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  1. Totally misread this as something about the mods sleeping together. Carry on.
  2. Ooooh! Oooh! Put me in. >.> <.< The spec thread. :wink:
  3. .... chicken nipples? (Here to watch and harass the players :wink:)
  4. Primarily because he was the first really pushing Krak, who flipped mafia. Might have been early distancing, but it doesn't look like it to me, at least so far in my re-read.
  5. Slept in a bit, had some coffee, re-read about half the game... Looks like Nyn is going to replace me on Monday due to the training class keeping my ass kicked for another week, but I'll have time to play this weekend so I'm going to get some thoughts out there. Right now after re-reading the first half of the game, my strongest town read is Crusher. Tom is also a pretty heavy town lean. I'm thinking JiF could very well be town, but I'm not too sure of it, so call it on the town-ish side of null. After the first half I'm starting to doubt my earlier thought that Hallia was probably town. I want to finish my re-read and pay extra attention to the Krak train before I give a full list and more detailed thoughts.
  6. Hot damn. I was looking forward to time over the weekend to actually participate - happily we have a scum flip to analyze and eva'thing. Next week is going to be tough for me as well, because the training class continues. I put in about 50 hours this week between training and doing part of my own actual workload. Hopefully my students will have time during this upcoming week to take on some of my existing workload for practice. *slave driver* So yeah. Going to eat dinner and vegetate a bit, look forward to sleeping without interruption until my body is ready to wake up, then I plan to get coffee and spend some time re-reading this baby. Hopefully the snark and sass you should expect from me will return in the near future.
  7. This training class thing is kicking my ass, seriously. Today I managed to get home only 1-1/2 hours late, as opposed to yesterday, which was about 2-1/2. During work hours I've been too busy to check my phone, and by the time I get home my brain's been pretty much mush. At the risk of sounding like a DM Mafia Cliche™, I think I need a nap. I'm not sure what to make of Hallia right now, re-reading all her posts I'm starting to suspect she might just be town. I don't think I'm particularly interested in lynching her today. Nol is coming across pretty dogmatic and belligerent here, between the policy lynching vanilla town claims and the liars can't be trusted spiel. Trying to remember if he does this more as town or as mafia, but my brain wants to associate this attitude with mafia!Nolder.
  8. I would like to observe this from several miles away.
  9. Sorry about being silent yesterday, I normally work 2nd shift and for the next two weeks am running new hire training for my department at work, requiring me to be at work, prepared and ready to teach people how to do my job competently approximately three hours before I am normally awake. Yesterday was intensely draining. On lunch right now and due back on the clock in 10 minutes. We're also on mandatory overtime for the next two weeks. I'll post more detail when I get home, but right now I'm not so concerned with how Tom is playing. I'm not good at reading him early game, but I get a better idea as the game goes on. I am a bit suspicious of Hally at the moment.
  10. He's trying to quote Yates from his game on DM - the relevant point being that Yates is at this moment at the hospital with his wife, becoming a father. We might not see him for a bit.
  11. Did I need to know this? I feel like I didn't need to know this. *thinks about it* I would be a terrible priest.
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