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  1. I sure hope you are right. I would hate to see the kid taking a pounding because of poor OL play over the next few games.
  2. Brady was better - he has the W. Nothing else matters. Geez.
  3. This is not so difficult to understand if you paid attention in history class. Many folks had their real names changed and were given names by other folks against their will. These unique spellings are a peoples way of reclaiming a part of their stolen past or culture. I, for one, applaud the efforts of giving their children an opportunity to be unique in this often ugly, cruel and unjust world.
  4. Sure, we do not need depth or anything.
  5. It is a abbreviated version of the Pittsburghese - Jaggoff.
  6. Heck no! She is a Patriots fan. I have no interest in watching football with her.
  7. The Company I run has a box for Lion's games. I was there. I do not think 1 interception is unreasonable. I know the Bills were leading when he left the game. I know the Bills average starting position was inside their own 20 when Allen was in - often inside the 10. What is your point?
  8. Buffalo has a good secondary. Even with the improvements on the DL I still think the ball can be run on them. Do not underestimate Josh Allen. I watched him all preseason - he has greatly improved.
  9. We do not know that, this is a country where only girls play soccer
  10. I know a bunch of my relatives will be wearing Jets jerseys at work in Buffalo the day after.
  11. Best Call: The Jets will beat the Raiders and then win SBIII Worse Call: I couldn't stand watching Freeman McNeil or Curtis Martin running the ball.

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