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  1. Which is why I hate being stuck in no man’s land at #4 because I don’t want Neal.
  2. Fair point there. And definitely want Fant/Becton out there in some way. Like others mentioned, camp might be a good way to fairly sort that out. absolutely.
  3. it’s okay, I don’t know Algebra either.
  4. Fant gave up 1 sack in 900 snaps. PFF just doesn’t do it for me in this particular situation.
  5. This is why being the 11th pick isn’t enough.
  6. This definitely has some truth to it, he’s very hit & miss now. I do think this was a different perspective to view Wilson from if we’re talking about building a case for next year’s optimism, it’s good enough for that.
  7. Jim Nagy is stacking the Jets roster up for the senior bowl. I think our guy Phil Savage’s connection with the senior bowl is playing some what in our favor.
  8. Plus Wilson 2 Wilson just sounds fun.
  9. Looks a lot like a bit bigger version of Tyler Lockett to me.
  10. Jesus it gets worse every time he opens his mouth. He thought a 4 year player was in the same category as dudes who never played nfl ball before? And you spent a 2nd rounder & a 4th on that?
  11. They really made a NY post article about it?
  12. just watched Treylon Burks - jotted a few notes as I was watching. (Games watched: Alabama 2021, Georgia 2020, Florida 2020, Auburn 2021, Ole Miss 2021, Texas A&M 2021) Positives: • Big frame/Prototype WR1 size. • Moves really well, vertically, for his stature. • Has a good habit of finishing his routes strong. • Does well working the sideline. • 1 on 1 nightmare match up for DB’s • Pretty strong hands. Looks natural when he catches it. • Versatile in the sense that you can use him as a weapon horizontally or vertically. The fly route or the screen pass, the deep post or the jet sweep. • High points on the 50/50 well. • Explosive athlete and natural playmaker. • Good patience sitting down on the top of his route and making himself available. • Comes back for the ball well, covers ground quickly. Attacks the pass & doesn’t wait for it to come to him. • Burks in open space is deadly and the addition of his size is what makes that even more impressive in live motion. Negatives: • Doesn’t sell his route well when the play isn’t going to him. Half jogs it on a good portion of run plays. • Limited exposure to man coverage in everything I’ve seen. • Gets a bit grabby on blocks to the outside. Also think he’s an inconsistent blocker. • Will need more moves off the LOS in his tool box other than the stutter step. • question his quickness breaking inside at times. NFL DB’s will be tighter to his hip & the window to make a play will be smaller. Value: Top 15 selection
  13. Ready to see what Vandagriff has in him next year. 5 star QB recruit.
  14. Cool fact about Stetson. He played at JCJC (Jones Community College) I am enrolled there and reside in the town next to Ellisville (where JCJC is located)
  15. None of my teams have ever won anything. This feels amazing.
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