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  1. So, I am the owner and this is what I am thinking: 1. Since I bought the team it has more than doubled in value, almost tripled. 2. I now own real estate in New Jersey but am still sharing a stadium. Therefore, my valuation will continue to go up while expenses are half what they should be. 3. I am probably going to continue to let my Brother take care of things until 2025 when my bosses boss is out of a job. 4. I will suggest to my Brother to bring in a real football guy and then he can find the right coach working with the current GM. I say this because the GM had one job - get us a freaking QB and he did that! Now with a substantial amount of cap and another draft to come we can get OL help (which is the next greatest need). If he can sign that RB to get pressure off my QB I would like that too. 5. Finally, I am not going to care what the fans say and think. Most of them do not buy tickets to the games or spend real money that affects my net worth. They think this is the NY Yankees or LA Dodgers and fail to realize the NFL does not work that way. They need to understand that ths is an investment to me and not my only one.
  2. GKnight83

    Mehta's Revenge

    That company used to be General Electric. Now, like the Jets, it looks more like the UAW.
  3. Could you possibly have made the font smaller? Some of us are inb our 60s.
  4. I would like to enter please
  5. Ok..for the record.if you thought this was going to go any better than it is, I question your football knowledge. The team wennt all in to make sure they got a QB= they did. The rest of the pieces will come over the next 2 or 3 years. If we are still talking about this after next year or the one after that, I will certainly be yelling right along side of you. My answer - they get at least 2 more years.
  6. Your use of the term "sample size" is not.
  7. Coming from a fully licensed actuary, this statement is invalid. PFF is using population data. Sample size is, therefore, irrelevant.
  8. Jet receivers? Why is there such a poor pool of NYJ sportswriters (not counting any on these pages)?
  9. I would have been fine with the commentary had you not led with the Browns having a legit top 5 D. You lost all credibility there.
  10. GKnight83

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    Personally, I do not think the young QB had anything to do with the loss. It was a close game, the Jets had a chance, and its not the first time we have seen a Jet QB throw an interception on the last drive to lose. If anyone expected anything else - they are just fooling themselves.
  11. I think it means...my perspective and my coaches opinions are the only thing that matter to me.
  12. The Bills team plane crashes into the Dolphins team plane over Boston and parts fall on Brady and end his career. Then, in typical Jet fashion, his replacement turns out to be even better than Brady!
  13. GKnight83

    Revis officially retires

    Oh, I thought he retired in 2012. 😎
  14. That rating is very funny. Then again... 1. Cimini is both an idiot and a drama queen. 2. The Bills are always over rated. Probably because at ESPN everyone kisses Polian's behind. 3. Fannybum is driving Miami out of business (well they will be in the basement next year not this coming season) My call....Pats (11), Dolphins (8), Jets (8) and Bills (4)

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