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  1. The Jets can’t draft a Quarterback to save their lives, but damn it they’ll get you a Cornerback. (Except that one time we took Dee Milliner)
  2. Need to pick & choose situationally because while you want to put Burrow on his ass as much as possible vs a weak OL, you still have to account for his ability to pick apart a defense if the rush isn’t there & too many men have been sent on the rush at once. Need balance & selection today but agreed for the most part. Would be foolish not to take advantage.
  3. for a measure of good luck, I’m posting in the game thread, which, if my calculations are correct, we will win solely because of this, alone. Trust me fellas. It works. Thank me later.
  4. Yea it’s called adderol, guy won’t be hungry until tomorrow.
  5. Teams have continuously carved up the Cover 3 for years now. It isn’t 2012 anymore.
  6. Painfully wrong. Carl Lawson on the edge is nasty, JFM is kicking inside more often & he provides above average athleticism (RAS: 8.3) . Add in Solomon Thomas who has a RAD score of 9.71, Jacob Martin has an excellent first step, linebackers also contribute to run support, right? So there’s the addition of Kwon who flys around sideline to sideline all game & Jordan Whitehead who can play the run too from the safety position.
  7. Congrats to Tyler. Good dude who interacts with fans online, often. I have a feeling he’s going to get some awesome mismatches on the vert routes.
  8. You definitely have a point. Public perception would be much different.
  9. If that isn’t worth reading, I’d rather be blind!
  10. Kind of? you’re being extremely polite & I commend you.
  11. yea was about to say! This is not how you ever felt about that situation. he called JiF a Wilson lover yesterday. Definitely his first & only account.
  12. Good to see you still on here JF80. Hope you’re doing well my man.
  13. What distraction could he possibly cause… everyone is on vacation until training camp start, literally no one on the team is doing anything at this moment that could distract them lmao. ppl are weird.
  14. It’s a possibility as it always is with Jets QB‘s! if he even does decently this year tho.. watch out! lol he’ll be the most beloved Jet QB across the league that I can ever remember. The type of guy to sleep with your QB’s mom & then drop a smooth 275 & 2 tuddies on your defense.
  15. All of the NFL fan bases have turned into Zach Wilson fans. The turnaround is insane. his reputations is thru the roof right now lmao. He was a “bust” collectively on twitter, now he’s a FXCKING DAWG AND A CHAMP…
  16. He blew it? Lol he shattered the rookie TD record, had a bad sophomore season, good 3rd year & took the browns to a playoff win for the first time in forever & then he hurt his shoulder and fell apart this last year. it makes much sense. I’m sorry you don’t agree, Beer.
  17. THAT’s MY QB! No wonder he went to the BYU Cougars
  18. He was taking himself out of games because he was half dead out there after playing for 2-3 drives. The reason was absolutely conditioning.
  19. Actually, even this vaunted rookie season that everyone keeps talking about Becton having, he had some injury concerns that were very well a real thing. Wirfs, Becton, that’s a debate for another day, but, it’d be disingenuous to say Becton didn’t have moments where his conditioning looked like it was impacting his performance on the field …to the point where he was taking himself out of games, several times at that. LT’s usually aren’t in much of a position to hurt themselves, & with Fant’s development and reliability, the patience is lessening by the hour. I love Becton’s ability, I really don’t sense the dawg in him (sorry, Jamal.) that athletes have when it really f*cking matters to them. I’m just not convinced. He walks around upset about what people say about him on Twitter & then he comes into minicamp 390-400lbs. It’s soft stuff.
  20. If you believe this, you don’t know JiF lmao. He was extremely doubtful on Wilson pre-draft, I was the one doing the Wilson convincing to him & he didn’t budge an inch. I don’t mean to jump in on you guys, but, just from an outside perspective, it’s pretty funny to see someone paint JiF, out of all people, as a Zach Wilson lover. @JiFaponowelcome to the club, buddy. we’re excited to have you lol.
  21. I’m still a Baker Mayfield fan. Believe he’ll look good in Carolina. side note.. people still talk about Darnold in here with a sense of hope? for what?
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