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  1. Jets Sign Pryor

    Our receivers have the names of my all time favorite boxers - Tommy Hearns and Aaron Pryor.
  2. He isn't Johnny Manziel

    looking at the highlights, we should draft that w.r. number 5 guy (Brown) too...
  3. None of these rook QBs will...

    wonder if this is the same guy who posted a few days ago named I Love Teddy. I hope it's somebody new, and there are at least two people who think Teddy is great.
  4. Josh Allen

    After some thought and looking at the tape, don't know if Rosen is the choice, because he isn't that mobile and we have an atrocious offensive line. Maybe we should go for one of the more mobile qbs...
  5. I have a new scenario at #3

    the statement is typical liberal nonsense that likes to portray republicans as KKK types. You are assuming that republicans are pulled by racial and religious motives - ah, but Woody is different.....he hires minorities, not like those typical republicans that discriminate against minorities....... give me a break. Maybe people vote republican because they think it's good for the economy. and other really good reasons?
  6. I have a new scenario at #3

    I don't see why a running back, if he's truly special, can't transform an offense almost as much as a good qb. Earl Campbell certainly was that for Houston, for instance. After all, a running back gets the ball as much as needed, he's an automatic wespon on your offense, cause the ball is in his hands almost as much as the qb, so to speak. So if Barkley is the next Tomlinson or gale sayers or Barry sanders, why pass on him for a qb who may or may not work out? I say this if Rosen is off the board when we choose, cause only he is the closest thing to a sure thing. When is the last time we had a super star running back to thrill us on a down to down basis?
  7. Would have been much better to tank better and keep our picks. Why did I root for us to win last year?! Darn it!
  8. Why is it that when people from out of town post something, their posts are more interesting, more witty, more articulate, original and classier then 80% of the posts on this board? And it's probably why these guests are so rudely attacked by the host hacks.
  9. Who DAT! Drew Brees

    I would have taken him coming out of San Diego, that was decades ago. The ship sailed on that one.
  10. Anticipation is usually better than the real thing
  11. Mark Gastineau was crying on radio station.

    Unreal. Like the movie "The harder they fall", but I thought all that corruption was over with in the 90's. guess not.
  12. Your Favorite QB Prospect

    Great analysis. You should definitely do this for a living (evaluating prospects), you're as good as anyone out there.
  13. Watch out for the Bills

    don't understand why trade with Browns and Bills hurt are chances of grabbing a good qb. Now that Cleveland has Taylor, then they don't need to draft a qb, so even if Buffalo now tries to trade up for one of the top qb's, isn't it a wash? Instead of Cleveland grabbing our qb, buffalo will try to do it, so why have we lost out here on this trade?
  14. Tony Pauline Reported tonight...

    I forgot how it went. We drafted coles, he was really good, he went to redskins, after that we drafted moss, he was pretty good, and traded moss to get coles back? Didnt they play together for us for one year?
  15. He was a great story for us, would like to keep him. Let's keep some continuity, for goodness sakes. I lloved his feel good story of how he turned his life around, and I don't want to have to read about new players and read about their feel good stories, I already like ASJ's story, and can't keep changing and exchanging feelings about players, like a yo yo. So let him stay awhile.