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  1. Have Geno learn on the job.  If we had a GOOD QB, I would be along the lines of sitting him.  But we don't...what the hell can Geno learn from Sanchez besides 'do everything exactly the opposite of what I do'?  Seriously...start Geno.  We need to see how he does in games where there is pressure.  Not games against freaking draft bowl opponents like Cleveland and Oakland...


    Sanchez is a broken man...end of story

  2. What about the defense makes you think we can stop that running game?


    And the offense will not be above or even at average.  That's wishful thinking at best, as is thinking Holmes will play week one.

    I see that you are a very optimistic person :winking0001: 

    Needless to say, run may be a weakness but as long as they don't constantly gash us, we'll be fine.  MM is a good coordinator.  He'll have us to average levels at worst.  Don't worry...

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