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    Figure out where da hoes at - Sheldon Richardson

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    2011 Divison Round Win vs New England
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    AFC Championship 2011 vs Pitt
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    Absolutely not lol

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  1. fair enough. I just think it’s to the point where a little desperation move while we some draft capital to play with is a decent idea. We still have our #1 which will be much higher & we still have our 2nd/ two 3rd’s
  2. .... reading comprehension guys
  3. Yes. but we have the Seahawks pick..
  4. Give the Seahawks #1 for Allen Robinson and call it a day.
  5. Gase’s play calling is so bland & vanilla. all short passes and predictable runs. Darnold needs a west coast offense where he can roll out left to right & get in rhythm. He needs an Aaron Rodgers/Green Bay playbook and that’s why I begged & pleaded for Mike McCarthy to be the one the Jets hire.
  6. I hate watching this team play under Adam Gase more than I did with Todd Bowles & that’s really saying something
  7. Yeah but as bad as they’ve both been, I think it’s just more evidence that its time for a house cleaning. Gase may not have a job by Week 8
  8. Sad truth. Don’t plan on paying much attention on Sunday’s.
  9. Meanwhile Josh Allen is lighting it up. Darnold could of been doing the same had we not hired a loser HC who we, personally, watched fall with our division rivals... just really Jets of them to hire this guy out of all people.
  10. You don’t even know how much that Facebook memory broke my soul lol & never knew someone with my same name was a Mets beat writer. Pretty wild.
  11. Very sad that this came true & he didn’t become what I thought he could.. he was a highlight reel in college.
  12. Well you better start asking for Trevor Lawrence instead.

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