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  1. Having 100% assurance in drafting one of the top3 QB’s is helluva’ lot better than sitting there and hoping someone falls. It wasn’t going to happen. We blocked anyone else from taking a QB besides Browns, Giants/trade partner... No matter who those two guys are that get picked(if two get picked)...we now will definitely get one of the top 3. we wait? ..who knows if Bills successfully get up to #3 or #4 come draft time. Then Denver goes and takes their guy #5. Then what are we left with? Reaching on Lamar Jackson at 6 or going BPA and hoping Jackson falls or Falk is the answer? No.
  2. If* and are the Jets the best team to really help him do that? its a hard situation but one that is a LOT better than staying at 6.
  3. Wrong again. There is about 30 different scenarios where 4 QB’s would of been gone by 6. you have Browns, Giants, Denver already ahead of us. Then you have the Bills with ammo to move up anywhere. It’s stupid as sh*t to assume that a QB would of been there. You don’t just go with blind faith and “it’s whatever” attitude in this situation. They damn well did the right thing. Go get a QB.
  4. We aren’t not taking a QB so you might as well good with one of these guys.
  5. Then it’s Rosen all the way...but it’s not looking to be the case. So we have Allen and we have Mayfield..think i’m just now really coming to terms with that and I’m losing my little bit of hope that the Giants aren’t taken a QB.
  6. Will giants take Barkley?

    Hackenberg was a 2nd round pick. That is vastly different from the #3 overall pick. That is vastly different from spending 3 2nd round picks to get the guy. there is no way on gods green earth that he will be stuck behind anyone for 4 years. Maybe half the year tops.
  7. Redundant thread but not so much because I am giving my thoughts on both.. Most likely this is how the board will fall on April 26th given the fact the Giants seem to love Josh Rosen. 1.)Sam Darnold 2.)Josh Rosen 3.)........ Now you can look at it two ways for both prospects. the bad: Josh Allen’s upside is extremely high but he just won’t put it together like we need him to right away. While everyone acknowledges Allen’s potential, potential is a scary word in the world of football. Pro day went a long way in showing his pure throwing ability...but from the head up will he be able to come together? The mental aspect in a QB is by far the most important ability. We do not trust the Jets organization to develop a guy like Allen and help him realize his full “potential”. the good: Allen also could put it together with the help of Jeremy Bates who did a lot for the similar strong armed yet wreckless Jay Cutler. Under Bates, Cutler produced the best numbers of his entire career. In Bates West Coast System, Allen could move around and use his mobility to make plays and throw short/intermediate routes to open up his ability to throw the deep ball. Though I do question Allen’s ability to throw shorter routes because of his touch and his lack of success reading defenses. Bates would be Allen’s one hope of turning into something special. Can Bates do it? the bad: Mayfield’s also has some footwork issues. He gets happy feet when pressure comes but he isn’t always a victim to pocket pressure, as he moves well outside of the pocket, yet I question his ability to read defenses at the next level as I do with Allen. Pro defenses will be very fast for these two and it will be up to them to find niches and small things that work for them to slow it down for themselves, mentally. Mayfield will need to diagnose plays at the line of scrimmage and call out audibles well as Drew Brees does. Bree’s understand where everyone is and throws a tight perfect spiral to the best possible read..that simple. He’s a pure passer with a high football IQ and that is what makes Brees so effective. Mayfield will need to go through a learning curve and understand the terminology of WCO and diagnose defenses. Can he process fast and handle that? I also question his ability not to get too crazy in NY..but I am not very concerned tbh. I just question it. Is his height going to factor into his on field ability at the pro level? Good question as well. the good: Mayfield is actually a really good candidate for the WCO due to his ability to move out of the pocket and make plays for YAC. His accuracy is great for short/intermediate routes and he can do everything you ask him to do as far as getting the ball out quickly goes. He excels at that tbh. Him and Rosen are clearly the best WCO candidates and if Rosen Is off the board..which he probably will be and definitely is in this scenario..Mayfield is the next one up. He definitely can make it work with a little retooling and refining. He could be electric in this offense. He is 10000% dedicated and eats, breathes, and sh*ts football 24/7. He has the work ethic to do just what he needs to in order to do well. Overall, you have to determine which of these two are more worth the 3rd pick in the draft. Which one of these guys’s Pros outweighs the cons enough to draft at 3. Which one of these guys work best for our current situation. This pick has to be QB..no other way around it. So you have to figure out which of these two make the most sense.
  8. Will giants take Barkley?

    I’m perfectly fine with taking Allen if that happens. I’m being so serious. Allen is the better pick given our situation right now. But I’m not just forgetting about Mayfield. I’ll take either Allen or Mayfield. Just get us a QB.
  9. Dilfer on Rosen

    Oh yeah, it’s coming. I think that’s the case with whoever we draft(maybe not Rosen) but for the most part yes. Other fan bases, media outlets, our own board..we are going to get heat for this. If Allen winds up the pick...I fully intend on getting behind the pick...I just can’t see how this 2nd rate organization can get him prepped and ready for the Pros. I hope they can and I hope he turns out to be the best QB from this draft...something tells me it’s going to be Darnold though. Allen has just as much upside but hasn’t put it together and might not ever.
  10. Dilfer on Rosen

    Yep it might be about that time...and it’s most likely the reason they wouldn’t trade with us. They didn’t want us taking the QB they want.
  11. Dilfer on Rosen

    The rich get richer. Fate has it that the Giants are always suppose to get one over on us.
  12. Will giants take Barkley?

    In general 2nd round picks ARE premium picks. Saying we don’t draft good in the 2nd really isn’t a great reason to just let three go for a running back. That’s lazy. we moved up for this coin flip. We moved up for the most important position in the entire sport. Idc if Barkely is Curtis Martin..we ain’t goin no where without a QB.
  13. Will giants take Barkley?

    You need to stop. Are you seriously using where they went to college(which isn’t even the same college lmao) as some kind of pitch to the owner that we need to take Barkely over a QB? Wtf. i don’t even like Allen and i’d pick him over a damn running back. This isn’t a third round pick we originally had...we had to give up A LOT to get here. You have to be sh*tting me? just stop.
  14. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    Just assumptions from them taking him out to dinner and having private work outs with him. He speaks glowingly of the Giants like that’s where he is going. What other player have the owners dined with?
  15. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    Hurts my soul to know Rosen is probably going to the Giants.