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    Left USA in 1985, can't stop rooting for the Jets
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    Bouncy castles, inflatables business

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    Watching john Riggins turning upfield and yeliing with my father, "RIGGINS!"
    Rooting for Bruce Harper, Wesley Walker, Richard Caster, Jerome Barkum
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    It was the first day of the season, I think against the Brownsj, the Jets lost on Monday Night football, Riggins had missed camp cause he held out for more money, came with a Mohekian to camp, played the game but fumbled I think, the Jets lost and I cried that night.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    was 9 years old, and do remember it.

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  1. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    You're denying that Chad had a great year that season? He was very cerebral, and that's why he was able to run the gimmick offense... I think he was comeback player of the year... hate knows no bounds.
  2. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    The year chad led dolphins to playoffs when farve didn't lead us to the playoffs, is Chad's vindication against his detractors
  3. Our kickoff return success back then was also party do to westhead. Brad smith, leon and before them, justin Miller was returning kickoffs for td's for us. Even mcknight was pretty good back there, returning a few in those days
  4. roscoeword

    Classic Clips

    Does anybody understand what Joe is saying here? Im intrigued by this conversation... I just understand the end when he says, "they're not looking at me", whats he talking about?
  5. roscoeword

    Can we talk receivers?

    I had forgotten all about Richie Anderson, until somebody posted that Monday Night miracle game, and he sure made a lot of plays
  6. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    That's a direct quote from "The Thing You Do?", one of my favorite movies. did you do that on purpose?
  7. most hard core NFL fans are patriotic Americans, and don't want to see the players kneel during the American National anthem, yet stand for the British anthem as the Ravens did. so it's not about the food, but there is something else leaving a bad taste in their mouth...
  8. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    I remember that incident between chad and the media. I was glad he dished it out to the wise-guy new York tabloid writers, a motley crew that plenty of people on this board don't much care for either. It was more than the comment you brought up, he said other stuff to hit them where it hurt, and they so attacked him afterwards as only the media can do, and he had to apologize....
  9. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Chad is really smart, gives such good advice in this article. I felt good about our chances when he was the qb. Jet fans should stop bashing him because he got hurt; it's not his fault. The guy was a warrior for us, a little appreciation.
  10. roscoeword

    Jamal Adams ESPN Interview

    after watching that video, I realize how I prefer rooting for guys who are humble and don't make a big deal and dance every time they make some play. Hope our new Defensive lineman we got will be like that.
  11. As Namath's knees got worse, all he could do was move backwards from the snap (and he dropped back quickly and far back...), but couldn't move sideways or forwards.. all he had left was the flick of the wrist and beautiful spirals, it was a thing of beauty to behold.
  12. roscoeword

    Breaking Down the Jets Tight Ends

    Hope legget isn't the devon smith of our draft
  13. roscoeword

    Great Darnold Story

    I remember when we drafted revis, saw similar articles how simple and humble he was, even odel beckam coming out of college was humble, and look what happened to them. Of course, no comparing, it certainly seems that darnold is more in the eli manning mold, and will stay humble and normal.
  14. Kind of liked how he was honest in his answer. Spoke like a totally regular guy, not some famous football q.b., especially when talking about last years 4th round qb pick "do they think they made a mistake drafting him?" was talking like a real fan giving commentary on his team; pretty rare to heae stuff like that.
  15. it seems like every draft we take a mid round cb, that we get semi-psyched for, and they never pan out. I think Burress was in a similar position, and he's pretty burnable. But we're definitely better on mid round cb selections, than early round selections (Kyle Wilson, Miliner), so this is good.