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  1. They obviously think Allen did better than Rosen.
  2. Patriot Killa

    Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

    DL Coach?
  3. Yooo! Real quick just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on the mock, guys. Good and bad. Always love a engaging discussion on the draft, ect. In reality we have no idea what’s going to happen lol but it’s fun to speculate nonetheless.
  4. Patriot Killa

    I’m tired of losing

    Best post on the thread. I appreciate the words. I am excited for this new staff. Gase is putting together a fine staff of coaches right now. Pollack was a really encouraging hire. Gregg Williams was a hire that got me even more excited. Hopefully we can take a step forward this year. That’s all I’m hoping for is a big step forward.
  5. Agreed, #7 is honestly an awesome spot. Wouldn’t feel any regret taking Jonah or Metcalf there.
  6. I honestly forgot about James Carpenter lol. I’d let him walk faster than he can leave the building. Beachum can stay for one more year. I was mostly focused on the inside OL in the draft because that inside was the biggest issue. The way I have this set up is Beachum walking the offseason after with Andre Dillard ready to take the reigns as starting LT.
  7. People like Haskins. He just had a season where he threw 48 touchdowns to 7 interceptions on a 70% completion rate and on top of it he won the rose bowl in convincing fashion. Someone is going to trade up for him.
  8. Thanks, Prime. What did you think of the rest of the draft? I’m really starting to like Elgton Jenkins a lot. Easily a plug and play starting center. My next mock will most likely having us resign Harrison and taking Jenkins in some way, shape or form.
  9. We overpaid a good bit for the third pick last year. Jags would only be overpaying just a tad bit in this scenario.
  10. Do you feel like it’s a fair return for us though?
  11. Thank for you the feedback. I’ll probably do another after the Senior Bowl. I wanted to fill as holes with FA and double down in the draft.

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