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  1. They can replace "Hail To The Redskins" with "Commonwealth":
  2. Salah on future: I'm staying next season 'for sure' https://www.espn.com/soccer/soccer-transfers/story/4674937/mohamed-salah-on-liverpool-future-im-staying-next-season-for-sure
  3. "Beefy" Our HC is such a meathead.
  4. Other than getting us a WR and edge, this was my 3rd biggest concern going into the offseason. And I see JD has still done nothing about it.
  5. It's surprising that our weapinz couldn't pull off more YAC plays (like this one) when Zach was throwing such pinpoint accurate passes (like this one)!
  6. When you have to put so many of your resources into stopping Mike White, it opens up opportunities for other players. #ThankYouMikeWhite!
  7. The Bengals didn't have to face Mike White again the rest of the season.
  8. How about a runner-up game for the 2 losing teams of the conference championships? Award gold silver and bronze medals to the top 3 teams at the end of the year. Yeah, that'll never work.
  9. The highlight of PresidentMAL's career was winning defensive MVP of that game
  10. They can easily turn the "W" on their helmet into a "V":
  11. There's no reason to risk injury. Get rid of the game. But as someone else said "keep the honor". I don't even like the ridiculous tug of war type stuff. They can still get injured in stuff like that. Just get rid of the game at this point. If they want something football-related then maybe announce the awards that day and then have a senior bowl type thing (with college players) for evaluation. Or maybe have an AFC vs NFC game with practice squad players who are trying to get some attention. That's assuming they'd even want to play. I guess it would be a free trip to Hawaii.
  12. Mangenius was on The Sopranos. That's more of a qualification than many we've had in this organization!
  13. I mean, it is the offseason (and not the exciting part) so you can't expect great topics at this time of year. But that's a pretty funny list.
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