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  1. I actually think the o-line will be solid this year and if they can get past the their respective issues the rb group can be solid, wr however is an issue. I was not a fan of the hill pick in the draft and am as shocked this year as I was last yr that we didn't add a wr of some significance in free agency. I would expect wr to be a top priority next offseason.
  2. hey I hope you are right but this was a legit 6 win team last yr, to compete at the top of the conf you need to win 12 or so games, my bet is that this year we win 6. now be positive with some "ifs" and that can change....IF we drafted well this year...IF geno is the future and matures quickly...IF we spend and spend wisely with cap space over the next couple of years...I just think turning things around based on where idzik started is going to be a bit tougher then you seem to think.
  3. Love the positive outlook but...."another" solid draft? We dint know if this past one was solid yet? I'm optimistic but let's see the kids play some before we call this a solid draft. Now if we did find some gems in this draft...and we do next yr...and we use the cap space we have next off season I agree we could then be a competitive team. Not sure we can be as good as the top teams in the conf but we can then be competitive. Its the following off season that we have a TON of cap space and it is after that off season, in yr 3 of the idzik reign, that I think we can arrive. 3 yes is what I think it will take IF we find a qb.
  4. get Vinnie over here, THAT will be a win. just please god, leave robbo on njo!
  5. well its all about making booz happy right?
  6. I rebuild is what we needed and it is what we are getting. love the youth movement, lets hope it leads to where we want to get.
  7. so this is what its like to post someplace other than njo huh? hey cmart!
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