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  1. On the road, in bad weather, against the top defense in the league & with no one around him. if he balls, that’s a huge sign things are continuing in the upward direction as they should be. Lets find out what he’s made of
  2. Trey McBride in the top of the 2nd would be lovely too btw.
  3. How do you feel about Mike Williams in FA to take over WR1?
  4. I stand corrected, thank you. Did not know that. Me either, I think he’s ready to go win something. Can’t blame him. Wouldn’t hate if he resigned but pretty sure this is the end. There just isn’t a lot of room there. You still need an X WR, then you have Davis #2 and Moore #3/#2, Berrios #4. Crowder would have to play as depth.
  5. I want a trade down into the 11-16 range for Nakobe Dean or Sauce Gardner. Preferably with Seattle’s pick. That is my own early game plan as of the moment. Subject to change as the off-season rolls on.
  6. Meh he made plenty of money and was already 28ish-29 when he signed here. Don’t feel bad. Appreciate his contribution here though. Good soldier. Never complained.
  7. There are actually jets fans on twitter who are begging for Safety Kyle Hamilton at #4 and I want to hurt people.
  8. Yeah but what about the peen. What does the peen tell you.
  9. Another extremely hard match up for Wilson. Bills defense is top 3 in the league in many many different statistical categories. If he looks really good on Sunday, I’ll be doing back flips. (Which I cannot do)
  10. Agreed. Still the best OC we’ve had here since 2015 Chan Gailey
  11. As great & creative as LaFleur has been, I think sometimes it plays to a fault when he draws up plays with routes that run in the same direction or aren’t necessarily schemed to win against the coverage.
  12. Love QB school because this is a channel you never have to worry about “does he know what he’s talking about or does he think he does?” it’s legit knowledge for sure.
  13. Oops just posted this in my own thread. Should of checked to see if somebody did it already first lol sorry @Barry McCockinner
  14. Things have shaped up on the OL with him coming on board mid season. Bring him back on a 2-3 year deal.
  15. I agree with this tho but I think sometimes people are just lazier with their words than others. Maybe we’re just misunderstanding the context?
  16. He’s been progressing just fine if you ask me…and lots of other people lol. Dame struggled at the beginning of the season. 3.8 FTA as well. He’s gotten back right again. Blazers just don’t have a good roster right now. GM was awful and was fired at the start of the season. Working off the interim GM. Big mess. Whole thing needs to be blown up quite frankly.
  17. Yeah seems like you do fine making up your own analysis. Won’t bother you again, my dearest apologies.
  18. They all wanted Justin Fields and questioned why Wilson shot up draft boards all offseason.
  19. He may get fired for that. He’s insinuating he has leaked information about the organization on record. You can’t publicly stir the pot on the team you cover (especially if false) & still expect to cover the team for the long haul.
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