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  1. Any old NJ.com posters out there? We need players for the fantasy league. Even if you never used to post on the old NJ.com board, if your a Jet fan you are welcome. Post here if you are interested.
  2. Check your Yahoo email!!! Sign up!
  3. Notifing all regular players of the NJOFF league that the league is now open for sign up. Check your Yahoo emails for the invitation from JaxJets.
  4. NJ.com has been on top of everything as of late, and were able to catch-up with Vick for a couple interesting statements. “Geno’s the starting quarterback for that football team,” Vick said in a brief interview this afternoon during a family fitness event at Knight’s Personal Fitness in this city’s Kensington neighborhood. “Ultimately our goal is to try to help Geno become the best quarterback that he can be. Myself and [third-stringer Matt Simms] are all trying to put him in a position where he can get better from year one to year two.” The veteran quarterback did go on to say that he’s “still a starter” and not a backup QB. It’s becoming more and more evident that the Jets are letting second round selection, QB Geno Smith, hold onto the keys to the franchise—for now. Given the right tools, we’re not ready to move on, either. Make sure to read the full article: Let there be no doubt: Michael Vick says Geno Smith is Jets’ starting QB
  5. Sorry, One Jet at a Time http://onejetatatime.com/2014/rumors-draft-day-trade-for-notable-cornerback.html
  6. RUMORS: DRAFT DAY TRADE FOR NOTABLE CORNERBACK? Posted by Brian Johnson on May 2, 2014 16:48
  7. Mike Vick ✔ @MikeVick Follow After trying on the #8 I decided that it's not the right fit for me. I'll be going with the #1 officially. Thank You #JetsNation
  8. Former New York Jets defensive lineman Joe Klecko, a member of the famed New York Sack Exchange, sacked two of the team's current pass rushers -- Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples -- in an interview Friday with a local radio station. Klecko, a guest on WFAN, suggested Wilkerson and Coples don't give maximum effort on every play. "A little bit of the time, he looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane,” Klecko said of Coples. "Sometimes he gets out there and does things that are unbelievable. Well, you need to go out there and stick your nose in there every time and make sure everybody knows you're there. I think he has a lot to learn." Coples, picked 16th overall in 2012, came into the league amid question about his practice habits and work ethic. The 6-6, 290-pound defensive end-turned-linebacker has registered only 10 sacks in two seasons. He managed just 4.5 sacks last season, but he missed the first two games (surgery to repair a fractured ankle) and made the switch to a new position, outside linebacker. “I don’t know him at all, but understanding attitude and body language, he sometimes comes out there, I think, and thinks, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m here,'" Klecko said. "He has to start proving that he is something to be reckoned with “You have to have defensive players on the team that do that kind of play – go for the jugular vein, all out, all the time. And then everyone starts to listen you. If you have just a group of lukewarm guys, you’re going to have lukewarm players that will need to have to be picked up by their leaders." Wilkerson, who recorded a career-high 10 sacks last season, is generally regarded as the best defensive player on the team. Klecko spoke glowingly of the former first-round pick's talent, but questioned his motor. "I think there's a few too many plays he gives up on a little bit," Klecko said. "You know, he's big enough to hunt bear with a switch, there's no doubt. He's an unbelievable talent, but he has to put it out there every single play. Now, sure, everybody is going to say, 'Yeah, he does.' No, he doesn't, I'm telling you right now. He needs to put it out there every single play. Now, (Sheldon) Richardson does that." Richardson was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. "I think Richardson plays with a chip on his shoulder every single play, which I like," Klecko said. "Kind of reminds me of me." Klecko, a member of the Jets' Ring of Honor, made four Pro Bowls in the 1980s. He's the only player in history to make a Pro Bowl at three different defensive-line positions.
  9. So that make's him the #1 QB? What a douche.
  10. We’ve heard some buzz that the New York Jets may be looking to make a trade on draft day, to fill a big area of need. Cornerback is not as deep, this year, as another position of need—wide receiver—so perhaps finding an immediate contributor is the better route for 2014 success. According to one source, the Jets may be looking to swing a deal with the Dallas Cowboys for CB Morris Claiborne. Claiborne (LSU) was drafted by the Cowboys in 2012, just two seasons ago, after they traded up to the sixth overall pick, from 14th, to grab their man. They gave away their first and second round selections in an exchange with the Rams, who originally held the pick. Claiborne joined the team with outsider expectations very high—expecting immediate impact. He finished his rookie year with 55 tackles and one interception, though he played inconsistently. In 2013, the cornerback dislocated his shoulder in the Cowboys’ season opener and his play was subsequently affected (26 tackles, 1 INT). He has since undergone shoulder surgery and has rehabbed well. Last season, Idzik pulled the trigger on a trade for running back Chris Ivory, who, in spite of injuries, looks like a good value move for the fourth round selection that was exchanged with the Saints.
