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  1. RT @CoachBillick: Why is crying Michael Jordan all over my Twitter?

  2. @NYJ1979 @nypost @DoreeLewak ....

  3. Always good to see @Ryan_Alfieri and @Mowadia

  4. @DoucheByTrade ?

  5. @delbenz 'He' will enter your mentions talking about 15 hours

  6. @jsc905 lol I drink moderately

  7. @mjljets91 @JJoyJets @NY_Jets_SC lol soon what?

  8. @SeanLDurham go cup Saban's old testicles

  9. @Jeff_LJ_Lloyd true. Thought I'd be in more interviews, didn't realize I'd find job so quickly. Gotta get money's worth from them

  10. @JETSpls idk man

  11. Miami made a very good hire, if true

  12. Miami made a very good hire, if true

  13. @_keator this must be your nirvana

  14. @SlowYourRoll79 @DreamGirlsOnly don't go to jail

  15. @NotoriousM_3_G Fisher beats Seattle and that's enough lol

  16. Fudge https://t.co/blhLRWbPLn

  17. @CRogers_NFL @Ryan_Alfieri you have failed me. I trusted you

  18. @Ryan_Alfieri delete everything

  19. @NYJ_NDN @KingKylino that was emotional, but I don't find it realistic in regards to geno

  20. @BootsMcGuinness 5 years

  21. @AHotMetss @KingKylino relax lol

  22. @LyndsayALee @GregAbbott_TX @NRA I thought the same lmaooo.

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