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  1. Who the **** is Chaz Schilens ..? You say how many TD's last year ? ..Oh the same amount or less that a stone handed rookie who was out 98% of the season ? Chaz your a disappointment to the world.
  2. I have always thought Bilal Powell was a versatile back. And has the ability to be great, since I seen him break through 5 tackles in 3 game's straight for important first down's.. from like ... 3rd and 10.
  3. Here's the run down of what to expect from Green&White Scrimmage for those who aren't familiar! 1st Half: 1st Off vs 1st Def 2nd Off vs 2nd Def 2nd Off vs 1 Def 1st Off vs 2nd Def Field Goals (I vs 1) 2nd half: Punt Team 1st Off vs 1st Def 2nd Off vs 3rd Def 3rd Off vs 2nd Def 3rd Off vs 3rd Def Then some autographs...
  4. Got a question that doesn't really pertain to this subject.. but uh.. When the pre season and reg. season come around do we have a game thread for each game... ?
  5. I heard his foot work has turned from ok. to phenomenal
  6. I'm a new poster.. lol.. this forum has been great to me.. all you guy's are genuine and very knowledgeable on the Jet's ... I made a great decision.
  7. Snee Island. His opinion matter's you guys... He's the best Guard to ever play the game.
  8. Cromartie has worked his ass off this offseason.. He will be one of the top corner's in the NFL this year. Cromartie has also mentored this D backs.. I think our secondary will be fine. Every time I see Dee make a play.. i'll sip a Milliner Light...
  9. Wow.. just remember there is NO practice today.. can a mod delete this thread I feel stupid lol...
  10. I know right !? why ishe being more of a dick then usual ??? what is he so mad at the world about..
  11. @https://twitter.com/Steiny31/status/361588279063244800/photo/1 TONE helping and mentoring
  12. This is what I been waiting to see... if Geno can make good decisions and see WR's open no matter the pressure .. because that was his biggest IF coming into the NFL
  13. I know right..? That's my favorite jet.... he need's to get his sh*t straight
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