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  1. Josh Allen

    The fact that this forum is overwhelmingly anti-Josh Allen makes me think he'll end up being a good QB.
  2. There's probably a >0 chance it will happen but I'm not getting my hopes up. But wow would that be incredible if things went that way. Stuff like that doesn't happen to this franchise though. We get a career year out of Josh McCown in our tank year and win 5 games. Btw, I think Allen is going to be the 2nd QB off the board. If we want Rosen, I think he'll be there for the taking.
  3. I think if we were planning to do this, the time to do it was when we traded up from #6. If Darnold is the best prospect though (and I get the impression that he is) then why not. Basically we'd have no #1 and no #2 this year or next year but that would be it. We'd still have a lot of money to buy players with and we could try trading down this draft to recoup picks.
  4. Even if Allen goes #1 I think there's a great chance the Giants take Darnold at #2 or else get blown away in a trade offer (I'm guessing Buffalo). I don't think Darnold is falling to us. If we want him, we're going to have to go up and get him. But that's just my hunch.
  5. Oh the irony of this statement! The guy created the very internet that you used to make the above post!
  6. I was surprised how crappy the Giants' forums that I found were. I'm sure there are others but they're not showing on the 1st 2 pages of my search engine so I didn't feel like making an in-depth search. Maybe someone on here who has a friend or brother who is a Giants fan will know of a better forum than the ones I posted. Honestly, JN is easily the best forum of the ones I found.
  7. Since when did the NFL change the standard away from "only reverse a call when it's indisputable"? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp/2018/03/20/nfl-sets-new-definitions-for-controversial-catch-rule/?utm_term=.165ad64a8aeb
  8. To be fair, Chad Pennington made a career out of that type of pass. lol
  9. I'd be thrilled if Darnold fell to #3 and the Jets took him.
  10. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    If Rosen had Allen's size/strength, he'd almost certainly be the consensus #1.