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  1. The Green Bay Packers are a publically owned non profit organization. Non profits are governed under strong financial regulations,
  2. Brooks is an idiot. He could not cut is as a player, in a front office or with ESPN as it looks.
  3. Tell that to Dan Marino and Scam Newton
  4. I am of the belief Woody will not be back until after Jan of 2025.
  5. By the <cough> logic, I am all for blaming Mo Lewis for this atrocity!
  6. I agree about the match. I am not concerned about being assaulted about my opinion. I was at all the home games and saw it first hand.
  7. You mean besides the fact he was not even the best player on his own DL?
  8. Welcome. The community is quite opinionated and sarcastic as you will soon observe. You will also get your daily fill of "eye-rolling".
  9. You do realize that Antonio Brown, Joe Staley and Nick Belloreplayed at CMU, right?
  10. If you are going to dream go all the way...getting to second base would be like going to two AFC Championships in a row and choking.

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