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  1. Bad troll job, he didn’t say this & everyone knows what Namath already said about approving Rodgers to wear 12 two months ago when all this first started. He offered it before Rodgers met with us.
  2. 6 per is actually great.
  3. I was in that space. Asked him about 1 year of Rodgers vs 4 years of Carr. Said Jets are chasing greatness but didn’t really allude to what he would of chosen to do.
  4. The only explanation I have is that Rodgers doesn’t want to play for us and he’s got cold feet.
  5. My best guess is the jets aren’t willing to part with high picks and eat money if he’s only going to commit to one year, Rodgers doesn’t know if he’ll play two more years & the gripe is about GB still wanting what they want out of NY, despite all of that.
  6. Feels like he’s ready to get on board post-cali meeting. Packers just seem to be asking for a little more than they’re willing to pay in terms of eating some of that 59 mill. Joe Douglas doesn’t lose trades. Trust he’s going to talk them back down to whatever realm he needs to in order to get the right price for 12.
  7. I think tomorrow might be, however, the better, the sooner for both teams. Let’s get this show on the rode.
  8. Or just tell me it’s not a good idea without all the theatrics.
  9. would love DHOP off the burnt out Arizona Cardinals for a 3rd or 4th. Can just recoup some picks on a trade back in the 1st.
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