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  1. I am pretty sure the Rextard has a higher sucking.... toe percentage than Little Bill too.
  2. Yes, I think the Jets should award you with a internship working in the GMs office. Maybe it could even pay minimum wage?
  3. I agree. I also thought it was an analogy for the relationship between the two countries. You know the conservative parent and young child who has eclipsed their expectations.
  4. I was under the impression that positive comments were only allowed during the off season.
  5. The five NFL teams with the most reason to worry after Week 1 (msn.com) Since when is 19-14 a blowout?!
  6. Me too. I could hit from both sides....maybe that is a better analogy.
  7. Also, when will the Jets get rid of Bob W. I mean he is the polar opposite of Vin Skully Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. You do know Aaron Glenn was 5'9", right? Sorry if someone mentioned this above.
  9. You do realize that Buffalo is a few hundred yards from Canada, right?
  10. @ Carolina = W vs. Patriots = W @ Denver = W vs. Titans = L vs. Falcons = L (Bye week). @ New England = L vs. Bengals = W @ Indianapolis = W vs. Bills = L vs. Dolphins = W @ Houston = W vs. Eagles = L vs. Saints = L @ Miami = L vs. Jaguars = W vs. Buccaneers = L @ Buffalo = L 8 - 9
  11. The first of my engineering degrees was earned at Clarkson who are the original Golden Knights. Can you guess what year I graduated?
  12. I' sorry.. After last night the only thing I see this guy competing for is whether he is a first or second round cut.
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