  11. So the way NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock sees it, the first-round decision for the New York Jets comes down to best available wide receiver vs. best available cornerback with the 18th pick. Mayock assessed the Jets' options Thursday on a conference call with reporters. First, some background. His cornerback rankings are different than most. His top corner is Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech), followed by Darqueze Dennard (Michigan State), Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State) and Bradley Roby (Ohio State). Mayock made an interesting observation, noting Gilbert and Roby are favored by personnel types because of their movement skills while Fuller and Dennard are liked among coaches because they're considered better players than athletes. "From a cornerback perspective, the Jets could get a Kyle Fuller, a Bradley Roby perhaps ... everybody has different flavors at corner," Mayock said, assuming Dennard and Gilbert will be gone. "It's those four cornerbacks they'd be looking at versus the highest-rated receiver on the board at the same time." Mayock hasn't revealed his official mock draft, but in a preliminary mock (do we call that a mock mock?), he has the Jets selecting wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU). He believes six receivers will go in the first round, and he has them broken up into three tiers: Sammy Watkins (Clemson) and Mike Evans (Texas A&M), followed by Beckham and Brandin Cooks (Oregon State), followed by Marqise Lee (USC) and Kelvin Benjamin (Florida State).
  12. All I can say is Vernon Goldston!
  13. As long as he takes that medicine that makes you sick when you drink, every day!
  14. OneJetAtATime.com5m Hmm... RT @TruJetsFans: We are just waiting on his agent who isn't at #Jets HQ. He is a #Jet pending paper work. JetNation.com6m RT @emesola: No deal is done (yet) with CJ2K and the #Jets. That's what my source in CJ's camp says.
  15. The New York Jets top men will be in attendance today at LSU’s Pro Day— Rex Ryan and John Idzik. They will surely be paying attention to WR Odell Beckham, Jr who has been linked to the team as a possible draftee to the Jets at 18. In addition, WR Jarvis Landry remains an interesting prospect, and the Jets may even wish to take a closer look at QB Zach Mettenberger. The Pro Day will be streamed live, starting at 3:30pm ET : LSUSports.net
  16. What happens if Chris Johnson chooses another team? We know how John Idzik works. He sets a number for a player and doesn’t vary too far from it as well. So what if Chris doesn’t like it? What’s next for the Jets. Well there is a guy that would even be more affordable, and could be used similarly. That guy is Felix Jones. Take a look at his career stats: Rushing & Receiving Rushing Receiving Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Att Yds TD Lng Y/A Y/G A/G Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G YScm RRTD Fmb AV 2008 21 DAL 28 6 0 30 266 3 60 8.9 44.3 5.0 2 10 5.0 0 7 0.3 1.7 276 3 0 3 2009 22 DAL KR 28 14 1 116 685 3 56 5.9 48.9 8.3 19 119 6.3 0 30 1.4 8.5 804 3 3 5 2010 23 DAL rb 28 16 7 185 800 1 34 4.3 50.0 11.6 48 450 9.4 1 71 3.0 28.1 1250 2 2 9 2011 24 DAL rb 28 12 8 127 575 1 40 4.5 47.9 10.6 33 221 6.7 0 27 2.8 18.4 796 1 5 6 2012 25 DAL rb 28 16 7 111 402 3 22 3.6 25.1 6.9 26 266 10.2 2 39 1.6 16.6 668 5 2 5 2013 26 PIT 23 16 2 48 184 0 14 3.8 11.5 3.0 9 63 7.0 0 15 0.6 3.9 247 0 1 2 Career 80 25 617 2912 11 60 4.7 36.4 7.7 137 1129 8.2 3 71 1.7 14.1 4041 14 13 30 5 yrs DAL 64 23 569 2728 11 60 4.8 42.6 8.9 128 1066 8.3 3 71 2.0 16.7 3794 14 12 28 1 yr PIT 16 2 48 184 0 14 3.8 11.5 3.0 9 63 7.0 0 15 0.6 3.9 247 0 1 2 The Jets don’t need a guy that is going to carry the ball 25 times per game, unless Chris Ivory were to go down with an injury. They need a player to perform 12-15 touches, get the ball on the outside, and make something happen. That is right up the alley of Felix Jones. Jones has averaged 8.2 yards per reception out of the backfield. CJ2K has averaged 7.4 yards per catch. As explosive as Johnson has been, Felix Jones has been, statistically speaking, more explosive than Chris Johnson. Don’t forget that, as a rusher, Jones has averaged 4.7 yards per carry for his career as well. Johnson? 4.6 yards per carry. In terms of use, Felix Jones has actually carried the ball less than half of the times that Chris Johnson has. That tells us that Jones has a lot of mileage still remaining on his belt. As a part-time player, he would fit in well. If he has to go 25-30 times in a game I will be worried, but not 12-15 times. He won’t nearly be as expensive as Chris Johnson should be. Am I saying that the talent of the two are even close. Chris Johnson obviously is far more talented. But injuries can begin a new era for teams. Now with the team structured as it is, they need a change of pace running back. If Johnson isn't it, maybe it COULD be Felix Jones, right?
