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    Left USA in 1985, can't stop rooting for the Jets
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    Bouncy castles, inflatables business

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    Watching john Riggins turning upfield and yeliing with my father, "RIGGINS!"
    Rooting for Bruce Harper, Wesley Walker, Richard Caster, Jerome Barkum
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  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    It was the first day of the season, I think against the Brownsj, the Jets lost on Monday Night football, Riggins had missed camp cause he held out for more money, came with a Mohekian to camp, played the game but fumbled I think, the Jets lost and I cried that night.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    was 9 years old, and do remember it.

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  1. roscoeword

    Panthers-Steelers TNF FOOTBALL

    Maybe it's big Ben making all those receivers look so good
  2. roscoeword

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    there is zero motivation to watch a Jet game now. Up until now, was looking forward to seeing Darnold develop, waiting for him to bust out.... hoping maybe this will be the week.... Now what do we have to look forward to?
  3. roscoeword

    Ryan Tannehill ruled out; quick thoughts.

    As long as matt moore isnt starting, we have a good chance
  4. I am also most concerned about Trubisky's running.
  5. roscoeword

    Cannon or McGuire?

    No disrespect intended, remember rooting for him like crazy.
  6. roscoeword

    Cannon or McGuire?

    .. I remember one year we had absolutely no rbs, and picked up kevin barlow. That was a fun year.
  7. I always noticed how if there was an interception he was always the guy who made the tackle. A few times he chased down guys to save a touchdown. Very solid and well rounded, always giving 100%. Its fun to have guys on your team who you like, and who stay around awhile, instead of rooting for laundry.
  8. But why would he want to year down the team? Oakland was an up and coming team, not one that has to be broken up.
  9. roscoeword

    Anderson and Crowell

    Have a great idea to get the best out of Anderson. Just throw him bombs, but no crossing patterns where he can get hit hard and cough up the ball. This can change if he bulks up, but for now, he's going to fumble with that small frame. Wesley Walker was also super fast and a bit fragile, kind of like a gazelle, and I remember him being thrown mostly bombs or sidelines patterns
  10. roscoeword

    colts ruined luck

    Its not that the Colts didn't try to provide Luck with good players, they simply missed on several key draft choices, and missing is something our GM is more than capable of doing..
  11. roscoeword

    Back Page NY Daily News

    A Giants Leftist rag of a tabloid
  12. It's true, Mayfield throws more lazers out there, Sam more touch. But that doesn't mean Sam can't throw bullets when he has to.
  13. Mehta is on a mission to proven that our coaches are good to get himself off the hook for his disgracefil Marrone episode. All his articles are geared the same way.
  14. roscoeword

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    His posts are so good that it practically doesn't matter if you agree with him or not. He's that good a writer.

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