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  1. Excited to see Darnold behind a decent OL. I think Becton dominates and pushes people around from the very start. Wish we could of gave Darnold one more reliable target. Hoping the TE’s stay healthy and get plenty involved. Ryan Griffin and Chris Herndon can make up for the lack of bodies at WR.
  2. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  3. But point is whether you are competent at your job or not, it’s still the correct way to approach it imo.
  4. Lol I broke my phone and come back 3 days later to find out that the Jets are still believing, the Dolphins want him and now the Giants are in on him. definently looking like premature ramble by Mehta at the moment.
  5. Manish takes shots in the dark and sometimes gets things right, he attacks characters, he holds grudges and uses his media accessibility to feed his emotional vendettas, he’s a smug, half ass journalist and I’m not sorry. Let’s not act like he’s some kind of lightning rod for team information and no one else is. He guesses and gets things wrong just as much as everyone else. You are giving him credit for what exactly? Because he pops up on JN’s radio talk to speak with you every once in awhile? He claimed Gase was a genius and the absolute right choice until the very moment that Mehta got his feelings hurt and then it was all-out warfare whether he was right about 12% of his Gase accusations or not. That’s wrong. That’s bad business...and bad blood.
  6. How about neither? They’re both garbage journalists.
  7. That was just SAR being SAR. We don’t even know if he’s legitimately signed yet or not much less his jersey #.
  8. Still checking the thread and trying to find proper confirmation, myself.
  9. Solid corner who can play #1 or the #2. Logan Ryan as the #1 makes me feel better though. I’ve always really liked Logan Ryan since his NE days. He developed good instincts and turned himself into a very good corner since he came into the league. Most players sink after they leave NE and Ryan looked just as reliable as usual.
  10. Daniel Jeremiah: this guy is basically Edward Scissorhands ok? He’s good af.
  11. Yeah but I think next year’s stud DT, who Matt Miller is calling an energetic ball of butcher knives with butcher knives is the real phrase to coin.
  12. When he gets knocked around a bit, he looks like an entirely different QB..and not one that is good. I think Tua is a nice prospect but I have yet to see him take a few hard licks and come back swinging harder. not doubting he’ll be good. just stating the obvious. I question his toughness.

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