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  1. Jamal Adams is also a red-headed first-born male.
  2. Tom Brady and...Big Ben or Phillips Rivers? Wait then there’s Pat Mahomes. yeah, Darnold isn’t that good yet. Maybe top 5-7 in the AFC. He hasn’t done anything yet.
  3. Meh they had an elite franchise QB. I don’t think it was ever a thought in anyone’s rational mind that they should take Darnold. Injuries weren’t going to change their mind.
  4. That’s insane! I just got the update on my phone.
  5. The other backs did close to NOTHING. That’s something to mention in this thread as well. We’ll need a guy who can change up the pace effectively. Ty is good but can he be consistent in his role?
  6. What’s your #1 thing. I think the obviously obvious is our coverage and OL depth but I think Sam needed a few licks even though it’s dangerous. I came away with a good feeling after Sam’s drives. They couldn’t push the ball at first and then they could. It’s going to happen sometimes. Sam did a nice job of getting them down the field. I think momentum worked against us early in that 1st Q but we stuck with it and came away with 7. Chris Herndon being gone for 4 games is really going to hurt. Sam needs as many targets as possible tbh. Teams are going to double down on our passing attack very quickly. It’s up to Darnold to be so good that it doesn’t even matter how they attack us.
  7. Sam looked pretty nice. Probably shouldn’t of been in there longer than two drives but I get it. He’s clearly not playing next week so might as well get a little more from him tonight.
  8. You guys are scrubs sometimes man. Stop crying. lmao it’s going to be okay.
  9. I mean, that and it was just a tough start anyway. It’s still about to be only our second offensive series.
  10. Guys, I get that this is dress rehearsal and all but please stop trying to take every snap in the 3rd preseason game as some kind of depiction of how we’ll look this season.
  11. Lol y’all acting shocked. It’s the Saints explosive 1st team offense against our secondary.
  12. My friend from high school will be one of their top WR’s this year but.. I could care less on Saturday.😂 GO DAWGS.

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