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  1. Maybe the Jets should offer him $11MM next year to prove he can catch the ball
  2. Of course because it is all about how talented the RB is. It has nothing to do with how good the OL is, the scheme or game plan.
  3. Horse-hockey! Defenses will attune - just like they always do. We might end up with a hybrid MLB who is mobile and can tackle. I just hope it does not end up like to NBA. I hate all offense and no defense.
  4. Personally, I think the Mike Nolan hire is the better one here.
  5. If I had the rings Brady has, I would be the GOAT.
  6. Both Curtis Martin and Freeman McNeil are better than Bell. Get real,
  7. The only thing worse than this game is having to listen to Bob W calling it. Why? Dan G would be better. At least he is a Jets fan!
  8. 1. A win. 2. Our team playing 4 quarters of football. 3. Our QB walking off the field on his own power Anything less is a disappointment in my book.
  9. The way I see it he will be in England until at least 2024
  10. It would be difficult, you know, since he died in 2005
  11. What, exactly, am I suppose to care about what a two digit IQ football player thinks about anything?
  12. Jets beating the Raiders for the AFL Championship (aka The Heidi Bowl)

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