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  1. Saquon Barkley Will Be The Pick

    if Barkely is the second coming of Barry Sanders, don't see why that would be a bad idea.
  2. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Darnold scares me. De ja vu sanchez, leaving college very young, turn over machine, plays for usc...
  3. Anyone else like all 4?

    Yes, the key is talking yourself into it. This means after we pick our guy, we look only at the highlights (the good ones), and read only the positive reviews. This is definitely possible, even with Allen. With Allen, you can actually set your imagination to even higher plateaus, if you selectively choose the appropriate highlights and reviews and puff pieces. So I cant wait for us to pick our guy, so Ii can watch tons of highlights, let my anticipation run wild, and then.... the season starts....which is usually one heck of a reality check.
  4. Last year, no nationally televised game, not even 4:00 games. Somebody thinks we will be an exciting team next season
  5. Giants release Marshall

    Or when Pryor called the newly drafted safety, and then we drafted another safely, and then he was cut...
  6. John Riggins epitomizes my frustration and both love for the Jets. There was no more thrilling sight as a Jets fan, watching him turn upfield on a flair pattern, incredible speed and power in his early days. And the frustration when they let him walk.
  7. Winning percentage for a quarter back is as significant as the winning percentage of a baseball pitcher, it's a pretty dumb statistic to go by in such a team game. (Nobody won more than Tebow, yet everyone says he stinks. I would have liked to give him a better shot...)
  8. The key to a good receiving corps is enunwa, because he was shaping into something really special. He has the highest ceiling of all of them. If he doesn't have it anymore, our receiveing corps are nothing to get too excited about.
  9. Just for Conversation

    Green was a more punishing straight ahead runner. But the biggest difference is that we had a great offensive line back then, especially for the run.
  10. Joel Klatt on Josh Rosen

    I'm worried about the mobility factor. I like qb's who can make yards with their feet sometimes, I think it's a necessity in the NFL (even Brady did it when he was young) and Rosen doesn't move at all. I don't want a Kenny O'Brien statue. I'm not talking Michael Vick, but at least mobile enough to get out of a jam, and make gravy yardage. We're gonna need it with our OL.
  11. Joel Klatt on Josh Rosen

    Last week or two, we saw an interview with him one on one, and everyone here loved him and his attitude, he answered perfectly all the criticism against him, and we were dying to draft him. Now, because these ex athlete talking heads are over analyzing and splitting hairs over some other interview we never heard, suddenly he's no good.
  12. An actually good read from Manish

    that's how I wrote papers in college.
  13. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    He makes sense when he says that the great qbs aren't flashy, but more out of his ilk. Interesting.
  14. The Jets sign Kevin Minter, ILB

    The fact that our management has been terrible at drafting college players is no reason to fire them. On the contrary, if it's true that the draft is a crap shoot , they are due to pick a winner.
  15. Josh Allen Film Review

    One thing for sure, if we draft him, I will only watch his positive highlights, and read the positive evaluations about him in order to maintain a good mood until the preseason.
  16. So when do Petty and Hack get the axe?

    May be hack is our Josh Allen after all, and so we give him another shot. High ceiling and all.
  17. But Mike Goodson looked good for the few seconds he played for us, before he got hurt. that guy was fast.
  18. Jet rider VS patriot killer - awesome debate, loving every word. Like 2 heavyweights going toe to toe.
  19. Anderson Charges Dropped

    Its great new for me, because I was getting to the point where I felt we were cursed. We finally draft a really good player finally like Wilkerson, and he turns out to be a dud. We find lightning in a bottle in Anderson on the cheap, and he flames out on stupidity. Now at least we can breathe again, we have the makes of a fairly formidable receiver corps without looking for free agents. Anderson is key for us, we really need this knucklehead.
  20. Anderson Charges Dropped

    Maybe the whole story was exaggerated in the first place, as happens often on the internet, and we jumped to false conclusions. let's give him the benefit of the doubt.
  21. How do you pass on Josh Allen?

    If hackenberg had one one of these workouts, he'd also look great, so don't know why how one can truly evaluate a qb by attending these throwing sessions.
  22. Busy month cause we are drafting high, we are speculating between 4 qb's, the anticipation and expectation and curiosity is off the board. I find myself checking the board constantly for more info on one of the 4 qb's...
  23. wrong thread. should be (buried) in "free agent news".
  24. Jets Sign Pryor

    And like the above video reminds us, ex Brown McCown.
  25. Jets Sign Pryor

    Our receivers have the names of my all time favorite boxers - Tommy Hearns and Aaron Pryor.