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  1. Only because the team he is playing for, everyone know's the media get's hard when Bill Belicheat steps up to the podium.
  2. Yeah.. now that you mention it I remember his agent actually getting into a verbal conflict with Tanny in 2010, when he got that band aid check. I feel bad for Revis because he has to be easily influenced by his agent if he let that happen.. That our he was the same way.
  3. Agreed... I need some positive new's... LOL that or a habitual avoidance of sharp object's if this keep's up.
  4. It's only the consistent Wide out's that KEEP gettin' the $$$$ and positive media attention.
  5. If Dee really didn't want to be compared to Revis he wouldn't do the same exact thing Darrelle did his rookie year. It's crazy how much speculation the media prism's the jet's around. Even the Hernandez's case has cooled down a lot more then you would think.
  6. D.Wright feel's like they were his own cousin's... because they effed this dude when they traded him.
  7. If you wanna feel better about the situation, then sure.
  8. Some point I wished we could get a good all round head coach and just have Rex as the Def. coordinator. too bad I doesn't work like that. I'm a fan of Rex... KEEP EM' AROUND
  9. That's what happens when you decide to give up a 1st round pick(2013) + a 3rd round pick(2014) PLUS 60 mill to a player. Then you go back around and trade the other CB. Then you go back around and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a WR who isn't even that great. This GM obviously is from the Tanny blood line. They are going to be in the same situation we were/are in. Trading draft pick's and wasting money to win right then and there.., especially when you can't execute and build around put's you between a rock and a hard place.
  10. It will be more media propaganda with our luck... ESPN will blow it up and talk about how disrespectful Geno is for not addressing his GM in a certain manner.
  11. Wouldn't doubt it what so ever.. But one game isn't significant if he isn't our starter. My question is, what the "personal matter's" are that kept him from arriving at camp on time.
  12. Yeah.. after all that big talk about being the starter and proving what he has he vomit's all over his resume and reputation, and will probably be cut. It's a shame... I thought he had a fighting chance in the WCO, thought we could of really made him a threat. Maybe even a CJ Spiller type back, a chance of pace type back.
  13. FIRST DAY IN PAD'S !!! i'm so excited.. LETS GET IT Edit: Hard knock's is very distracting and isn't good for other team's to see what we do.. but damn I wish I could see us this year on hard knock's so I can actually see what's going on.
  14. NYJ .. we are so classy. Rexy wear's the best suit's only made by hair on people's feet.
  15. Lol .. I found this amusing !
  16. Exactly.. screw Revis.. hope he costs the game for the Buc's and grab's his knee like he grabbed his Hamstring when Moss "Mossed" his ass. Serve's him right for missing traning camp.. damn fool. No one said it served him right because he was on our team.. but he intercepted 0 balls that season for a damn reason.
  17. Yes ! my favorite Jet's draft pick of this year.. we will make an impact 100% dude is a straight athletic freak/FOOTBALL player.
  18. They just don't have any one worth spending it on.. they already threw 60 mill out for Revis. Guess every NFL team based in Florida just love to blow money. They need to realize, they aren't the Heat and none of them are winning back to back Lombardi trophies.
  19. This is great new's and everyone make's great point's .. but .. man idk if Geno should start unless he absolutely has to... now if he win's traning camp and plays great in preseason game's... then fine start him he deserved it.
  20. I'm praying Braylon show's Revis what team he should of stayed with Week 1... If he does Revis in and doesn't get trapped on MEvi$ Bank Of America he will prove critic's wrong. Orrrr.... it will be like every Jet's W.. there will be a excuse behind it.. oh Revis wasn't fully healed.. blah,blah.
  21. I know what it is.. I could tell even in his interview when he first was traded.. he is sad.. he misses the Jet's .. why else would he keep taking soft nerf gun shot's at us ? .. He got what he wanted, now move on .. but no. He is butt hurt because he thought he had us trapped and he was the best thing ever, and we would never give him up. But we did and he was so confident he would stay a Jet it surprised the hell out of him and he was just like... " Wow... they did it... I didn't really wanna leave......" Just my input.
  22. First off i didn't mean to thumb down your post lol.. but yeah i forgot to mention him, but he was on my mind ! lol.. well we got him off waviers ? i think from Eagles and he was a tremendous player but he really wasn't able to translate maybe he can turn that around i like him a lot to though.
