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  1. I like the fact they are not leaving any rock unturned. This is not surprise to me. Now factor in the source and ...
  2. I am not buying this as a "make or break year" for Gase. The rebuilding effort comes with inherit risks. If he does stupid things, then I agree they will get more attention than last year. If the team bonds and some of the new faces do well, he will survive even with a 7-9 record.
  3. Hang in there. I will put in a good word for you upstairs.
  4. The Northwest of New Jersey is similar to the Southeast of Maine. There is no Homesteading in NJ though
  5. I guess you guys missed the line with each team possibly losing 40 to 80 million.
  6. I do not consider this a slam. The Jets have turned a corner. I am thinking 8 or 9 wins tops. That is improvement. In my mind we will know much more after seeing JD's second draft and next years off-season moves. JD will not be shooting fish in a barrel after next season.
  7. No, i probably should have been clearer. I think he will get injured again and be out before the season even starts. I think his ACL, high ankle sprain and groin injuries are related to some other issue. Not sure exactly what that is - just a hunch.
  8. Yes, we used a number of methods and I chose the most conservative. Thus, the better than 90 confidence. We even factored in more rushing attempts and no scheme changes to take advantage of his mobility.
  9. Well, most of us are engineering or physics majors. You forgot - risk assessment and governmental advisory in your list
  10. I think he is right. As we were preparing to reopen our offices, our top 10 Actuaries (all former NYers born and raised so no bias here >wink) found we would be highly confident (better than 90%) that Darnold throws for over 4,000 yards and has a better than 2:1 TD:interception ratio if he starts 14 or more games.
  11. 1. Kotite 2. Rex 3. Not getting rid of Parcells so Little Bill could take charge 4. Too many - I might need another 90 places
  12. No offense intended but the only way this guy sees 100 balls is if he's the one carrying the ball bags out to practice every day. At the very best he will catch 55 to 60 balls for 750 yards his rookie year.
  13. I am going with none of the above. I just an not comfortable with Fant's combination of ACL, high ankle sprains and groin pulls. I think it is an indication of some other interactive issue that has not been brought to light.
  14. For the record - I only give Fant a 40% chance of seeing Opening Day.

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