  17. Philadelphia, PA (CBS) — In the days following DeSean Jackson’s release by the Eagles, speculation ran rampant as to the reasons why. Everything was to blame from Jackson’s petulant, rambunctious sideline behavior, to his alleged gang ties, to Jackson’s character, to this being Chip Kelly’s fault. But what a number of sources close to and around the team, including current and former players, as well as additional sources within the Eagles revealed was that Jackson was not very well liked by his teammates, was blatantly insubordinate, with temper tantrums cussing out Kelly several times in front of the team, pushed the NFL rookie coach the way “a child would test boundaries,” and was more concerned with his rap label than he was about winning football games. Several other sources also suggested that Jeremy Maclin may have had an issue if Jackson returned to the Eagles in 2014. He wasn’t alone, if that’s true. “The fact is, [Jackson] was a ‘me-guy’ with an attitude problem and [Maclin] is the complete opposite, a team guy, a great character guy you go to war with,” said one source. “Funny how [Jackson] has this anti-bully thing and he thought he could push [Kelly] around; he found out otherwise. His being cut had nothing to do with the gang stuff. The team knew it. Everyone knew he had ‘ties.’ Those were his guys. That’s okay. What put him out was his selfishness. He can try and spin it all he wants how he’s ‘a team player.’ He’s not. I’ll put it this way, when it came out last Friday that [Jackson] was released, more than a few guys were happy it happened. They said ‘good riddance.’ He had no real connection with anyone. “Yes, you can say he was the type that could catch three TDs in a loss—everyone would be down, but you had the impression he was happy, because he got his. It was all about him. A lot of guys thought that way about him. [Kelly] came in here with a plan to get this thing right, and the one major [obstacle] standing in his way was [Jackson]. If we were going to move forward as a team, he had to go. Think about it—did anyone come right out and back him publicly? Not one.” Why didn’t Andy Reid or Marty Mornhinweg, the Jets’ offensive coordinator, want any part of Jackson before he signed a three-year, $24-million contract with the Redskins on Wednesday? They apparently knew the potential headache Jackson was. Kelly received some culpability in the opinion of some. But numerous sources confirmed that “Big Balls” Chip should have been canonized St. Chip after putting up with the instigating Jackson in 2013. “You see little kids and how they cry and whine when they don’t get their way, that was D-Jax,” another source said. “I don’t think [Jackson] gave [Kelly] the respect he deserved. Kelly tried to reach [Jackson] plenty of times and [Jackson] tuned him out. Then you look at team functions, when everyone is out together at charity things or social stuff. He was the one missing. It was like he was in ‘D-Jax world’ and we just happened to be there. “With Reid, [Jackson] tried pushing boundaries there, too, but he looked at Reid, I think, much differently than he looked at [Kelly]. Reid came in with an NFL pedigree. He was the guy that drafted [Jackson]. He was the one that called him on draft day and laid the law down right then: [Reid] wouldn’t tolerate any outside interference from anyone. Now you get this college guy [Kelly] and he’s not going to tell [Jackson] what to do. [Kelly] has a vision for this team—and he is a very old-school coach in a lot of ways. But there’s only so much [a coach] can take.” In 2012, under Reid, Eagles’ management did reward Jackson a new five-year deal worth $48 million. He did have some minor flare ups with the law. In 2009, Jackson was pulled over by police for having illegally tinted windows and it was discovered he had marijuana in the car. Still, Jackson stayed. “That was all [Reid’s] doing,” opined someone close to the situation that asked that his name not be used. “[Reid] thought he could control [Jackson]. He could, to a degree. Kelly put up with [Jackson] behind closed doors. A lot of guys didn’t like how he talked to [Kelly]. And a lot of guys just didn’t like him. They thought he was too into his rap label than he was about winning games. The guy performed, there’s no questioning that. But you had to keep a constant eye on him. Guys put in extra time. He didn’t. It’s like he never grew up.” Asked why the Eagles have been reluctant to go public with how difficult Jackson was to deal with, sources said Kelly likes to keep in-house dirt in-house. “That’s [Kelly’s] way,” said one source. “It pisses me off that [Kelly] comes off looking like the bad guy here. It wasn’t just [Kelly] that wanted him gone. [Kelly] got a lot of feedback from guys that felt we were better off without [Jackson], too. [Kelly] is very much a player’s coach. His office is open to anyone. Now [Jackson] is the Redskins’ problem. We have something good going here and it’s going to get better without [Jackson]. He had to go.”
