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  1. @jesssica_brooke a tie

  2. @FSG_NYC yeah. He's been on many teams for a reason. Don't expect mvp numbers, but guy is just inconsistent....not awful

  3. @JRSportBrief Nate Burleson?

  4. @SlowYourRoll79 yep. Wilson couldn't run like he usually did

  5. @bnealx they're there. ?

  6. @fiyafightah understand

  7. You can tell I waa excited. Holy shot

  8. @mjljets91 @JJoyJets @PLO1021 I see

  9. @PLO1021 your source

  10. @jesssica_brooke I know lol. That's why I found it funny. I laughed out loud

  11. @MrVincredible @Ryan_Alfieri @Paulie_Bruz you mean 22

  12. Blink fitness is great

  13. A Hokie by any other name is just as cooked

  14. @fiyafightah it's so expensive

  15. Being at a dance club, I realize what I've been doing was righy lol

  16. I mean, they invested like 400 picks into RGIII lol

  17. @JPens4Real21 congrats

  18. @MrVincredible @SeanLDurham @JJoyJets @_keator he has to get out of here

  19. It's the 4th preseason game https://t.co/aK3lASNjcu

  20. @d4343 @DrewfromJersey I did lol

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