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  1. Don’t you have some post-2010 schutt helmets to look at?
  2. Definitely a ton to like about this interview. We heard a lot of the same questions that have been asked over and over but this time Sam opened up and gave us a little something extra with his answers.
  3. This hurts. But it’s Cashman’s time to step up early and often.
  4. Happy to say if Shell can’t go for week 1 that I’ll welcome those Edoga reps.
  5. He’s played outside corner before. I know he isn’t blazing fast and I don’t think he should move to corner unless it’s a package play but I was just saying, he does have the NFL experience at the position over Tim White even if it is just a few snaps every once in awhile.
  6. Didn’t Bowles play him in man coverage at the outside corner spot? I know he guarded Gronk from that position last year and 1 on 1 vs Gronk ain’t fun..but he did well there. Not saying he should do it but just saying.
  7. Idk if I agree with this. Peyton was older but statistically had his best season ever, as well as one of the best seasons a QB has ever had in 2013. stretch right there.
  8. New York Jets QB Sam Darnold says Adam Gase is ‘crazy in the best way’ New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and head coach Adam Gase are already off to a great working relationship. The quarterback-head coach relationship might be the most important one on a football team. For the New York Jets, that means second-year quarterback Sam Darnold and head coach Adam Gase need to work well together. According to Darnold, the pair is already off to a great start. “He’s crazy in the best way. I think we all are,” Darnold said about Gase. “You’ve got to be a little crazy in this profession, and it’s fun to be able to gameplan with him, talk about football, but the coolest thing is being able to talk to him about things outside football — family life, friends and family, all of that kind of stuff.” Gase does seem a little bit crazy, but in a way that every Jets fan should love. He’s a football guy’s football guy and he’s at his best when he has his head buried in a playbook. The offensive guru has to be excited about working with a quarterback as talented as Darnold. In fact, Darnold might be the best quarterback Gase has ever coached. Sure, he coached Peyton Manningwhen he was with the Denver Broncos, but that was at the very end of Manning’s career. Darnold put up decent numbers during his rookie season. He threw for 2,865 yards with 17 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in 13 games. However, his final four games of the season were a revelation. Darnold returned from injury in Week 13 and played like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL after his return. He threw for 931 yards with six touchdowns against just one interception. The Jets are hoping that Darnold can carry that hot streak into Week 1 of the 2019 season. https://www.google.com/amp/s/elitesportsny.com/2019/08/14/new-york-jets-video-sam-darnold-says-adam-gase-is-crazy/amp/
  9. definitely but that still doesn’t free up any spots for Holmes. cannon and BP are probably still ahead of him.
  10. And that’s awesome because with some polish I see some real potential in him on the pro level. He really can play.
  11. Good enough for me. probably would take a premium pick to get him though, no?
  12. This was my first thought last night when I re-watched his 3rd-4th quarter play.
  13. I like him a lot. I really hope he makes this team in some way. I don’t think he will unless he just has a monster game or two but he’s a very fluid runner, he breaks tackles well, he can catch, he’s shifty. Valentine Holmes can be a nice scat back in a Gase system. He can be valuable if polished.
  14. Class act lmao. If the Colts were a big market team, you could bet the house on it that they would probably be the most laughed at team in the league.
  15. This was the worst of them all. That guy is such a bust. Another fast/short slot WR. He was a poor man’s TY Hilton. Definitely agree, the Colts organization is trash. Remember the mess with their alcoholic GM? Or was that the owner? Either way. Cringe worthy stuff the past few years. Chris Ballard coming in and making OL a priority was their ticket to competence. Maybe it’s ours too with JD.
  16. Probably David Carr’d him. Never really heard anything about him being injury prone at Stanford. Colts OL was god awful for years and they really never had enough weapons. Sticking TY Hilton, who is 5’9, on the outside as an X or Y WR for so many years was irresponsible to me. Chris Ballard saved that team. But as you said, the Colts did what they did already.
  17. definitely but both positions really compliment each other so when you don’t have either, it’s trouble. let’s say Jachai Polite comes on strong and start pressuring the passer consistently, how much better does that make our pass defense? It’ll help us out, no doubt, but I think you still need average corners on the back end to cover long enough so that pass rush has a chance to get there. I do believe Pass Rush is slightly more important because it directly affects the passer of the football but since they go hand in hand, decent corners definitely matter to some extent.
  18. feel like we’re a playoff contender with a better cornerback stable. I’m sick of losing and don’t really buy into ignoring the position because of previous years. Darnold’s cheap rookie contract is on year 2 now. Le’Veon Bell and CJ Mosley are in their prime. Osemele is a beast but will not be the guy he is forever and ever. It’s time. No more playing to be decent and seeing where it goes the next year.
  19. Andrew Luck. The first flawless QB prospect. Not a single hole in his game except injuries. Ain’t that something. actually really like Luck as a QB. This league is better with him in it.
  20. Well said. That’s why a 5th rounder feels right. Hell maybe even a 4th if absolutely needed. Not a premium pick but something of value that can close a deal.
  21. I feel like you can control more and suppress the damage this new passing league naturally puts on defenses with at least better quality corners than what we have and that may be the difference in an incompletion or a 60 yard bomb in the 4th that we cannot come back from.

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