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  1. Ehh its ok ! get em next time ! get the 3.. Sanchez first incomplete pass
  2. Let's hope the Jet's O can be consistent and snap back with a TD
  3. They are about to take it to the house on us.. we look lazy on D damn !
  4. Forgot ALLLL about MJD .. hope we can contain him our run D seems better
  5. Damn... they just threw all over us there
  6. That has to be the first opening drive TD in a long time.
  7. Still wish they at least offered CBS NY so i can see the games.
  8. I am orginally from Brooklyn.. And i love my Jets but i live in Mississippi and i can't see any NYJ games because i dont have the correct channels im guessing NY channels. I use to have DirecTV which had sunday ticket and i could peep every game. But now i since i had Comcast i havent seen a whole season of Jets ... Judt NFL redzone which was cut ins to games who were in the redzone/scoring .... Which means last year i just didnt see the Jets the whole time .. Really dont see any packages on Comcast and i hate streaming my computer is miles slow and even if it was fast if buffers like a bitch ! ... Any suggestions ??
  9. Is this the right time to remind people this is JETSnation ... not every other NFL nation ..?
  10. Oh don't get your panties in a bunch son. It's ok we aren't going to shame you for liking Sanchez so much. Just for expecting as much as you do, I bet you have the same brand head band Mark has. P.S .. You're pretty classy, keep up the good work champ !
  11. ? .. So you refer to him as a bum because he accidentally hurt his ankle .... like any one in the NFL could do ? It's not hard to sprain your ankle.
  12. He already did take a pay cut at the beginning of the off season.
  13. Big L .. you can freestyle so good i have so many question's.. You got sick multi syllable content ! But no seriously.. we need a steady running attack and the O line to get it together or we will have us Teddy or Clowney.. ! Which doesn't seem so bad.
  14. Geno didn't look much better.. I want to be positive ... but idk after that game i have a sick feeling in my stomach about this season....
  15. Any stream link that works good ? Turned my girl into a jet fan... This would be her first actual jet game... Anyone ?
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