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  1. TuscanyTile2

    Whats your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

    My favorite memory as a Jets fan is Mehta's report today that Jamal Adams and Michael Jordan are friends.
  2. I made the same points in a previous post about why Macc needs to go but I still don’t think the Johnson family GAF. They’ll keep him and we’ll have to roll the dice with whoever is willing to accept the job under these circumstances
  3. Mehta's Troll Level: Hall Of Fame
  4. @Maxman It's time for the "Mehta" icon to replace the butt fumble icon.
  5. Breaking news: "Jamal Adams thinks MJ is the greatest!"
  6. Mehta said the news would break in the AM. Only 5 hours and 9 minutes of AM left today.
  7. What could this possibly be about? My only guess is a firing. For him to post that famous Jordan dunk though, it would probably have to be both Macc and Bowles are getting fired. Maybe they've even are ready to name a replacement?
  8. TuscanyTile2

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    Love this commercial! I still quote it to this day. Between "Who are the Chefs?" and "matriculate the ball downfield", the Chiefs have some classic lines.
  9. TuscanyTile2

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    This would be a good helmet logo:

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