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  1. It is. we have: 1st rounder 2nd rounder 3rd rounder (x2) 4th rounder 5th rounder 6th Rounder 7th Rounder
  2. This is what I was looking for. This is progression in the clearest form. The Ravens looked at the tape and brought that Belicheck cover zero constantly and Darnold recognized it all game and made the throw. They confused the sh*t out of him a few months ago, and I still think that is because Bill switched it up and started to show cover zero like he was going to send it and then the players would drop back into coverage and Sam would be so set on that cover zero coming in quick, that he makes a bad throw. It made him lose all confidence in what he was reading on the field. well definitely not Thursday night.may have not been the best performance he’s had but the progression was really valuable to see. If your QB can’t learn on the fly and recognize things after being punished for not seeing them in the first place..he isn’t going to make it in this league. They will feast off your bad tendencies. It may be a small victory but our boy didn’t let that same thing happen. Nope.
  3. I think they're both crazy except one was made in spite and wrapped up all in one cornball-like thread.
  4. this means a lot coming from you. At least you can be fair every once in awhile when the performance was decent, but not necessarily GOOD. some people tend to just toss it in with the bad and call it a day. there were points left on the field as usual. I think that’s the natural result you get from an overall dysfunctional offensive unit from the top down. individually, even without considering the circumstances, comparing other QB’s #’s to the Ravens D, you still can come away saying he played admirably for the majority of the game. personally, I figured this kind of thing would happen.(as most) the OL did an alright job last night but leaked bad in some critical spots, to top it off, the WR just couldn’t get the separation as consistently as needed to win this game. Knew from the very jump that we would have to match their every score and that just wasn’t happening. 31st Offense can’t keep up with the 1st ranked offense (that also has a top 5 defense) just no way. decent effort by Darnold but of course wasn’t enough. Even if this roster didn’t have 15 players (8 starters) on IR, never was going to be enough to handle a top notch, patriot beating, super bowl contender, at their house, who have won their last 10 games. That would be considered a HOT NBA win streak ... very rare in football to be on a double digit win streak... or really anything 5-6+. Ravens are scary.
  5. btw, peep the throw attempts. Bortles threw almost 300 more passes than Darnold. lol again, really not the move to make. Weird flex.
  6. Sure Sure he can. Not masterfully yet and does get confused at the pre-snap/post-snap look at times as any QB does. It’s year 2. It’s looking about as on schedule as I could of hoped. compounding a comparison made in another thread with an entire new comparison/thread isn’t the move. this is pointless.
  7. This^ looking like a pro podcaster. really enjoyed this and awesome home set up with the twin monitors, Jets decor, ect. 👍 @GREENBEAN excellent decision, @Maxman
  8. His overall stats just don’t look good but I see so much hope and promise when I sit down and watch an actual game.
  9. Nothing about beating up a few teams, not rolling away from Carlos Dunlap, putting up 3 points all game against the worst defense in the league or losing to two winless teams tells me we picked the right guy. Gase should have had game plans good enough to handl the Dolphins X2, Bengals and finished off the Bills in Week 1. This team would be in great shape despite mono.
  10. I was banking on the Mccarthy hire as well as him re-inventing himself. This further proves that he would of done what’s right and changed his playbook up. I’m a fan and I definitely don’t always know what I’m talkin about but McCarthy would of been far better than Gase. You’re getting a super bowl winner, a guy who developed two HOF QB’s, one a top 10 QB of all time and the other a top 5 QB of all time. He would of came in and demanded respect immediately. Well . . . It’s too late now.
  11. It was against the opponent we were scheduled to play, an opponent we LOST to previously, nothing more to say. also — shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ has to be the lamest excuse ever to dismiss any professional sports effort. “He almost threw that pick.” Okay?? What value does that hold on Monday morning lol?

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