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  1. @CRogers_NFL @KingKylino you reward consumption

  2. @SpyroKush the cowboys FG was useless period lol

  3. @loqueeeee #modeling

  4. @5ofusnow123 @nyjets only if he leads us to 13 or more wins

  5. @PLO1021 you need a hug

  6. @klew24 make this the last time you @ me

  7. Lowkey, I really like the Patriots third down foghorn

  8. @BootsMcGuinness hardly unique to jets fans unfortunately

  9. @jsc905 and you made fun of my dime tweet?

  10. @BootsMcGuinness hmm

  11. @BootsMcGuinness @SSJets_STC I'm not even going to dignify this

  12. @ewangs there should be a symbol on map w power armor

  13. @BootsMcGuinness @loqueeeee hardly

  14. Now my TL will be full of fans pumping up Texans :/

  15. @stevealmeida88 yeah

  16. I will never count on Cleveland again

  17. @MikeNash15 @NYJ_NDN will be over in less than 20 seconds

  18. @solodacannon well, it's a disturbing downward trend

  19. @bnealx o......k?

  20. @ThisIsntXav @KingKylino @PLO1021 @JJoyJets it's a typo, you'll survive

  21. @MrVincredible @BootsMcGuinness I'm not in the mood to engage with this. Goodbye

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