  18. One of the NFL's top running backs is now on the free-agent market. The Titans released three-time Pro Bowler Chris Johnson Friday, effectively ending his career in Tennessee. He was due to earn $8 million in base salary this season, but the Titans saved $6 million in salary cap room by releasing him. Johnson, 28, is arguably the league's fastest back. He's rushed for more than 1,000 yards in each of his six seasons, including 2,006 yards in 2009. His speed and shiftiness would be a nice complement to the Jets' No. 1 back, Chris Ivory, known for his punishing style. The Titans had hoped to trade Johnson but instead were forced to release him and get nothing in return. According to an ESPN report, the Jets, Dolphins, Bills and Falcons all discussed the possibility of trading for Johnson. The Giants, Rams and Cowboys also have needs at running back. If the Giants are concerned about the availability of David Wilson (neck) they could view Johnson as a nice addition alongside recently signed Rashad Jennings. Meanwhile, there are questions in Dallas about the durability of DeMarco Murray, so owner Jerry Jones might go after him. The Jets certainly are interested. But how much money is general manager John Idzik willing to spend? The Jets have plenty of money ($26.9 million under the cap) and 12 draft picks. But the organization chose not to go after Darrelle Revis and DeSean Jackson -- two premier players at their position -- and lost out to the Giants on cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. If the Jets do acquire Johnson, he'd be expected to work in tandem with another running back -- something he's hasn't been too keen on. "I have never been a big fan of the two-back system, so I don't know how we plan on using him," Johnson told a local newspaper shortly after the Titans signed former Jet Shonn Greene to a three-year, $10-million deal last offseason. "You don't give a guy that kind of money to be just a goal-line guy and in tough-yardage situations. So we'll see what happens." In 2013, Johnson rushed for 1,077 yards and six touchdowns on 279 carries and caught 42 passes for 345 yards and four touchdowns.
  19. Reports: Several FA Veterans Visit Jets Posted 1 hour ago By Jets Staff The Jets had visits today from several free agent veterans, according to multiple reports. CB Dimitri Patterson (5'11", 196) is a well-traveled eight-year veteran who was recently released by Miami. He played in six games with four starts and four interceptions for the Dolphins last season, including the first two-INT game of his career in the 'Fins' season-opening win at Cleveland, according to ESPN New York and Pro Football Talk. The Daily News also reported that WR Jacoby Ford and OL Rich Ohrnberger also visited the team facility. Ford played his first four seasons with Oakland and had 57 catches for a 14.9-yard average and three touchdowns in his career plus four kickoff-return TDs, all in his first two seasons as a Raider. Ohrnberger (6'2", 291) played right guard for the Chargers last season, had four starts for Arizona in '12, and spent his first three pro seasons as a Patriots fourth-round draft choice (five games, no starts).
  20. Pro Football Talk reports that former Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, and Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Dimitri Patterson will visit the Jets today, and it looks like there’s a good chance he could be a key member of the team next year. Last year’s first-round pick Dee Milliner is locked in as a starter after improving down the stretch, but the Jets need a starter next to him. Patterson could be that guy, but I wouldn’t rule out the Jets signing him and still drafting somebody with a high pick this year. They have interest in Justin Gilbert and Bradley Roby, who would be excellent picks if they slip a bit so that the Jets could draft them in the first or second round, respectively. Patterson played in just six games last season after a nagging groin injury that eventually caused him to hit the injured reserve in mid-December, but the 30-year-old was very good when he was healthy. He had something of a surprise six-games for the Dolphins with four interceptions, six passes defended, and 19 tackles, and he would be a solid signing for the Jets due to his affordable price tag.
  21. The Houston Texans released starting safety Danieal Manning on Monday, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Last week, the Texans asked Manning to restructure his contract, a move that would reduce his salary and cap numbers and allow him to stay with the team. Manning's agent told KRIV-TV last week that the safety was willing to take a pay cut but not to the level at which the Texans were requesting. Manning, who turns 32 in August, was scheduled to make a base salary of $4.5 million this season, with a cap number of $6 million, in the final year of his contract. He initially signed with the Texans before the 2011 season, a four-year deal worth $5 million a year with a total guarantee of $9 million. Last season, Manning started six games before he suffered a severe knee injury after hyperextending it during the Texans 38-13 loss to the Rams on Oct. 13. He is expected to be ready for the 2014 season.
  22. NFL.com alluded to the notion this past week that Jeff Fisher and the Rams may be willing to move out of the number two spot on draft day. The Jets have enough picks to trade in order to move into that slot. Sammy Watkins anyone?
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