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  1. It was against the opponent we were scheduled to play, an opponent we LOST to previously, nothing more to say. also — shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ has to be the lamest excuse ever to dismiss any professional sports effort. “He almost threw that pick.” Okay?? What value does that hold on Monday morning lol?
  2. I like it. Would draft WR or CB high with one of the 3rd rounders but we aren’t even close to the draft yet and so I can’t really be too picky with where I’d select a player. 1st, 3rd and a 2021 4th is good compensation for Adams. Would deal him and replace him with either a decent S in FA or switch Marcus Maye back to his college position (SS) and sign a better FS. probably offer Ficken a low deal and see if he bites. I wouldn’t wanna turn this into a kicking issue like this past offseason but I still refuse to budge on the notion that kickers should be prioritized in any manner even with the understanding of needing XP’s and such. Would hope that Jason Peters is still good enough to offer decent help on the left end of the line but would be a decent risk without depth to cover a potential mistake. Don’t love the Edge players mentioned but understand the point behind it and am all for adding depth to the pass rush. That’s a must this offseason. A top priority just like OL. Ronald Darby would be a nice get. Darby, Poole, Austin is good. Definitely would want an extra promising player or two for the secondary though. Good lord is that depth chart decimated. Re-sign Hairston for #4, #5 depth. You seriously can’t ever have enough corners. getting Andrew Thomas would make me explode every where. I know we only have a certain amount of picks/money and our roster has more holes than a teenagers room wall but WR has to be prioritized to some extent. I want Justin Jefferson 8x a day on Sunday.
  3. Uh, wouldn’t he let him audible if he was trying to make him into Peyton Manning? Isn’t that what Peyton Manning does?
  4. In regards to the 18’ QB class, Darnold and Allen have been the only ones showing up after Lamar this year. Darnold more so, individually, and Allen more so in the W column.
  5. This is exactly why my first option was taking a risk (stale playbook and all) on Mike McCarthy, in hopes that a previously successful coach could re-create an Aaron Rodgers-like situation with Darnold considering how their play styles are similar.
  6. It’s not mutually exclusive and it goes either way. SS is still not an impact position despite Khalil Mack playing Edge. Obviously other things factor into a win loss record but a premier safety is not one of those in any case.
  7. If SS is such an important position how come the Jets were 4-12 last year and one of the worst pass defenses in the league while Jamal, simultaneously, earned All-Pro honors in the same breath? Such impact. You play SS at the highest level, higher than any other player at your position...and you turn in a 4-12 record and terrible overall defensive pass rankings. okay, not buying it.
  8. Let me rephrase... draft impact players AT IMPACT POSITIONS. Positions that move the needle on the field. Positions that have a gold premium label. CB, WR, EDGE, LT. not linebacker/hybrid safety. That is a luxury to have impact in that player role. The Seahawks are 10-2 without Kam Chancellor or Earl Thomas. I wonder why?
  9. You actually think he doesn’t care what people think of him?????? thats even more funny. the guy’s skin is made of Saran Wrap.
  10. This is how football works. you draft good. you usually do good. you draft bad. you will always do bad. okay now next.. this team needs as many chances to draft good as humanly possible being that there are so many holes on this roster from an offensive stand point. As a GM and the man in charge of the rebuild, it is your job to obtain as many chances at improving the roster as possible. Obtaining high draft picks to select impact players at the sacrifice of the strong safety position is probably what sensibly needs to be done.
  11. Very unlikely. He’ll just be fined until he shows up. If he does this it will very much go against his little “i’m all about the team” personality as well. why would he destroy the media image he has created, himself?
  12. Good post, Baker. This is it^ he’s got about the best qualifications a first time GM can have. Guy is wearing two super bowl rings and has been around for 16+ years working with some great minds. His ideology may very well be of the right kind because of that but the biggest question will be can he draft the correct players to fulfill the success of that very blueprint.
  13. you do realize that Jamal Adams is under contract until the end of 2021 and then they have a 5th year option that can keep him locked in until the end 2022, right? And then really, if they wanted to, they could franchise tag him until 2023’s offseason. He isn’t going anywhere no matter how much he cries. why does he get gashed in coverage sometimes then? Revis wasn’t a liability. EVER. You literally could not take a chance at Revis. You had 0 shot. He was on his man and in position to make a play no matter what. Jamal isn’t. and they do throw at him.
  14. I guess LG’s are actually impact positions. I never knew. Thought it was only DL & S. things you learn every day.
  15. So..Tom Compton is the reason we won 3 in a row? (Not that it matters after you get dogged by the 0-11, excuse me, 1-11 Bengals)
  16. This is a lie. You can say a lot of things about Robby. Body position and tracking the ball really has never been an issue.
  17. Michael Thomas is the best NFL WR right now. Maybe it was Hopkins last year. i get your point btw, just being nit picky.
  18. Neither. he copy and pasted the script. Those are all over the internet.
  19. @T0mShane you filthy hate-filled animal, may god have mercy on your blackened soul.

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