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  1. Click bait? As in "ooh, I can't wait to watch highlights of my team losing 54-13"? You felt betrayed that it was the 2010 AFC Divisional game victory?
  2. Ehh, I think Mac Jones is overrated. He just hasn't been exposed yet. He will be. Not saying he's not an NFL QB, btw. It's just that I don't think he's any kind of star. It's possible he won't even be their starter next season.
  3. Deshaun has a NTC and the Dolphins are the only team he's approved a trade to.
  4. If Zach is out for the year, you don't think we're the favorites to pick #1 overall?
  5. Is there any star player that a team would trade a haul to move up for? Or, as always, do things break badly for this franchise and there's nobody worth trading up for?
  6. Or at least 2 OL within the 1st 2 rounds until it's fixed. We always hear about how OG and C are not premium positions. But if we can't protect the QB with FAs then they're pretty critical positions.
  7. I can't think of any time the Jets have done that. I'd take the Northwestern coach (that we were interested in last year) if he's available.
  8. Draft Neal and Linderbaum. That should fix the OL. And in the 2nd round, draft a TE. Or, if some team is willing to trade a lot to move up for the #1 overall pick (which is what I think we'll be getting if Zach is out for the season) then do multiple trade downs and acquire a bunch of picks (though make sure we still get Linderbaum).
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