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-1 Off To A Bad Start
  1. Anyone interested in swapping tickets? I've got 2 in section 229 with a Yellow parking pass and I am interested in trading games so I can bring a couple more guests. Please message me if interested. I'm particularly interested in the Saints game but others would also do.
  2. Cool, maybe I'll park over there for the first game. Is there good curb space?
  3. Any word on attending the tailgate only? I already have my tix and a ride down.
  4. Hey All, Looking for some people or a group to tailgate with. I make at least 5 games a season and park in lot L, usually on the curb closest to the stadium. It's just me and a couple friends, we bring tons of food and drink, got my own custom Jets cornhole boards, a car with a great sound system, a grill and/or turkey fryer. Tailgates are always more fun with more people so I thought I'd reach out and see if we could expand a little. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  5. I don't think the media coverage is going to be as bad or hurtful as everyone thinks and I have no doubt that the second not taking action cost them more then suing the defaulters, we will be sued. Oh, and as far as getting myself kicked out, how do you know I won't be forced to pay off the rest of my PSL in the same manner?
  6. I hear what you are saying but I am not trying to weasel out of my contract. I did sign up for a contract and I should fulfill it. That being said, the people that gave me my mortgage don't frisk me as I enter my house, yell at me for walking the wrong way on my sidewalk or parking in a particular spot, and they don't threaten me when I'm late on a payment. In fact when I was having trouble paying some years back they called me and asked me sincerely what they could do to help me retain the mortgage with them and arrangements were made. I am paying the Jets and their staff for the privilege of treating me like a jerk, like they own me. On top of that they are playing some incredibly horrible football and these tickets are worth almost nothing. Anyway, I'm stuck with a hard decision here. I would like to keep my PSL's as I do like going to the games but I can go to the same 5 games for a quarter of the price off of stub hub. For people wondering what the Jets stance is on this, here is an excerpt from the letter I received last week, with tomorrow being my cutoff date for defaulting. As you have not made payment, this letter serves as Jets Stadium Development's ("JSD") notice of default ....if you do not cure this default by making payment withen ten days of the date of this letter, your rights under the Agreement will terminate, in which case: JSD will retain all monies you have paid to date related to your PSL Your obligation to pay the outstanding balance of the PSL and any liability under the Club Seat License Agreement shall be accelerated, making the full outstanding balance immediately due and payable, which JSD intends to fully enforce and collect YOU WILL HAVE NO FURTHER RIGHTS UNDER THE AGREEMENT (i.e., you will not have the right to purchase tickets to Jets games at MetLife Stadium); and JSD will have no further obligation to you for the above referenced account So, take the money I've paid so far, sue for the remaining balance, and ban me from buying Jets tickets....awesome.
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