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  1. It’s February, most headlines are false. That was my point.
  2. Dude is a Jadaveon Clowney at best.
  3. How do you know this to be true, it’s the beginning of February.
  4. 15 TD’s/11 INT’s sounds much better. Agreed. Hopefully we can put a few more on the board next season.
  5. in regards to #4/#10, I’ve been tinkering with the thought that maybe the Jets brass finds the most value in this draft to be in the mid-first on down & maybe we see a trade down to double the chances of coming away with someone with the pick we keep, as well as Trey McBride & Zion Johnson, or Jeremy Ruckert & an Edge Rusher with the additional 2nd/whatever the compensation is. I think there’s an opportunity for JD to get creative if there’s a team willing to come up to 4 or 10. Panthers seem to be linked to Pickett, maybe they’re willing to move up?
  6. How much money did SAR wire you & please tell him to forward the next proposal via email & the payment Western Union, thanks.
  7. Biggest problem with this draft class, WR is a grey area, no real “this is your transcendent talent” pick
  8. Agreed, McBride will go in the first imo. Ruckert at 35 is realistic though.
  9. Nice, he’s an awesome watch, he changes his tune a month later here tho, so good to hear.
  10. Yeah that one’s a reach for me, too. Honey Badger has been a pretty solid character and twice the safety Adams is.
  11. Yeah, especially my third one.
  12. This is disappointing to hear, loved seeing posts from @RobR .
  13. I wish to contribute again as well this summer! Podcasts coming soon, draft articles, etc.
  14. Idk about this guy in a head coaching position, some OC’s are meant to stay OC’s. Denver venture didn’t go well. We’ll see if he’s learned anything. History with the Belicheck tree says no though.
  15. Meh, i was born in Brooklyn, raised in the south, have experience eating both, family is full blooded Sicilians from Bay Ridge, southern food is fattier but much much tastier in my opinion.
  16. You should be writing for us anyway. I’ve seen Dylan on Twitter but have no idea who he is on JetNation, we need familiar board members producing content.
  17. And they didn’t draft Ed Reed that high lmao. Usually people don’t know when a safety is going to be a hall of famer, or any player for that matter, so taking a guy in the 1st round and saying this is my Brian Dawkins and this pick is justified because he is my Brian Dawkins, that’s foolish. That’s not how the GM world actually works.
  18. I think you are missing the point, draft value wise, that position should not be drafted in the top 10…ever. There are far better ways to use premium draft capital and still get a productive player at that position & if they don’t and it gets put on the back burner for next year’s offseason needs, it doesn’t hurt that bad because it’s the safety position.
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