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  1. Both Curtis Martin and Freeman McNeil are better than Bell. Get real,
  2. The only thing worse than this game is having to listen to Bob W calling it. Why? Dan G would be better. At least he is a Jets fan!
  3. 1. A win. 2. Our team playing 4 quarters of football. 3. Our QB walking off the field on his own power Anything less is a disappointment in my book.
  4. The way I see it he will be in England until at least 2024
  5. It would be difficult, you know, since he died in 2005
  6. What, exactly, am I suppose to care about what a two digit IQ football player thinks about anything?
  7. I will go with 7-6. This is a very favorable stretch of games.
  8. Jets beating the Raiders for the AFL Championship (aka The Heidi Bowl)

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