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  1. After the Wilkerson fiasco, we're hesitant to sign defensive linemen to a second contract
  2. My concern with Zach is that he's in preseason mode, while everyone else is battle ready. He'll be getting his reps in real time, and that doesn't seem like a recipe for success in his first game back. It will take him a game or two to get in synch.
  3. The problem will be that Wilson isn't ready football wise. He's still in preseason mode, while everyone else is battle tested. It's going to take time to get up to par mentally and physically. He looks so fragile sometimes, it looks like he can get hurt at any moment.. Its like throwing him out to the lions (not Detroit lions..) I realize he has to get out there at some time, and it will be nice to finally see a mobile qb, but he's going to be a deer in the headlights
  4. Allen wasn't "poorly performing" for very long. Only in his first year, and he was still entertaining as hell.
  5. roscoeword


    I find myself rooting against Geno, not because I don't like him, but I'm jealous when he plays well for another team.. I know about his bonehead plays, but for me, he always passed the eye test.
  6. I remember so well those threads about Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen and Allen. (Lamar wasn't considered in this top tier).. And most on the board said that Allen was too raw with huge accuracy problems, and accuracy problems cannot be fixed. I remember those threads like yesterday. Dont remember Allen supporters at all.
  7. Even in Allen's first year when he wasn't good yet, he was incredibly exciting scrambling and running the football. Why can't we ever get players like that? Its like the snakebit Knicks - why cant they ever draft a Dwane Wade or Curry?
  8. Obie was a robot. He wasn't that good. He had Toon and Walker to boot. Never in his career rushed for a T D... That stat alone tells you he wasn't wired right.
  9. Those Cleveland teams he played for were absolutely loaded with weapons, the best r.b. and top tier receivers, and he still wasnt really successful. Now we'll see if he's any good.
  10. There was this perception that the NFL was so much better than the AFL. They didn't play each other during the regular season, so it was kind of like the perception of the ABA by the NBA... The AFL was more fun and innovative, (like the ABA), but werent taken seriously. You'd think after the Jets beat the Colts, the perception would change. But it didn't. I was watching these AFL teams and I see they're pretty good, just like watching Dr J and George Gervin in the ABA, and saying, hey, these guys are good... But I guess since the leagues didn't play each other, they couldnt gage how good these leagues were
  11. When Len Dawson and the Chiefs beat Minnesota in the Superbowl, it was basically what Namath did to the Colts the year before. The AFL Chiefs were huge underdogs to the big bad purple people eater NFL Vikings, and KC killed the Vikings with Dawson, Pitts, Otis Taylor. They were doing end arounds to Frank Pitts, and the fat establishment Vikings didn't know what hit them. KC had great backs too, Mike Garrett and Robert Holmes, yet they were like 17 point underdogs to Joe Kapp!? led Vikings. It's incredible how underrated the AFL was.
  12. It just seems that something always happens to our qb's so early... Geno gets knocked out in preaseason (in the lockeroom), Sam gets mono after the first game, Sanchez gets injured in Snoopy bowl, now Zach... the fact that these qb's stink is not the issue. I'm just wondering if this stuff only happens to us.
  13. Garapalo never impressed me. Dinks and dunks to a loaded team, Mike White or Flacco can do that too.
  14. In fairness to Rosen, he was on some teams with terrible pass protection and few weapons. Now with Cleveland, this team is loaded. Maybe he'll look better.
  15. What is the definition of a "bitch" in this context? That he isn't manly enough? That he chokes under pressure? I'm thinking it might mean different things to different people.
  16. I thought Mayfield was going to be a really good qb, but watching him in Cleveland with weapons galore, including a top running game with Chubbs and company, I think he was a big disappointment
  17. Riggins was better than all of them. Idiot Jets traded him in his prime. It still hurts.
  18. Miracle against Miami on Monday night football
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