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  1. Great to see lem Barry and jimmy johnson mentioned. Had a huge poster in my room of lem barney calling for a fair catch, he was a great returned as well. Jimmy johnson was a shut down corner, for 49ers, played across from Bruce Taylor (brother of ABA met Brian Taylor), with mel philips and rosie Taylor the safeties, to round out one of the best secondaries ever.
  2. roscoeword

    Countdown to Kickoff

    Still use Jets numbers to help me remember things. Last night I stopped reading my book on page 41, didn't have a bookmark, so I just have to say matt snell to remember which page I was on. Didn't even think of using tom seaver for such a purpose...
  3. I knew when they put him on special teams, he would get hurt. It's like putting Wesley Walker on special teams. The guy is a gazelle, but a fragile gazelle.
  4. Todd to AJ Dewey in the mud.
  5. 5 hours ago, The Crusher said: Yes. He couldn’t come back fast enough to help the young guys along. Crusher was being sarcastic about Fitz helping the kids. You didn't understand him, Charlie.
  6. I remember fitzpatric sending lots of time, beyond the call of duty, with petty, so it's not really true that fitz didnt try to tutor the young'ins.
  7. I get diarrhea just looking at that picture.
  8. roscoeword

    Jets Odds To Make The Playoffs.

    .... and then teddy Bridgewater replaces the slumping rookie and rallies the Jets against his former team... 😁
  9. roscoeword

    Don't watch Jet games!

    That tom shane post sure took the wind out of my sails.. ⛵ even if I don't know what dafuq is.
  10. Its the vernon Gholsten trauma. Instead of drafting workout warriors, we now draft unathletic types who play with heart.
  11. roscoeword

    Thomas Jones is in Luke Cage?!?

    That was very creepy, lurker.
  12. roscoeword

    Thomas Jones is in Luke Cage?!?

    remember when we thought Shawn Green was going to be great, as he replaced Jones? you never know with running backs.
  13. roscoeword

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    But macc manuvered nicely to get the poop to fall directly on his head. So at least he a good manuverer.
  14. roscoeword

    6/6 OTA Pictures

    Can't Wait!
  15. roscoeword

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    I think that's, why our last tight end ASJ was very servicable. He was built like the incredible hulk, and thus was able to withstand the rigors of the position
  16. a player picked that high, and he's only effective as a gadget guy? Not good.
  17. who is that number 88 - Richard Caster? seriously, asking.
  18. roscoeword

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    We always seem to have a receiver who misses a year as a rookie - Devon, Legget, that guy who Sanchez threw his first T.D to and was traded to Cleveland, one or two of Idzik's draft choices.... I hope Legget pans out, we need a break already.
  19. roscoeword

    Can we talk Flowers?

    Speed is overrated for a fullback. I don't think Earl Campbell ran a fast 40, but when you are being chased, you run must faster. (the second part of the sentence, I heard Earl Campbell say to Rickie Williams after Williams was drafted.)
  20. roscoeword

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    I remember in training camp last year, Hack was looking awesome. We were getting reports on each throw, and I felt like it was a real game, and Hack was moving the team down the field, throw after throw, a completion, "another good throw by Hack". And then reality struck, so I'm not getting psyched for these OTA's anymore.
  21. roscoeword

    Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    2 out of 3 aint bad.
  22. roscoeword

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    I will be rooting for hackenberg to make it just like I peek over the boxscores to see how matt Harvey is doing. Very curious about what happens to them, and I'll be shocked if hackenberg lights it up in oakland.
  23. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    You're denying that Chad had a great year that season? He was very cerebral, and that's why he was able to run the gimmick offense... I think he was comeback player of the year... hate knows no bounds.
  24. roscoeword

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    The year chad led dolphins to playoffs when farve didn't lead us to the playoffs, is Chad's vindication against his detractors
  25. Our kickoff return success back then was also party do to westhead. Brad smith, leon and before them, justin Miller was returning kickoffs for td's for us. Even mcknight was pretty good back there, returning a few in those days