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  1. so we are going to built on a solid running game? I didn't see any of our rb's stand out during this preseason, including the guy we drafted. I'd feel better about this strategy if we had a stud rb.
  2. his lack of mobility doomed him. These days, a qb has to be able to make yardage with his feet.
  3. Hot August nights and Lil' John Flowers (44) - Jets preseason has arrived.
  4. Hot August nights and Lil' John Flowers (44) - Jets preseason has arrived.
  5. How do we know he isn't Adarius Stewart? I bet he was getting the same write ups when he got drafted... a very fast little receiver, blah, blah, blah
  6. Fields dropping last amongst top qb's could be a de ja vu to what happened to Lamar Jackson, who ended up being better than most of the others (Rosen, Allen, Darnold, Mayfield) . Fields is also super athletic, like Jackson, and if you're going to talk about throwing mechanics, Jackson's look awful to me. So, Fields might be a better prospect than all of them.
  7. I lost faith when during a game this season, when he had room to run downfield to make a third down, and threw some stupid incomplete pass instead. After seeing guys like Josh Allen and Fitz and even one-legged Teddy Bridgewater showing more athleticism and scrambling ability and moxie and guts than Sam, I lost faith, It's like he still has mono - something very lethargic about him.
  8. I don't want him, because Darnold outplayed him last year, so that scares me.
  9. The question posed by the thread is not whether Mahomes would suck with us or not. The relevant question for us is: Do we go for a qb like Watson, knowing that the cupboards are bear around him, or do we built a good team first. Mahomes is better than Darnold obviously, but the point is, he wouldn't be that great without a solid enough team behind him. A great qb isn't enough.
  10. wouldn't it be de ja vu if somehow, Lawrence drops to us, just like Darnold unexpectedly did, and we are psyched as hell, and then it turns out he wasn't that great after all?
  11. Looking at the NFL these days, you have to go with the most athletic qb's, the dual threats. That's why Lamar and Allen are good (besides other factors, like weapons), that's why Rosen didn't make it. He's not an athletic guy. That's why Baker and Sam are so so. Sam seems suprisingly unathletic to me. (at first, I thought it was because of the mono). If you can't make gravy first downs running when things break down; if you have a lousy roster and can't make something out of nothing with your legs once in a while, it's going to be three and out, like it is with Sam. Plenty of times he could h
  12. I am willing to get banned - Burgess Owens is my favorite Jet on the field and OFF the field.
  13. remember when Brady was hurt and the backup qb's were playing just as good, N.E. was winning anyway, and everyone thought that it was Bellichick who was the genius? They're both good.
  14. if he wasn't happy with the Texans, why should he want to come to the Jets. Because we're big winners?
  15. to be decent with a bad supporting cast, you have to be an animal athlete like Josh Allen, who can make something out of nothing, or a Lamar Jackson type athlete. That way, when things break down (cause your team stinks), you can make gravy first downs and extend plays since you have no protection or receivers open. What's most surprising and concerning about Darnold, is that he doesn't move like an elite athlete. He's kind of molasses. That's why when nobody was open, he never made something out of nothing, and it was three and out all the time. Look at Allen's first year - he didn't know wh
  16. Cousins is a pretty good qb. Yeah, he has weapons, but if Minnesota had a good defense, they would be in the playoffs, and you would not be ranking on Cousins so much. Cousins is very solid and Watson is more dynamic and exciting, and the comparison is actually good - because it's the same decision (regarding Cousins and Watson) - to go for a really good qb, but spend a lot of resources on him, or not to take one, and keep our money and draft picks. We thought we were so smart not taking Cousins and getting DArnold instead....didn't work out so great after all. Cousins would not have made us
  17. Riggins was as big a star. But we traded him because we already had Namath.... and Riggins never would have been featured. One of the most underrated Jets tragedies. Robbed us of many thrills, anyone old like me recalling a young Riggins knows what I mean.
  18. I know Deshaun is young and in his prime, but I've seen him take some huge hits. He's fearless and holds the ball a lot, and even though he's young, he has tread on his tires from the massive hits he's taken.
  19. It's his body, too, not just his brain. I thought he would be athletic. He is incredibly lethargic, I thought it was the mono at the beginning, but he is just a clutzy type. I watch Bridgwater with his reconsturcuted knee, flying around and old Fitzy giving up his body, and Sam is incredibly slow moving for a guy that should be a physical specimen. He had this one good run for TD many weeks ago, even put on a juke move... but most of the time, he is molasses in his movements.
  20. What shocked me about Sam's bad play, is his lack of athleticism. He's this big strapping young guy - who would think that he moves so lethargically. 35 years old qb's look more swift than he does. I see Teddy Bridgewater with a reconstructed knee jumping over guys and being reckless, I see old Fitz being manly in his own way, or Andy Dalton types who are old,,, and Darnold looks slower and less athletic than they do. This is the part that shocks me the most. It's like he never got over the mono. (The thing is, there was this one nice TD run he had this year, where he looked fast and
  21. At least Trubisky makes plays lots of plays with his feet to compensate for his flaws. Darnold rarely does.
  22. Problem with Sam is that he isn't gutsy. He can run (he did it a couple of weeks ago for a TD and showed nice moves and speed), but he never does. And you have to run sometimes if your offense stinks - you have to make plays with your legs to compensate, make something out of nothing once in a while. He never does. When I see Teddy Bridgewater diving around with his reconstructed knee; Fitzpatrick, the gutsiest and gamest qb I ever saw (I know everybody here hates him, but you have to admit he has balls); I even remember Sanchez running around being a little athletic at the beginning.....
  23. Because I fear NFL will be badly politicized, and Kapernick is becoming a hero, it will make me nauseous watching the players kneel. So I will walk away from sports, because I see where things are going. And since this forum is my way of whetting my appetite for the upcoming season, I won't be following it anymore. I love the forum lots and lots. But I hate black live matters, they are jew hating, American hating communists. So I had to choose.
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