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  1. Bryce Petty support group thread

    I can't think of any group of backup QBs in Jets history that the CS has shown less confidence in. Petty was our #2 QB and wasn't even getting reps. Then he gets in there and the CS admits it surrendered. Our new #2 QB (Hack) can barely get on the active roster in 2 seasons. All of this makes me interested to see if either amounts to anything.
  2. Keeping up with the Tank.

    For a second I thought "the tank" was referring to Mike Francesa.
  3. Where has Austin Seferian-Jenkins gone?

    If we're playing the "where has TE ___ gone?" game, how about asking about Jordan Leggett?
  4. Jamarcus Russel was the 1st overall pick and I'm pretty sure the Raiders cut him after 2 seasons
  5. I think 1 is false but 2 and 3 hit the nail on the head.
  6. I made the same points here:
  7. Allbright hears

    This guy definitely looks like he could be on the inactive roster for us for 2 straight seasons.
  8. Heading to Nawlins!

    Awesome! Don't forget to try the McDonalds and Papa Johns over there. Some excellent food options at both places. Also, 7/11 is great for breakfast. As far as bars go, make sure to spend the overwhelming majority of your time at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  9. Playoff team next year?

    Way too early to say but if Brady is healthy next year, I would pencil in the Pats for the division again. I also think the Bills are going to take a big step up next year with 2 picks each in rounds 1, 2, and 3. Based on these premises, I think we'd be fighting for the 2nd wildcard spot and there will be a LOT of competition. That said, I could see the Jets also take a nice step forward depending on how we do in the draft and spending all that FA money. But my early guess would be we'll be on the outside looking in. Far more important than reaching the playoffs though, I could definitely see Robby Anderson getting to the Pro Bowl next year.
  10. Jets Prepared to Pass on Kerley Return?

    Matt Forte, Josh McCown: We are a win now team. Chad Hanson needs to be buried on the bench (preferably inactive). We desperately need to get to 8 wins. Who knows if tomorrow ever comes! Short term is all that counts!
  11. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    All good points. I have very little interest in watching Petty play. I want to see Hack in there, preferably all 3 games. My expectation, however, is that the Jets won't even give him a single snap unless Petty gets hurt or maybe throws like 5 INTs in 1 quarter (Peterman-esque). I know we're all of the opinion that Hack hasn't even been active because he's that much of an abomination of a QB. It would make Macc look horrible that he spent a 2nd rounder on a QB that bad. However, I have to wonder if part of the reason they don't want Hack in there is because what if he's actually good? Wouldn't that indicate that the Jets sat on a guy who should've been playing all year? Then we'd have to make a major decision at QB this offseason (trade a ton of picks to move up in the draft or else overpay for Cousins) based on 3 games of Hack (when it could've been an entire season of Hack). It's funny to think that Hack playing horrible or Hack playing really well would both be difficult scenarios for Macc/Bowles.
  12. Kenny Britt reportedly nearing Patriots deal

    This is the kind of guy New England always seems to be able to absorb without any major negative impact. A talented guy with character problems who will probably be thrilled to win and knows he'll be on the shortest of leashes by Belichick. Plus he'll probably come into a very professional clubhouse (I'm guessing this) and try to fit in. The Pats absorbed Randy Moss (who IIRC was signed as a UFA), Chad Ochocinco (who IIRC, I don't think did quite as well as Moss), RB LeGarrette Blount and RB Corey Dillon. In any case, it seems like a low-risk/high reward move for the Pats.
  13. Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    My thoughts: you are the mvp of this thread. Jetsfan80 might be the co-mvp