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  1. Perine should be a solid change of pace back for us this season.
  2. Probably didn’t make a permanent decision based on it, as you did.
  3. Why do people still think that Mike Maccagnan, out of all people, would of drafted an offensive lineman in the top 10?
  4. Fun fact: before mono/Dallas game he thought Sam Darnold was trash. He probably still does.
  5. Jamal Adams: NY is a special place but Dallas is much better. That’s the jist of it, mr.RichRise
  6. I can agree with you here. I’m certainly in the minority that the new uni’s are gorgeous. The main reason I enjoy them^. They struck a good balance between modern & past concepts imo. They did better approaching it like that rather than if they would of started from scratch. It’s also not exactly Kelly Green. Maybe a shade or two darker. Probably an Emerald color if I had to label it. Much better. I hated Hunter green tbh.
  7. If I were to go off recent memory then unexpectedly good year: 2009 unexpectedly bad year: 2011
  8. Aside from 3-4 years out of 50+ all this franchise knows is frustration & losing, so I don’t really see how that matters.
  9. He is in a very nice position considering he was the youngest starting QB since the merger. Cousins put himself in a similar situation when he only signed with Minny for 3 years. He could of struck another major payday if he would of delivered for them a bit better the past two seasons. Agreed on Sexton. That guy is not going to be easy to move around negotiation wise. One of the best in the business at getting his players exactly what they want. I also don’t see a reason not to give Sam everything he wants as long as he performs well. It’s all dependent on Sam. Give us some scores and it feels easy giving the bucks.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Two more interceptions than the guy Mehta thinks should be paid blindly. Wonderful playmaker. Wonderful article.
  11. If he’s worth it, I doubt there will be many 180’s at all. Everyone understands the QB market. Everyone understands the value of a QB and if Sam is a valuable QB, keep him & give him everything he asks for. Its not hard.
  12. He has team logo’s on the back of both of his calf muscles. Chargers logo & a Jets logo.
  13. +1 if Fant looks better in TC, Becton probably starts on the right side. They’ll get the two best tackles out there. Trust that he’s starting though.
  14. If we pursue a player in a Jamal trade, I would prefer it to be a starting caliber WR or RT instead of TE. I like Herndon if he can stay healthy and Ryan Griffin is a nice compliment.
  15. They need to bring DT back and then pivot to finding another starting WR. You can’t go wrong with DT (for depth/guidance) & a starter to grab some more immediate impact for the offense.
  16. Especially considering he’s always been a precise route runner and Mims could use the guidance from that.
  17. Dunno about any of you guys but I don’t have a shred of faith in Dwayne Haskins being a good QB.
  18. 1.) Carson Wentz 2.) Dak Prescott 3.) Daniel Jones 4.) Andy Dalton 5.) Kyle Allen 6.) Dwayne Haskins 7.) Colt McCoy 8.) Jalen Hurts Side note.. it’s really interesting how neck and neck Dak & Wentz are. Dak has one more career interception but the TD/INT ratio is 99% identical.
  19. They still needed another reliable WR anyway. DT looked decent at times for us last season. I also believe that DT is injury prone though and it’s just about what you’re willing to pay him. Vet min or no-go for me. Again, we do need another reliable WR one way or another.
  20. Very factual but even more factual is how I knew you’d be on this thread like a fly on sh*t😃

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