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  1. Maybe, or maybe they're just not a good organization. One playoff win in 50 some odd years?

  2. @BootsMcGuinness bortles gets a chance because he's a top 3 pick

  3. @thewordofbob31 sorry lol

  4. @Ryan_Alfieri @MrVincredible I don't tweet during games

  5. @klew24 you are a deranged man, and I pray for you

  6. @Davidacosta1980 @Disable_MMi @SeanLDurham @MikeNash15 @JJoyJets meh

  7. @klew24 lol you need help

  8. @Ryan_Alfieri lol it's all part of the plan, set you up then bam

  9. @SeanLDurham I was born here

  10. @TalkJetsRadio anytime lol.

  11. Amazing thing about that stat is we held the lead for most of the first two games, yet pass defense is low. That is very good

  12. ?? https://t.co/2tIrGRW3NS

  13. I see lions were ??

  14. If you're going to be at Penn Station in NYC, let me know

  15. @Disable_MMi but, as bowles says, every game is important. Will you be at this one?

  16. @Ryan_Alfieri alas you must go

  17. @AHotMetss I aim to please, dear Jenay (sp?)

  18. @jesssica_brooke wtf. That'd bizarre. Yeah, you should have a talk with her

  19. @solodacannon true. I can something like that

  20. @Stephon_Urkel10 lol no credit. That's fine

  21. @MerlTeez @2SMART4 @fiyafightah I'll be at L7 ?

  22. @EvanDTD burned by his teammates after almost letting a lineman catch him on a pick 6?

  23. @PLO1021 last response to you for a week

  24. @klew24 she wants you to check her down

  25. @ThisIsntXav don't @ me anymore

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