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  1. This pain is out of this world

  2. @SeanLDurham did I @ you

  3. @SlowYourRoll79 don't get sucked in lol

  4. @Paulie_Bruz I'm not as unconventional as you'd like to think lol

  5. @_keator this makes no sense

  6. I see everyone is excited

  7. Morning on gun hill road https://t.co/8pwOSJzf7Y

  8. @VicSanityX who is this

  9. @BootsMcGuinness I see a good QB

  10. @FreeDowling___ highly doubr that. Saints are 4-4 and Brees just threw forc7 touchdowns

  11. Refs moving giants down the field

  12. @Viva_la_Knicks you can thank me

  13. @_keator he saw your tweets and his eyes fell out of his head

  14. @SSJets_STC @nyjets @FanDuel remember what side your bread is buttered on

  15. @bnealx I think so

  16. @d4343 @BrianCoz used to appease a fanbase after they trade high profile player.

  17. @Paulie_Bruz waiting for the day he calls a jets game

  18. @_keator I'm going to sleep. I look forward to waking up without you in my @'s :/. Have fun

  19. He's black and good. Deal with it https://t.co/bojuYMBNc7

  20. @BootsMcGuinness @Jets_Depressed you do. Geno would not have made it

  21. @misseaglelina you were so pretty, my body couldn't handle it. hence emojis

  22. @TeamThirstTrap @_dosuno wow

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