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  1. would be the exact opposite of everything JD has done with the secondary up to this point. Not only is it unlikely for that reason alone, it’s unlikely because it’s simply the wrong thing to do. I’d like to see them take care of the Defense in FA more than anything & then continue to prioritize offense in the draft. The Defense will benefit more from some added veteran presence, as will the Offense from another injection of youth. Obviously this was the youngest roster in the league last year, so they’re green on both sides , but I think it does more for the O than D in this case.
  2. Notable 2020 Senior Bowl -turned NFL players: • G, KC, Trey Adams • WR, PIT, Chase Claypool • WR, IND, Michael Pittman Jr • QB, LAC, Justin Herbert • QB, PHI, Jalen Hurts • WR, LAR, Van Jefferson
  3. I’ve seen this story before. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  4. Agreed that he’s been more of a disappointment than not, but I do think he was important for Wilson at the beginning of the season, and while that’s not a lot, it’s something.
  5. Daboll is goin to be the HC anyway
  6. I mean the article did say prominent defensive player — they have like two so probably Howard if I had to guess. He wanted to leave anyway.
  7. Sorry I’m late, Happy birthday@Paradis. Enjoy your day, but maybe not as much as the day we draft Brock Bowers!
  8. So many people willing to die on the alter of instant gratification.
  9. Arm strength maybe , but no, Rodgers can put the ball places it shouldn’t be able to go. I’m talking outside the hashes, in the most critical moments, off one foot, falling backwards. There is no one that can do it like Rodgers
  10. Yes he does. Rodgers have only thrown 93 picks in the course of an 18 year career & hasn’t thrown double digit picks in over a decades worth of time. Rodgers has a ring? I’m not understanding he needs more to be mentioned in this category? His arm talent is quite literally the greatest we’ve ever seen, the amount of magical hail Mary’s, game winning drives (reg season and post), the man is the greatest QB talent of all time and his stats are squeak clean.
  11. I agree so damn much with this. Never thought I’d say that on a JiF post but we definitely see eye to eye here. Aaron Rodgers is the best to ever do it. This generation of QB’s is a different breed of playmaker/commander & team success is far too circumstantial to blame on one player alone.
  12. Most talented arm this league has ever seen. Dude’s played almost 20 years and has 93 career picks. He hasn’t thrown double digit picks in over a decade. miss me with the team achievement stuff.
  13. Every situation is not the same and who wants to gamble that with house money? Not me. Not at WR.
  14. Godwin just tore his ACL, I want nothing to do with that mess.
  15. It would be quite ridiculous to trade a top end performer at a premium position that direct affects the QB’s development & health. IMO - we will not be doing that or anything like it.
  16. Wydermyer’s drops concern me, ditto on McBride. Like Ferguson & Ruckert too.
  17. I don’t believe it. JD & this regime seem to operate by taking safeties and DB’s 3rd rd or later. Seem to have a better grasp of positional draft value & at the bare minimum, an iota of patience.
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