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  1. I think he would've added the punctuation like this: No, never. Wanted Kirk Cousins.
  2. I'm almost positive I asked this question probably the day of (or within a couple of days after) that we drafted Darnold.
  3. TuscanyTile2

    Free Beer for Browns Fans after 1st Victory

    As far as beers go, I like Miller Lite a lot, actually.
  4. I think we got the right guy. Talented but a quiet guy/hard worker. Meanwhile Baker has off-the-field issues, Rosen has injury concerns and questionable leadership, and Allen has accuracy issues.
  5. As a Met fan, I love the DISRE2PECT
  6. TuscanyTile2

    The Height Of Francesa Arrogance

    Is your point that he's so great at predicting sports? (because he's definitely not).
  7. TuscanyTile2

    The Height Of Francesa Arrogance

    I'm not annoyed at all. His arrogance is a source of amusement to me.
  8. He did a Q&A at the Twitter headquarters today. Check out this one.
  9. TuscanyTile2

    NFL preseason week one reaction: Sam Darnold | PFF

    We all know who Villain's guy is.
  10. Ok but translate it into BBT
  11. TuscanyTile2

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Very good point. McCown probably has 1 year before retirement (and hopefully straight into the Jet coaching staff) and backup QB is a very important position on a team’s roster (as last year’s eagles and the 1990 giants can attest to). I would love to have TB as the backup (Not sure he’d go for that though). And if he proves his worth, we can always trade him at a high valuation
  12. TuscanyTile2

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    You might be right. I've seen some nice throws from him but I don't feel like he really throws darts. He does throw some very pretty passes with great accuracy. I think he has good ability though I'm concerned he won't stay healthy. I hope he doesn't end up like another Chad, throwing 2 yard passes all game long.
  13. So if you were offered Mayfield for Darnold straight-up, you'd do that trade?
  14. TuscanyTile2

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    I said that. But I watched a video of him at Marshall and his throws did remind me of Rosen's throws. Then again, I don't think Rosen has particularly good arm strength but, if he stays healthy, it will probably be acceptable.