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  1. Which were the 3 games that you missed (the dates and opponents)? And what was their record in those 3 games?
  2. Speaking of, does the new Eagles' stadium have a jail (like the vet did)?
  3. Love Sam but Brett Favre is a lofty comparison. Pretty sure Favre won 3 straight NFL MVP awards.
  4. YOU own the NYJ. What actions do you take on 12/30/19 ? Call up Elizabeth Hurley (or any of the other starlets I'm sure the Johnsons know) and hang out with her/them. Maybe champagne on my yacht, etc. And fire Adam Gase.
  5. Drew Brees? (many other players)
  6. Probably a sh*tty INT but I don't really blame him on the fumble. Overall he was trying to make things happen despite a large disparity in talent. I thought Sam's play was very encouraging last night. I don't know what people were expecting from him. I'm not saying he's above criticism but the score easily could've been 21-17 at halftime had his teammates not screwed up (especially on that long throw down the right sidelines where our WR slowed up). I'm as optimistic as I've ever been on Sam.
  7. Agreed. The best thing about the game was the progress showed by Darnold. If we had an OL and some quality weapons around him, it's easy to envision him (and the offense in general) being very good. Obviously we're a ways away from putting a good group in front of him but hopefully we'll finally have a real GM in Joe D. I also think Darnold showed a lot of leadership qualities in the game. I loved that he went right back to Crowder after that easy drop in the end zone. As they broke the huddle on that play where Crowder caught the TD, it looked like Darnold said something to him. (I'm guessing something like "you're gonna get this one"). Also, I liked how he didn't let the offense quit no matter the score or the quality of the opponent. Darnold gets a B+. The rest of the team gets a C-.
  8. "We're trailing by 3 TDs in the 4th quarter and I'm still bragging about how great Adam Gase is" -SAR I
  9. Uhm, I questioned the absolutely idiotic decision by Gase to go for it after getting penalized 5 yards for delay of game. But keep F'ing that chicken.
  10. It's still far more likely he'd hit the XP over gaining 7 yards on 1 play.
  11. Impressed that we converted but why the F did Gase still go for 2 after the delay of game? If the dream is to come back and tie the game then we'd need 2 more TDs anyway. Why not go for 2 on one of those TDs (where we'd need 2 yards) instead of this one where we'd need 7 yards?!?!
  12. Kick the XP now. We can go for 2 on a future TD (assuming we get another).
  13. Right! Let's clear a path for the Patriots to get back to the Superbowl.

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