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  1. One thing you gotta admit, the skepticism isn’t because of lack of arm talent. His throws pop. This is the best situation one of our young QB’s has been in since Sanchez. just gotta wait & see my friend.
  2. They weren’t paying him 20 mill per for the next 2-3 years. It would of killed their other moves. I’ll take the players they assembled over Cooper & less than half of the players they assembled.
  3. none before the Kirk signing, absolutely none after it.
  4. This is incredible work by JD. We have ourselves a GM.
  5. No idea but I’ll take a 26 year old rotation guy with 4 sacks
  6. Which equally makes me worried about how it will affect DWC.
  7. We don’t even need the kind of WR that Jarvis is. No loss here. He always wanted to stick on a contending team and have a chance like OBJ did. no news there. Jets shouldn’t be interested either.
  8. I’d of taken Cooper on his 20 mill for 2022, but, 20 mill per for the next 3-4 years is nuts considering his lazy habits and age. Glad we decided to keep it pushing even tho we still need what we need.
  9. You remember correctly. That 4.3 sky rocketed him and the 3 cone killed him. Scout were vocally sorry for missing on him for that drill. It made no difference when he actually got out there and played rookie year.
  10. I haven’t read any of this thread in a minute, so, maybe you guys said it for me, but, JD isn’t changing his philosophy and he already said even tho there’s added pressure to win and build fast, he isn’t going off track and out of his process to compensate for the pressure. He’s going to make decisions he believes to be purposeful and sound. I don’t believe Mike Garafolo has the scoop at all. I think he sees a team with needs and a ton of money and he made a simple guess.
  11. Yeah because of his slow 3 cone… which is the most overrated drill in terms of showing separation skills when cutting.
  12. Lol as if any of those WR prospects are as good as DK Metcalf. Guy had a twitter match with Skip Bayless, so freaking what. He’s 24 on the last year of his rookie year and he’s one hell of a WR, PROVEN.
  13. I wouldn’t be so sure.
  14. He was the sole reason the run defense was sh*t & apparently every coach on the staff knows it & acknowledged it.
  15. Have to imagine Jets chase him hard
  16. Yessir, Allen Robinson sure would help this team & our QB either way you slice it. Wow, haven’t seen that screen name in a long time. How have you been?
  17. They don’t even use him as TE1, no? Njoku has wanted to leave Cleveland for a few years now. Guy just can’t shake free.
  18. Hey that’s pretty cool! Should of asked him if he actually pounded on the table for Russell Wilson.
  19. As long as they get Allen Robinson, they win.
  20. JD taking a guy with character concerns in one of the deepest drafts at his position in some time just isn’t happening. I just don’t see it.
  21. No offense, but, this, itself, it’s kind of stupid.
  22. absolutely. I’m fine with defense in the first of FA breaks the other way. I still would aim to add your RG, TE in the 2nd/3rd. no safety at 4.. no safety at 10 either.
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