  23. QB - I think Mark Sanchez has this one in bag.. unfortunately unless he just bomb's in training camp, the Jets won't be willing to start Geno Smith right away. Mark Sanchez has struggled,but so has Geno with deep ball accuracy..There isn't much to say about this battle. I think Mark win's simply because #7 is a rookie. Winner: Mark Sanchez HB - This one will be close..I don't think Mike Goodson will start because of his law troubles.. It will take a good minute to regain the organizations trust. Only way i see Goodson starting is if he just blow's the competition out of the water. Other than that he share's a nice amount of carries with the starter and is a solid back up. On to McKnight.. this one is a wild card, he show's the dedication and love to be a New York Jet, and he is an elusive speed demon... problem is .. is where is the vision i don't think he has it in him to lead this team on the ground like he dreams of doing. But who know's ? He show's the dedication and it IS an open competition. Bilal Powell is another wild card... but is the exact opposite of Joe McKnight. Powell has nice vision but isn't a speed back like you would want. But he is a slight upgraded version of Shonn Greene. Now the last back we have is our newest addition to running back... Chris Ivory though he has had a sketchy injury past dating back to his rookie year he is still a solid back.. He has a balance of speed,vision and power.. Only concern is, is when we talk about his injury we remind ourselves he was a 4th string running back with few carries getting injured like that. But still gives us the best chance and is the best back we have in term's of balance. Winner: Chris Ivory FB - This one is a more interesting battle than people seem to think.. our 7th round draft pick Tommy Bohanon and our re-signed Lex Hilliard will go at it hard in the trenchs to start. I think Bohanon will come away with this clean with this because he is way more versatile than Hilliard just from watching tape. Nothing much else to say Tommy B.. he is just more skilled. Winner: Tommy Bohanon TE - This one is pretty obvious.. we just signed a nice seasoned Tight End in Kellen Winslow and if he can stay healthy and productive for at least 2 season's it would be great. We have a couple of other Tight End's including our Rugby TE who is impressive but we wouldn't have signed a seasoned tight end to play back up so. Winner: Kellen Winslow WR - Not much of a competition here.. or explanation so here is just a quick projection of the depth chart going into the year #1 - Santonio Holmes #2 - Stephen Hill #3 - Jeremy Kerley #4 - Zach Rodger's #5 - Thomas Mayo G - I think this battle between Peterson and Winter's will go down to the wire and Stephen Peterson will be named the starter but Winter's will get a unusual amount of snap's to get him EXP under his belt. Winner: Stephen Peterson S - We already know Dawan Landry has a starting spot over at the Strong Safety position,but at this point Free Safety is really up for grab's... We have former 6th and 7th round pick's from 2012 John Bush and Antonio Allen.. the best player out of the 2 is Josh Bush he show's more promise but i'm not sure if he show's promise to start, that's a different story. Then we have the hard hitting rookie from D2 Rontez Miles who has a compelling story but i think he will really have to blow mind's to win the starting job over ANY PLAYER who has a year or over under the complex Rex Ryan system.. in a win or lose season it cannot be affordable to have him out there unless he is just a absolute diamond. So i think John Bush get's this starting job. SS - Dawan Landry FS - John Bush CB - Well we already know Antonio Cromartie will be that #1 lock down Cornerback hank the lord he has matured and stepped up on and off the field.. But the real battle is between a 4th year in Kyle Wilson he has been a decent slot corner but as showed confusion on some play's.. some time's he show's how easily he can be man handled.. BUT then there some play's where he flashes nice talent and our first pick of the 2013 draft in Dee Milliner who fast physical corner back who can hawk you down in 0.2 seconds... but here's the problem 1.) he is a rookie(which some times doesn't matter) and 2.) He has had like 5 injuries to his arm.. So think it will come down to training camp if Dee Milliner can show he is perfectly fine and doesn't have a case of that deadly "Stephen Hill-itis" He could have a real chance to start across from Cro.. Another reason i can see Milliner starting over Wilson is just for the simple fact Dee is more physical and is bigger and is more fit for out side receivers. Wilson is a small guy and hasn't showed promise against bigger WR's.. even though it is known he has had his best offseason yet. I personally say they keep him at corner. Unless Milliner can't do it. Winner - Dee Milliner What are your projection's for the training camp battles that are soon to commence ?....
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