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  1. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    99,511 posts now. 489 posts left to hit the goal.
  2. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    I think I'm the 30th (and final) post on this page. If so, I think we're up to 99,510 posts. Getting close to the goal (though I hope the goalposts get moved out!)
  3. All I know is that he effed up our tank.
  4. Who is your profile pic? Louie Aguiar? EDIT: I tried to look up Aguiar's photo on Wiki and noticed he 's married to a former Miss Teen Illinois/Miss Missouri USA model. Even journeyman punters can get models.
  5. I’m sure the colts will be eager to trade Luck if he gets a clean bill of health! If we could give up a 5th rounder for him and also have the Colts pay his salary, I’d take a flier on him!
  6. Broken hand for McCown

    Yep this season has been a total disaster (yet celebrated by some people on here as being a great developmental season)
  7. Broken hand for McCown

    I especially loved the “we owe it to McCown to let him be the starter the rest of the year”. What an effing joke!
  8. After his freshman year he was considered a potential #1 overall pick. Brett Kollman (the guy who does football videos) gave him a very positive review (though this was over a year ago I think) saying he knows how to read defenses and the fault was the OL and coach. We spent a 2nd rounder on the guy and I'm pretty sure I recently read he's the only QB from that draft that hasn't taken a single snap. We were told he needed 1-2 years of grooming to be rebuilt. Well he's had 1 year and he's now 12 games into his 2nd year. It's a wasted season again (no playoffs) and there are 3 games left. Why in the world would I NOT want to see him in there? Even if he's an abomination, I want to see what Macc drafted. If he's a bum then he's a bum. But the only way to find out is to put him in there. Even if we go 0-3, that helps our draft position.
  9. This really opens the door for Super Bowl victory #6 for Tom Brady.
  10. I’ll miss him too tbh. More so because of how seriously he takes himself (despite being wrong plenty). That said, he’s the only one that is listenable when it comes to actually talking sports. He has a certain presence and you can tell he genuinely is a sports fan (rather than just being a guy there to entertain). The other hosts on WFAN are mostly beyond awful (exceptions being occasionally Benigno, Steve Somers and Richard Neer). Like SAR I, I won’t even give Fatso’s replacements a listen. And Michael Kay of ESPN is probably the absolute worst of the worst!
  11. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I hope Petty is Peterman (in his 1st game) bad so Bowles is forced to bring in Hack. I’m fascinated with how bad Hack would have to be that they’re still hiding him like this.
  12. Hats off to McCown

    His 5-7 record (we'll discount today's game) was among the greatest QB feats in NFL history!
  13. Broken hand for McCown

    Is "numbuh" in honor of Francesa? I never liked 6 for a QB (probably too many negative associations - Brister, Sanchez). I don't mind 5 though. It's kind of a rare QB number and doesn't have any "stink" on it (afaik). My favorite #'s for QBs: 12,16 Numbers I like for QBs: 7,8,10,11 Numbers I don't like for QBs: 1,2,3,6,9,13,15,17 Numbers I'm sort of on-the-fence on for QBs: 4,5,14,18
  14. Marrone

    Why "Thanks Mehta"?
  15. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Imagine we lose out on a FQB because of .01 of a SoS. That would be impressively Jetsy.