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  1. Certain penalties are definitely due to poor discipline, like those unsportsmanlike penalties Rex teams always gets (as if they are Too fired up,) something I think our new DC related to when he said play at the edge but dont hurt the team...
  2. roscoeword

    Adams reacts to Gregg Williams

    Why did cleveland let him go? He did really well as their interim head coach, why didn't they retain him at least to be their D. C.? Love the hire, just a curious about that...
  3. roscoeword

    Jets need a full back - get it ?

    Snell, Riggins, Richie Anderson. And looking at that picture of Riggins makes me sick that the Jets traded him in his prime because they had to give all the money to Namath
  4. He exposed himself with his commentary on the S. D. Charger game a few weeks ago, when he started talking about players who aren't on the roster.. That should have been the end of this bluffer career wise.
  5. Me too, I've never laughed so hard ... just kinda feel a little guilty we're doing it on somebody's expense. But hope its all in good fun, and we're certainly rooting for the guy.
  6. Just as important as developing Sam, we need a coach who can scheme to get guys open. Watching other offenses, it seems like guys are open all over the place, and with us Sam has to make the perfect throw. Imagine how good Sam would be if our guys were actually open?
  7. roscoeword

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    That quote above isnt from me, don't know how you got it. What I wrote is what you're saying: most of internet stuff a big waste of time, at best. And at worse, damaging to oneself.
  8. roscoeword

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    But as a whole, the internet is more of a distraction than anything else. Yeah, there are good things, but the bad and wasting of time outweigh the advantages. Better to have some assistant filter out the crap (90%) for you.
  9. roscoeword

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    What makes Mushnick a horrible person? Don't have to pour dirt on people aren't of your ilk , that of the flaming liberal. Mushick has a terrific column.
  10. roscoeword

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    Interesting post, except for your snobby view of working class folk who don't make as much money as you
  11. roscoeword

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    Barts point about the Jets not having anyone on their staff who's capable of being an interim head coach is quite astute, and condemning of the staff Bowles put together.
  12. roscoeword

    Darnold will be Namath in Gase's eyes!

    According to this, is we won't need Josh McCown anymore
  13. roscoeword

    Kris Richards out of left field?

    Let's hire Keith Richards
  14. Anybody who wants him back is ignoring his disaster with a good buffalo team. We can sugarcoat some of the times he was with us, but there is no excuse for his debacle in buffalo.
  15. That was like the cutest thing I ever saw.
  16. Let Sam have input into what players we draft for the offense.
  17. roscoeword

    All day long

    Darnold rarely makes an inaccurate throw, short or long. It's uncanny. His interceptions are because nobody is open and he's taking a shot
  18. roscoeword

    Why we should NOT be drafting defense again.

    In all of those one on one situations, why couldn't Robbie get open?
  19. Because he was a robot who never scored a rushing touchdown in his career. That is a major flaw, and shows he wasn't quite wired right to be a great qb.
  20. And that's with a successful team. How would he behave with a struggling team like the Jets?
  21. Mardy collins.... Wow, lots of old memories just shot inside my head.
  22. Our predictability is one of the things that make use boring. But more importantly, if you're not as good as the other team, and man for man we are not ("not enough dawgs..."), then it seems logical to me that you have to be creative with your offense, try some gimmick plays to keep them off balance. I see that every other team does these flea flickers where the qb is catching a TD pass etc. But we play straight ahead, predictable, no razzle dazzle football on offense; of course we 're are gong to lose if we don't try some razzle dazzle surprise plays. If you can't win with talent, you have to win with innovative coaching. (IMO, we saw Mangini do this in his first year with us)
  23. roscoeword

    Tank crowd

    Yes, its been perfect: Sam is playing great and we are losing, thereby getting a better draft pick. The best of both worlds
  24. roscoeword

    Nathan Shepard....the invisible man

    these defensive linemen are interchangable, plug and play 'em. Like safeties. Gotta draft wr's, rb's, offensive linemen early on.
  25. roscoeword

    Wild and Crazy Idea...

    There is a big difference in the behavior of beckham and the other divas, probably due to the difference in generation, but odel beckam is way over the top, his attitude makes Owens and moss seem humble in comparison. He is a cancer ready to spread..

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