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  1. Dolan is a great owner...............when it comes to hockey.
  2. So you think Gase is managing the whole team (meaning the defense as well as the offense) yet you constantly blame GW when it comes to our crappy defense. That makes it even more puzzling that you would defend Gase.
  3. I guess we narrowly avoided a "who's the real 'Incarcerated Bob'?" controversy. *I only thought of this joke now but better late than never?
  4. That's the part that's so ridiculous (if we even believe that the story is true). Are the Johnson bros looking at the Vikings right now and feeling "vindicated" that Paton would've been the right guy? Maybe if they're applying the "SAR Method" of wins and losses to the Vikings season so far.
  5. This is completely absurd and you know it. Adam Gase was hired to develop Sam. End of story.
  6. Because that's the market rate to get a quality GM prospect. If you don't pay it then they wait for a better offer/situation. They also know that they may only get 1 chance so they want enough time to put their stamp on the team. Joe D made the Jamal trade in his first real offseason. He's least likely to be fired right now (with so much of his contract remaining) so the time to make his "invest in the future" moves is now.
  7. Agreed but I still find it hard to believe we'll win if Big Ticket is out. Denver 19 Jets 17
  8. Vegas had the Jets under/over on wins at 6.5 (I'm guessing that assumes reasonable health). As for who had the Jets opening 3-0, I'm pretty sure I remember there was one person on this forum who thought they'd start 5-0.
  9. I think Joe D and Sam's jobs are in trouble but Gase is extra safe.
  10. As SAR says, following the team means believing in the owner.

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