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  1. @SlowYourRoll79 @LB_NYJ_78 @_keator that emoji is the worst

  2. @JJoyJets @jBlazeMalone @Yahweigh

  3. @peteyitaly I'll pass lolol

  4. @michaelpagano_ @KingKylino you got that right

  5. Lol saints formidable??? https://t.co/8Yi2QEzTLD

  6. *Foxboro https://t.co/xYljQgQgUH

  7. @JJoyJets @PLO1021 I'm not going to tolerate this bile. Goodbye

  8. @Connor_J_Hughes ??

  9. @Goldrumbo @ComplexMag don't ever mention me again

  10. Congrats to mets fans

  11. @JoelRomainNY I can do one of those things

  12. @flexpedes69 ok don.

  13. Interesting thing is that his supporters are mostly white millennials

  14. I didn't even notice it https://t.co/MWvWLLpWdW

  15. Hmm https://t.co/WtH1Epx1sI

  16. Kev told me he really doesn't mind Fitz

  17. Just saw two women kissing each other. Always shocking lol

  18. People still pine for a ??

  19. @edwardgorelik @Quanycash404 @Gibberman10 about to head to bed, good talk

  20. @SpyroKush silly, but I like fitz more than geno. Fitz, as of now, seems to be a better leader

  21. @ScottSalmon48 he looks like a completely different person lol

  22. @Viva_la_Knicks relax ???

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