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  1. Thanks for sharing. This young man has been great for the Jets. I hope his attitude and efforts inspire the young additions made this year.
  2. I want some of what the OP is smoking.
  3. My wife is also a Patriots fan. Grrrr Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. In my opinion the difference between the two position battles is Carter had a decent rookie season and is respected for his efforts. We are not totally sure on where Mims stands but the public opinion is generally negative.
  5. Let us see what happens when the pads are on. Carter has one year of experience within the system. Hall was repeatedly referred to as a 3 down back but the scouts and coaches in the videos and clips I have seen. It will be interesting going forward. This battle will probably be better than Mims vs Wilson.
  6. I thought most of us grew up watching or going to both Jet and Giant games!?
  7. Steven A, a blow hard, possibly even dumber than Cimini. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Did Zombieov leave the pages for the last 2 years blank? I mean, he basically mailed in those last 2 years and the ST were terrible. This guy was nothing but a leech.
  9. All you gave to do to prove this is read this forum daily. [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. Grats! You are going to love it - regardless of the outcome.
  11. Why is it that almost all of those covering the Jets are complete idiots?
  12. Sorry...still going. Will be nice to be back and have a couple dinners in Brooklyn.
  13. Yes but I, personally, am not going to see the Bears
  14. Forgot the Detroit game - we live in the area.
  15. We are going to the following road games: Cleveland - my Brother and his family live there and are Browns fans Chicago - couple partners are Bears fans. Love the jazz clubs on Rush St. Buffalo - like to go to the Anchor bar for wings and will be visiting the Tesla, Fisher-Price and Moog while there. Just a note, all are involved in the space program. Also, before the Redstone Armory was upgraded in Huntsville, Bell Aerospace in Wheatfield, NY was where the Gemini and Apollo rocket engines where tested. Only mention this because a lot of you tend to think of Buffalo as a red-neck village. Oh, and Niagara Falls was the birthplace of Nabisco (well the Shredded Wheat part), Carborundum (moved there is 1895 after failing in PA) and the Olin corporations. Not bad for a city with under 100,000 residents. Kind of like Jasper, IN with a population of less than 10,000 but home to 3 multi-billion dollar conglomerates (two of the Kimball corporations and Jasper Transmissions btw).
  16. I like this kid. He would be great to talk football with. I like his enthusiasm. Been lucky. Son played Div I ball and got to have beers with he and Luck. Day before yesterday had a few beers with one of LDT's former teammates. Found out LDT is a licensed MD! I am so excited for him to be able to play in this D!
  17. McShay<Cimini If that is even possible I am convinced that ESPN only hires people with IQs less than 90
  18. Obviously you know nothing about Detroit winters. It might snow 3 times. One of them might be 6 inches. I lived briefly in Huntsville, Alabama when more than 12 inches fell. Been here in the Detroit area for 20 years now and it has never snowed that much. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. They are until they complete a season with a record better than another AFC East team!
  20. Been a Jet fan since the '66 season, after watching Alabama games on TV with my Dad the year before. I still think Abraham, Ellis, Becht and Pennington trumps this year. Hopefully history will prove me wrong
  21. 99 was also 6'5" and 266 lbs when he was taken in the 2nd round (Lyons was pick #1 that year). Not sure of his reach but also not sure whether 10 pounds is significant in this day and age.
  22. I do not see the priorities the same as you do but I think your player ratings are right on. 1. I do not think the OL is at expectation yet 2. I like a WR here but not Deebo - if we add one it should be an X1, not a trick pony. 3. Hard to argue against 1 or 2 edge picks. Though the DT would be an interesting pick too. 4. Always need a good LB 5. Would not mind a Riggins/Czonka type RB. I hate RBs that dance.* * One of my favorite Jet game moments - my partner and I were in one of the endzone first level seats and McNeil had a run. It was freezing and the only thing warm was the 1942 we snuck into the game with us. After what looked to be a short gain, a collective grunt from those in our area, I starting dispensing a round of shots to those in our area, the announcer said...."Freeman McNeil, 24 yard gain." My partner then said the only way we would get better seats is when they build a new stadium. He was right.
  23. He could have also meant the Hank Jr. version too - but I am ok with that as well.
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