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  1. @jetsfan29 but we lost to him

  2. Houston? https://t.co/afz4iOhCZc

  3. @ThisIsntXav leave my mentions

  4. I'd go to buffalo if someone from nyc would go with me

  5. Pat brown was talking about their 'ps players' destroying our secondary, but now they suck.

  6. @VicSanityX less than 10 for certain

  7. @_keator it's great, man

  8. @NFLosophy they both would beat us. Chiefs because of conference and pitt because of common opponents

  9. @TeamThirstTrap you need help

  10. @ThisIsntXav you're dabbing with santa but won't dab to gin mill *takes notes*

  11. @MrVincredible @Disable_MMi lol the people questioning you must be rich

  12. @BootsMcGuinness go tell a watermelon story to your dog

  13. @JPens4Real21 hello jordan

  14. @sideeyespecial @ZSibony @DoucheByTrade lol I wanted to enjoy 9-5 in peace

  15. @5ofusnow123 16? Sheesh

  16. The mental gymnastics are something else. Bills faced browns and texans as last place schedule. Went 1-1 https://t.co/UrZlXIdk2l

  17. Steelers playing dirty

  18. Good to see @fiyafightahl )@ZSibony @klew24 and @sideeyespecial

  19. Like that quest with Roger Warwick. I want to just tell the truth lol

  20. Don't say #JudeCurse or #JudeJinx

  21. Star Wars spoiler: the good guys win

  22. @MrVincredible you're liking tweets now?

  23. @michaelpagano_ is this what you want to do

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