    Look buddy, Winters has an 83 overall on Madden. Put some respect on his name.
  6. Which rebuild? the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th?
  7. Patriot Killa

    49ers release DE Cassius Marsh

    Oh wow. Yeah f- that.
  8. does this mean the Giants want Haskins even though they refuse to release or move on from Eli?
  9. Patriot Killa

    49ers release DE Cassius Marsh

    Sounds like a nice rotation player.

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