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  1. He is, but Feeney giving us that Spencer Long Special isn’t out of the realm of possibility unfortunately lol.
  2. agreed lol, hell, I actually liked Jay Feely when he was a Jet. Don’t know what happened when he got inside the booth.
  3. Easily. They have Evans and AB playing today. This defense is historically awful. Wilson will be forced to throw 40 times against one of the best takeaway defenses in football. If he comes out of this looking okay, I’ll be excited.
  4. Absolutely not true. These last two are just as much of a isolated measurement in progress than the rest of his starts. Nobody is saying they are satisfied, we like the direction.
  5. And if it isn’t a 44-10 blowout, where do we go from there?
  6. You haven’t made a QB take since Matt Leinhart my guy.
  7. It’s okay fellas, that’s the awesome thing about being 11 games into a career, you totally don’t have to make a decision yet.
  8. There is actually one play where the check is to the deep route for Keelan Cole and it isn’t there, so he moves on to Jeff smith on the slant. Jags covered deep often last Sunday. Jets countered with short passes and runs. there was really no need to go deep - especially if the play wasn’t there.
  9. Just speaking of the Jax game, I didn’t really see any schemed routes downfield nor’ did we have any WR’s who could successfully gain separation on them for that matter.
  10. people still argue almost interceptions? Okay, I’ll take his dropped passes for 500.
  11. Matt Corral is a good QB. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team trades up for him. I don’t think Detroit will take him. Goff has a 31 million dollar cap hit.
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