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  1. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    These days, it's hard to root for anybody. Even when rooting for Robbie, his behavior on the field alone was making me sick, llike his posing in front of camera after a good play to plug himself for the probowl, and stuff like that. No matter how hard I try, it's harder and harder to root for these guys.
  2. Mike Westhoff

    Whether it was Justin Miller, Leon Washington, or Brad Smith - we were scoring touchdowns on kickoffs
  3. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    A reasonable person could have put Mehta in his place much more effectively. Should have focused on Mehta's attack on Marrone and the implications, and why he was so quick to attack Marrone right after he left Bill, whatever. it didn't even look like fair journalism when I read it back then, kind of how CNN tries to make Trump look bad. But instead, the interviewer was yelling, losing his cool, which is never good in any kind of debate, you never look like the winner.... Could have nailed Manish and make him squirm with calm reasoned facts instead of all this loud mouth stuff... what a pity and missed opportunity to trap that rat.
  4. not being totally up to date on team's rosters, when I saw the highlights of the game, I thought that the Marcus Williams of N.O. who whiffed the tackle, was OUR Marcus Williams, and I was really embarrassed for us and the Jets. Relieved that it was a totally different Marcus Williams, and Jets have nothing to do with it....
  5. QBs You'd Be Happy About With #6 Pick?

    why we always drafting 6?
  6. Eli so close to winning game today

    Even more than the stats, all you have to do is watch both qb's play, and you can see Ben is much better. He extends plays so much better, he is big and hard to take down, and no less accurate a thrower and no less of a leader than Eli.
  7. No Mo sun

    What happened to him is exactly what happened to Haynesworth, are defensive linemen more prone to dogging it after securing a big contract?
  8. Bryce Petty really stinks

    Eli Manning also had huge accuracy issues his first year. Give Petty a chance, at least he's athletic and has arm strength. I'm looking forward to his next game.
  9. I can't watch this team

    and to top it off, Bowles never would have played the young qb's if the old fella didn't get hurt, which would have made the games even more meaningless and unwatchable. At least we have something to look forward to now in Petty, at least for the first few minutes....
  10. Marrone

    it's still shocks me that a shmo like Mehta can actually inflluence a GM to hire or fire someone. I do remember Mehta's viicious attack on Marone the moment it became clear Marrone might be heading to the Jets. I remember it being mentioned here on the forum that the writers don't like a guy like Marrone, because he doesn't give good soundbytes like Rex does, etc. In any case, didn't think sportswriters had so much sway with the people upstairs making the decisions - I guess they do in the world of the Jets.
  11. Never thought we'd be able to to say Anderson is durable, but it may be so... He's so skinny it's hard to hit him somewhere.
  12. What if Geno does well ?

    Want Geno to succeed, for many reasons, one of them, it will smash the narrative about poor Eli being disgraced, blah blah like Francescas dumb rant. As if he yells enough, it makes it true. What's the big deal about making a qb change? Oh, because Geno stinks, than it's an affront to Elli, but if Geno was good, than it's OK? In any case, Geno has some tools, maybe it will come together for him. Stranger things have happened. I wish our team made a qb change, that's for sure. What do WE have to look forward to? Less than the Giants. If Petty or even Hack were under center, at least I'd have a minimal interest in the game. Now, I'm more interested in what Geno does.
  13. Epic Rant by Francesa!

    Big deal, the coach made a qb change. Wooptido. Nothing unusual for a team without playoff hopes to change qb's, for a change, a spark, just to get a look at other guys to evaluate. Didn't know Eli Manning was holy and sacred. I wish mcadoo was our coach and changed qb's for us. Just an example how sports is so over scrutinized, people are so bored, talking heads looking for something to yap about...
  14. Snacks just lost a lot of cred

    don't understand why people are upset that they pulled Manning. Season is over, why not try new guys? I'm shocked that everyone is shocked. What, Manning is holy and you can't replace him? Please explain to me.
  15. Cotchery Tribute...

    after watching these egotistical receivers with their pathetic embarrasing antics after each TD (Anderson included, who I want to root for, but it's getting harder), I miss Cotch's humble demeanor.
  16. We surpassed 3.5 million posts

    this place is a life raft in the raging sea
  17. ### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###

    if Petty was making this run, it would be perfect
  18. ### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###

    we just have to find our WarrenWells
  19. Cotchery Tribute...

    Uncanny how he could keep his feet inbound on those sideline throws. That first mangini year, he and coles were lights out
  20. ### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###

    who are we rooting for?
  21. The guy who wrote this piece is a prophet, but even better, has the wisdom to see what is obvious. Why can't we get him to scout for us?
  22. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    its crazy to rule out Petty so fast as our potential qb. Most qb's take time to show they're good. Prescott and Watson are the exception to the rule, most take years to develop. What McCown did this year, Petty could have probably duplicated. Why didn't they put in Petty to give a spark? We are so Boring.
  23. This is the first time this season I'm nonplussed for the game - no chance at the playoffs, even in a dream, and no real prospects to check out. BORING! Oh yeah, I can hope that they lose so they can get a better draft pick. Like I have time to wait another year...