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  1. I assumed it was obvious from the absurdity. People were even posting stuff like "are you serious". It's similar to saying now something like "Chad > Brady"
  2. I didn't post it to get a rise out of people. I posted it because I thought it was an obviously absurd statement that people would get a laugh out of. If anything, it was to meant to lightly poke fun at the people on here who were badly disappointed that the Jets weren't able to sign him. And to laugh at our "misfortune" because we've got a young FQB in Sam. Note that I never wanted the Jets to sign Cousins. I always thought he was fool's gold.
  3. Thanks for the cheering up. I really needed it after today's painful win.
  4. My insecurity is making me ask this: How many do I need to make laugh for it to count as being actually funny?
  5. Would it be possible for Sam to give Brady mono?
  6. To be fair, the only NFL acronym funnier than "Just End The Season" is "Boy, I Love Losing Superbowls!"
  7. I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. As for your question, all I can say is that Sam is still alive.
  8. I take your chastisement as a sign of your density.
  9. No surprise with him recovering from mono. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the coming weeks. As encouraging as this week was, I expect him to feel the effects of mono all year long. And the weather was nice today. We'll see how he handles it when his body is weak and he's playing in frigid weather. More than likely this entire year is going to be for naught. But today was still incredibly encouraging because he showed his potential to be a legit FQB. I mean, he's no Kirk Cousins but he still might be a very good one in this league.
  10. Well at least 9 people thought it was funny so maybe the humor was lost on you. Please feel free to block me.
  11. Don't you think it's just a bit early to judge either way?
  12. Be careful. The same geniuses who thought I was serious about Kirk Cousins might take your post seriously.

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