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  1. roscoeword

    Anderson and Crowell

    Have a great idea to get the best out of Anderson. Just throw him bombs, but no crossing patterns where he can get hit hard and cough up the ball. This can change if he bulks up, but for now, he's going to fumble with that small frame. Wesley Walker was also super fast and a bit fragile, kind of like a gazelle, and I remember him being thrown mostly bombs or sidelines patterns
  2. roscoeword

    colts ruined luck

    Its not that the Colts didn't try to provide Luck with good players, they simply missed on several key draft choices, and missing is something our GM is more than capable of doing..
  3. roscoeword

    Back Page NY Daily News

    A Giants Leftist rag of a tabloid
  4. It's true, Mayfield throws more lazers out there, Sam more touch. But that doesn't mean Sam can't throw bullets when he has to.
  5. Mehta is on a mission to proven that our coaches are good to get himself off the hook for his disgracefil Marrone episode. All his articles are geared the same way.
  6. roscoeword

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    His posts are so good that it practically doesn't matter if you agree with him or not. He's that good a writer.
  7. roscoeword

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    I find Mayfield really exciting to watch. He has the "it" factor, and can spin it. I hope we will able to say the same about Darnold. Mayfield also seems more mobile than Darnold, small and shifty, quicker than he's fast, which is fine for a qb. It helps that he has a better supporting cast, and Landry is a monster, but if you watch him, you can see he's got it.
  8. I'm concerned that Darnold is like Dwyane"Pearl Washington of blessed memory. A guy that looks like he has a "pro game" in college, a sure thing, but when he comes out, everyone is just a little bigger and faster than in college, and his physical gifts aren't quite good enough.
  9. roscoeword

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    If max knows where he is and isn't telling us, then hes pulling off a "Paul is dead" hoax to boost traffic on the site.
  10. He's not giving us any billboard material
  11. I remember when we couldn't score a TD in the first quarter, I think under Rex? Now we are only good in the first half, and not the second. Maybe Bowles can coach the first half, and Rex the second.
  12. roscoeword

    Why I hate the Dink and Dunk offense

    Pennington looks like Freddy Mercury in that picture. I liked him, was nice having a guy who knew what to do at the line of scrimmage, was confident and gave the team confidence. It's not his fault he hurt his shoulder.
  13. roscoeword

    Laugh a bit: Fitzpatrick the Baller

    Laugh all you want, Fitz makes things happen. He's easy to root for, I know I did when he was with us.
  14. roscoeword


    It's true. That throw he made on the run for a td while being heavily rushed was ridiculous.
  15. Then I thought about the fact that we have a guy who wipes his tuchus with the football, and so I figure why should I root so hard for these guys?
  16. roscoeword

    Baker looked legit

    Baker was amazing, but it really helps having a stud receiver like Landry, he probably better than Beckam. And callaway is better than anything we got...
  17. roscoeword

    Baker looked legit

    I don't think his game is easier to diagnose. He darts around super quick in the middle of the pocket, and buys time. Our qb seems to be predictable - roll out to the right, keep running towards the sidelines and throw the ball out of bounds. At least thats what happened last night.
  18. "Pryor Gets His Revenge" - Aaron Pryor knocks out taunting corner
  19. It sounds like a gossip column more than a football piece.
  20. roscoeword

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    If Landry is out, we have a decent shot. He's s the most dynamic guy on the field, a real difference maker.
  21. roscoeword

    Anyone else Glad it's a Short Week?

    Cleveland is stacked, they are better than us man for man, their only problem is that they are in such a habit of losing, they don't know how to win. But they scare me plenty. We stink against qbs like Tyrod Taylor, I have a really bad vibe about this game, plus the fact that I like them ever since I saw them on hard knocks. Have been rooting for them ever since. The only reason they lost last week was because their kicker missed 3 times, including an extra point. Im telling you that team us scary good on defense and offense.
  22. As long as matt moore doesn't get off the couch, he seems to kill us.
  23. roscoeword

    Thursday Night Football: Baltimore @ Cincinnati.

    ...and a sprinkling of Terry Bradshaw
  24. roscoeword

    Henry Anderson - what a pick up

    He's a throwback to Jerry Philbin or Mark Lomas.. Or is that just because he's white?
  25. roscoeword

    Lions Players Upset with Matt Patricia

    Why did they show Patricia on the sidelines every 2 minutes?

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