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  1. absolutely. I’m fine with defense in the first if FA breaks the other way. I still would aim to add your RG, TE in the 2nd/3rd. no safety at 4.. no safety at 10 either.
  2. This is one possibility that I didn’t think of.
  3. Walker is going to be a star that nobody talked about during the draft process because they already expected him to do well & other flashy names took the spotlight. Jets should take advantage and get the guy who’s really going to turn into an NFL player. I get awful, awful vibes from KT.
  4. I want Walker over Thibs if we go pass rusher. Walker is a absolute football player. I love that about him.
  5. To be honest I want Allen Robinson more than any of them though.
  6. I, too, prefer Ridley over Cooper.
  7. I like London the more & more I see him. Question is cutting in & out of routes and if he can cause separation at the intermediate level of the the field. He’s a basketball player and extremely athletic, I’m interested in seeing his 3 Cone & 40.
  8. It’d be special if Drummond came to the Jets. He went to our local high school & he’s from the area. Charles Cross too.
  9. 50/50 & I started out a huge fan. Needs more time to see if things come around for the long haul. Seen bad, seen good but I will say I seen an understanding of how to play his role and limit mistakes & that is something I did not see from Darnold for any stretch. I have hope for this reason alone. We’ll know by the end of this year. I need to see an impactful playmaker next year. I need efficiency more than anything, but I want to see more than flashes. We have to see more than flashes, period.
  10. I was banned from GGN before finding here almost 10 years ago. Can’t believe I’ve lasted this long.
  11. No DB’s in round 1 unless you’re trading down some.
  12. Me & the boys getting together for some beer & BBQ sliders from a local place later on today.
  13. Yes, because he’s an a$$hole in real life & clueless on TV. No one should ever give that man the satisfaction of feeling special.
  14. Exactly. Out of market fans have been dying for this tbh.
  15. Mike LaFleur could be a HC one day.
  16. promising staff they’re collecting over there, won’t lie.
  17. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. Sounds like he drank too much NyQuil PM.
  18. He’ll just end up getting tagged again.
  19. 1.) We should be competitive starting next year, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be. 2.) Having to hand out a monster contract because a player performed is a good problem. 3.) Hell no to Hunter just based off injury history and compensation. No way on giving up a top 10 pick for a player with that kind of risk.
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