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  1. Put Coaching first in your eval because it all starts there. This team was not prepared and it was quite obvious. This was JV vs Varsity. And then there is this... "Arguably the most embarrassing moment of the game came when the offense was flagged for a delay of game following a kickoff return in a stadium that had no fans to drown out the offensive calls." JD must be making calls right now.
  2. I agree he held up well, we'll really see where he is in weeks 3 and 4 when teams have a couple of tapes on him. Unfortunately his coach can't help him or any other offensive player because he can't adjust his scheme.
  3. The Jets offense needs to improve into high teens, very low 20's to prove the coaching is matching the incoming talent. That will be JD's next test, can he move on from a "friend" if the results don't prove out.
  4. It's ok if JA is the best Dime Linebacker in the league, he's also one of the top safety's. As NFL offenses evolve, more spread and QB's who can beat you with their feet, defenses need to have more swiss army knife (versatile) players to compete. I think JD and GW realize this and are moving our defense and personnel in that direction. In our division JA is a great safety and can situationally help as a pass rusher and linebacker. When we play team like Houston, Baltimore and others where the QB can hurt you with his legs he's a great spy for those QB's. I think we are moving in the right direction on D, it's the other side I worry about or more specifically the coaching on that side of the ball.
  5. Same here... We can't jump to #27 offense this year and consider it a movement in the right direction. High teens, low 20's (very low) is where we need to be to believe the coaching is matching the talent being brought in. The OC needs to make a major step forward and stop being just a review specialist.
  6. The safety pick allows our D coordinator another swiss army knife player so that Jamal Adams can be all over the field. The Jets are eventually going to pay JA and when they do they need to keep putting him in position to be a Pro Bowl player. Davis also will be IMO used as a kick returner and hopefully give the Jets a Brad Smith type on special teams. Picking the QB was a gamble but if Sam gets hurt it's always good to have someone to keep the ship afloat until he gets back. Whether Morgan can do that is yet to be seen but theoretically it was the right move, again IMO.
  7. Agree totally. Those numbers will be determined over time, not now. We've gotten three really good value picks at positions of need and a very versatile player who will be a STer and possibly a situational player this year. Hopefully Joe D and his guys keep up the good work today.
  8. Don't forget that this year we "should" have our receiving TE back too. If Herndon improves from his rookie year we will be better in the passing game.
  9. Davis will be the safety when JA is blitzing as an OLB, he'll also bring us back to the "Brad Smith" days in terms of ST. This was a solid under the radar pick that good GM's make.
  10. The 49er's were 1-10 when Jimmy G stepped in. They won 5 in a row and now people are touting them to be an up and coming team. Did the roster get better over night? I don't think so. QB makes a difference. That said the Jets need a year to get Darnold some reps and a few upgrades and then they will be good. Great may take a little longer.
  11. This article says it all. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/09/01/new-york-jets-trade-sheldon-richardson-seattle-seahawks This was a good trade and for Macc to get a 2nd rounder makes sense. They'll be more, I hope, that will get us more picks and more opportunities to get good players.
  12. KRL, as always sharp and concise! Thanks for being there for your fellow Jet fans.
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