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  1. Let's just hope the new cheerleaders don't look like Joe Douglas.
  2. Who knows for how much longer female cheerleaders in male sports will still be a thing.
  3. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Same here.
  4. Speaking of, how come the newspaper headlines didn't read "Adam's Apple" after Macc got fired?
  5. I'm putting in a wavier claim on any of the girls in the front row if they get cut. They're all already on their knees, after all!
  6. TuscanyTile2

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Jerry Jones
  7. TuscanyTile2


    "We need dogs!"
  8. TuscanyTile2


    They better not replace Greg Buttle with this Schrager kid!
  9. I like that Namath cares that much and is outspoken about the team. He's generally very optimistic as well. I think he'll be as happy as any long-suffering Jet fan if we win again.
  10. TuscanyTile2

    OTA Thread

    Where are the idiotic-looking shoulder stripes? (The new uni's look so much better without them.)
  11. TuscanyTile2

    OTA Thread

    Is that some kind of code word for "double whopper"?
  12. TuscanyTile2

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    More great news (assuming he takes the job). Would it be possible for us to hire the NFL equivalent of Lou Lamoriello?
  13. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    I don't know if the Johnsons were "right". Wouldn't you have been happier if Joe Douglas were our GM heading into this current offseason rather than Macc handling the draft and FA? Ultimately I'll still be ecstatic if we end up w/ Douglas as GM because for once it'll feel like we got ourselves a real highly-valued GM. I will say this though in Macc's defense. I have to wonder whether Douglas agrees to come here (assuming he does) if Sam weren't here.
  14. All very good points. I'll be most excited if we can get Douglas and Jeremiah in the FO. Guys who are highly respected who came from the Eagles and Ravens' organizations (and an Ozzy Newsome protege, no less!) are EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. I just hope Douglas has full autonomy, rather than Gase.
  15. Agreed. I have no problem criticizing Manish when he deserves it (which he often does) but this is not one of those cases.
  16. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Plus even if a deal does get done, we have no idea if Adam Gase will fire him right afterward.
  17. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    But more importantly, the green uniforms.
  18. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    It’s amazing to me that this is the narrative when it’s been said over and over (by almost everyone on here who complained) that Macc needed to go but it should have been done before letting him spend $100M and run the draft. What is so complicated about that?
  19. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    I like that Douglas has experience working for a team that has green uniforms.
  20. TuscanyTile2

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Woo-hoo! Hopefully CJ brings in DJ too though. A quality GM with a quality staff is worth every penny.
  21. My “Matt Darr” was going off for this move.

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