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  1. He was thinking if I can build a defense that can tackle.... Followed shortly by...I also need an offense that can score 40+ points a game! Personally, I think both defenses left the game halfway through the 3rd quarter.
  2. My Dad was a big Alabama and Raiders fan. Check out tape of Ken Sabler. He was behind Namath and followed him at Alabama.
  3. I have heard that also. Just was not sure if the total bonus was $2MM. From what I understand there is another part of it that has not been awarded yet.
  4. I doubt it. He is one year into his new contract. This year he will take down $4MM plus nearly all the incentives (short a National Championship, of course). So, I am guessing he will make somewhere in the $6MM-$7MM range. If this is even true it sounds like a ploy to get a raise more than anything else.
  5. Therre are a several guys on this forum I would rather read than Cimini. I, for one, will not miss him.
  6. I think his thought process has been clear - younger players with good attitudes. I also see him not wanting to overpay for short term rentals when it is obvious the Jets will not complete for another couple years.
  7. Yes, of course. How silly of me. I should definitely be throwing bricks at my own big screen in my own family room. I stand corrected
  8. No idea how many times I have yelled at the TV or thrown a Jet pillow at it since we stopped attending in person. I respect others right to choose as they will but for me it is all about the W's. In my opinion there is no guarantee in the draft - just ask the Cleveland or Detroit fans.
  9. I drink my Johnny Walker Blue with one ice cube. My Father and Grandfather would have a fit about it because of our Scottish ancestry. Try it both ways. If you like one better than the other do it. Side note - Johnny Walker is blended. There are those who think blended is wrong too. Finally, I know you got the bottle as a gift. A very nice gift by the way. However, if I am buying it I prefer the Aged 18 Year.
  10. Anyone who seriously thinks the Jets will move to London need to look at tax rates and the cost of travel. There is no way this happens in my lifetime unless the UK components become US States or some type of NAFTA agreement is in place.
  11. Indeed. It's like not seeing the number 32 show up on your roulette wheel all night so you start placing a chip there just in case.
  12. I like the Jets against the Eagles. Jets 27 - Eagles 21
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