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    Left USA in 1985, can't stop rooting for the Jets
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    Bouncy castles, inflatables business

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    Watching john Riggins turning upfield and yeliing with my father, "RIGGINS!"
    Rooting for Bruce Harper, Wesley Walker, Richard Caster, Jerome Barkum
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    It was the first day of the season, I think against the Brownsj, the Jets lost on Monday Night football, Riggins had missed camp cause he held out for more money, came with a Mohekian to camp, played the game but fumbled I think, the Jets lost and I cried that night.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    was 9 years old, and do remember it.

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  1. Maybe rooting for bad teams builds character, so we may be doing them a favor. What's more important - that we have good kids, or we have kids who root for winning teams?
  2. Tom Shane is one of the few writers who can make me LOL from something I read. Jackie Mason makes me LOL from spoken words. (it's all in the delivery, and that's hard to do that from written words)
  3. just saying, that the Brady "snub" shows his confidence and his priorities.
  4. he's not kissing Brady's rings. Remember he refused to wish him a happy birthday, to keep that competitive edge?
  5. y yes, and I remember the knock on Pryor was that he took the wrong angles. Now I see what that means, with Maye taking the right angles..
  6. Rosen is a passer, he just isn't mobile enough, especially when on a team with a terrible OL
  7. I'm totally for it. Two of my favorite Jets ever are Snell and Riggins. Let's bring it!
  8. yeah, cause he isn't quick or fast enough to escape pass rushes, and small guys like him have to be super quick or fast to make it.
  9. This is great advice and the proper mindset when going out to war. But I'm just a poor shmuck who wants a little run, wants something to look forward to. I don't want to be "dead" before I start.
  10. Should we be rooting for the Jets to lose, to get a high draft pick? Already in early October? I don't know what I'm rooting for. I understand the Mets not playing meaningful games in September, but the Jets??
  11. Even before it came out he had mono, he seemed lethargic to me in that game, kind of low energy. He didn't even try to run once or scramble. He usually does that once in a while.
  12. You mean Brad Smith? yeah, those were fun. I have fond memories of the wild cat because of the those Brad Smith gadget plays.
  13. good breakdown of him. But he's exciting as hell while he's making those mistakes.
  14. It seems like we haven't talked about him for a while, compared to Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen... but what Ive seen from him on those youtube highlights (about 11 minutes of the game shown), and I know it's misleading that I don't see the whole game, but he is incredibly dynamic. He has a cannon arm (I know, not accurate, but it is on youtube highlights), and his ability to make yards with his feet is incredible. The guy is exciting as hell to watch. Buffalo is 3-0, I would think he has something to do with it. Is he the best of the bunch, after all? He is definitely the guy you want when your OL stinks, because he super mobile.

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