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  1. Very encouraging move as it pertains to getting Herndon back this week rather than later.
  2. Like a steaming pool of hydrochloric acid. but the Jets won.. SO MORE LIKE A MILLION BUCKS BABY.
  3. Something tells me BB will try to limit RA deep and cover Crowder over the middle. Sam getting Herndon back is right on time. He’s going to need DT on his game as well. Finding completions and not forcing anything is key. Belicheck will definitely look to take away what we do good on offense.
  4. Sam to Herndon is going to be so reliable and pretty. CJ Mosley’s return is huge for us too. Im finally excited about Jets football again. I felt like the season was withering away along with my pre-opening day optimism of Sam’s development and the success that follows. Pats week on MNF with players getting back to work. Wouldn’t want it any other way.
  5. And while true, he is a rookie GM and he will have a few more of those moments. He has been around a lot of success but it’s important to remember that polish and vet/savvy moves come with a few years of experience. He’s done a nice job so far. Alex Lewis is a find. Ryan Griffin blocks and catches well for a back up. As mentioned, Hairston can play ball. Getting guys who can play football is important...even if they don’t play it at an elite level. Building that core of decent guys who can regularly step up is definitely something.
  6. This guy hates Sam Darnold. Good to see Sam light his team up for 338 yards.
  7. Still not a fan of Gase as most but credit where credit is due. I seen some creativity, I seen him call passes down field. It’s improvement. I didn’t love 3rd and 12 RB Draws but whatever... heres a little tidbit from BB. Rich Cimini - ESPN Staff Writer Patriots coach Bill Belichick said he wasn't surprised by the Jets' offensive "explosion" yesterday. Tossing a bouquet to Adam Gase, Belichick said, "Give him a little extra time, get the quarterback back, iron out a few things, it's not a big surprise to see Adam show a big spike in improvement." Belichick, who faces Gase next Monday, called him an "excellent" coach, adding, "I fully expected things to improve once he had some time to work on it."
  8. Absolutely clutch stop for the defense. They had us on our heels and were driving.
  9. lol I’m totally cool with catching a stomach ulcer over this excellent stoner dish.
  10. I prefer the chicken and cheese ones but all they had were these. the corn tortillas aren’t bad either though.
  11. It may not be BBQ but I’m getting ready to smash this. #PreGameMeal
  12. Best we could get is a 3rd rounder in that case. Doubt he signs for 3rd rounder money though. Best case we get a 4th. better to try and trade him first.

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