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  1. LOL arguing against his play is one thing & it’s fair — arguing why he got hurt and saying it’s his fault is showing an agenda and outright stupid.
  2. I don’t mean he isn’t awful. But the bust stuff is entertaining. I admit he’s been awful.
  3. After the PI that put them on the goal line? Good throw but hardly marched them down the field. Look, I think he did what he was supposed to do, took check downs, made some routine throws, I don’t think he looked better than Wilson against Tenn. that was the only semblance of a real offense we’ve seen to date
  4. Yup eerily similar indeed. I don’t think it’s time to give up on him though. I like his talent a lot. I think he’s plenty salvageable 6 games in.
  5. This too. You have 6’3 200+ lb Denzel Mims who is regarded as a decent blocker & you choose to line Elijah Moore up instead. he definitely is showing that just because you are brothers of a successful play caller...doesn’t mean you are a successful play caller. I can already smell the disaster with LaFleur.
  6. Not saying you, but, people still running that narrative need to put the “Jets ruined Sam” sh*t to sleep. Dude got benched on an entirely different team. He just always sucked. will that be Wilson’s case? Who knows as of today.
  7. He force fed Carter when he should of been running Ty Johnson all game. Carter can’t run between the tackles all that well. It wasn’t working and he just kept forcing it.
  8. No, I agree that he’s been awful aside from Tennessee. Whole offense has been awful. Hard to thrive in this mess. I just don’t think guys saying the offense moved better with White are correct in their assessments. The offense moved it’s best this season with Wilson against Tenn, White took his check downs and tossed a TD when we were already in the red zone after the PI. Dude gave it all away as soon as he tried to push it down field. White isn’t going to do better & neither is the offense. again, agreed on Wilson though. This is good for him. Let him sit and learn. Since everyo
  9. Wow, it is way too early for this sh*t. Idc how depressed you all are.
  10. So did Zach in the Titans game. Are you saying you would expect Mike White to continue moving the ball and scoring touchdowns going into the next 3 weeks? That’s brave.
  11. He said the offense looked better, it didn’t. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. We just got molly whopped by a sub par pats team by 45-ish points. There is no staying cool anymore.
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