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  1. It is a common fact the corporations, when informed of minor thefts in the cafeteria or employees lockers, will, indeed, ask HR or Facilities staff to view security tapes to find the perp and track their movements. Cameras and servers are so cheap these days that factories/office buildings can have 100s of cameras inside and outside of their properties.
  2. My prediction is based upon rookie QBs being benched to clear their heads at some point in the season. I think you are right about the 3600 yards.
  3. Zach does not start 17 games. Zach does not throw for 4,000 yards.
  4. What a load of crap. Endless doom and gloom on what may or may not happen. Its a business for all sake and its not about the short term. Oh yeah, Sam's delay getting his contract signed had anything to do with his poor development, Unlike times in the past I have every confidence in JD and the new team. With Fields signing his contract on Friday I fully expect Wilson to be signing soon. Oh, and as a business owner, I do take into consideration what my customers think. However, I have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is right for the Company and my partners first
  5. I do not see Sanchez as being a bad draft pick. I do see his HC and OC and being the biggest phonies in the NFL though.
  6. I think the Jets will be amongst the top run defenses. They will be amongst the worst pass defenses, I fear.
  7. I am sorry OP...if you want to make a case for him making the team you should be analyzing his ability to play special teams imo. Otherwise, it sounds like he is only good on Tuesdays after a full moon where two wolves were caught howling by a stream in winter.
  8. You're just mad because you tied and we won
  9. I make my own BEC too! I cheat and use the little doh mans biscuits though. I add maple syrup to them before baking and make sure the bacon is burnt to a crisp.
  10. I do. It is my reward for drinking 80 oz of water every day, walking the miles my doctor asked me to walk, taking all the freaking supplements my Doctor wife asks me to take and generally being 60 and able to do what ever i want to do
  11. For me it is the people, the neighborhoods and the food. It is really funny...two of the large pizza franchises have their roots here in Michigan. Yet, the first thing we notice when we return home is home great the pizza is and the food, in general. One last item but it may be just my age showing - neighborhood bar and grills.
  12. I agree... ESPN hires McShay to replace their DA Kiper. Yet the new DA is even worse than the old DA. Now they have two absolute turds doing the same thing!
  13. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Much appreciated.
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