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  1. So it's impossible to be a hardcore Jet fan without having a lot of money? I'm not saying that you're not a hardcore Jet fan btw. But the idea that every STH is a better fan than those who aren't is a very big stretch IMO.
  2. Never liked her face. It's funny because I've always thought that Ricki Lander was more attractive than Giselle. Admittedly though, Giselle does seem like a pretty nice person.
  3. Exactly. They've won 6 Superbowls and 2 of the last 3 (though they appeared in 3 straight) yet this article is bashing Belichick for cap space?! Even more ridiculous is that the Patriots are loaded up with draft picks to fill the holes on the team. Belichick is a master of that sort of thing. He ALWAYS leaves himself in position to fill problem areas. Obviously Brady covers up an awful lot of deficiencies as well. And even though they lost OL, Brady releases the ball very quickly (which is another reason I'm not sure how much of a difference a big-time pass rusher will make against the Patriots). The only thing that article should've said was that Brady and Belichick are 1 year closer to retiring. That's probably our only hope at this point.
  4. TuscanyTile2

    There's something wrong.... with most of us

    When you're "going in for the kill", try not to let this happen:
  5. Yes but only if you've spent at least $62K on the Jets this past decade.
  6. I don't know. I think I've held up quite well.
  7. TuscanyTile2

    2019 NFL Draft Party at MetLife Stadium

    Oh man. And I was being completely serious too!
  8. TuscanyTile2

    Houston to the Colts

    Houston to the Colts After the Colts beat them in the playoffs they acquired their entire team?
  9. TuscanyTile2

    2019 NFL Draft Party at MetLife Stadium

    If you get someone's tickets, can I watch the draft in your movie room while you're gone?
  10. TuscanyTile2

    2019 NFL Draft Party at MetLife Stadium

    Are you saying we're a Mickey Mouse organization?
  11. TuscanyTile2

    Traits Needed At Each Position

    Traits Needed At Each Position I'd say an XY chromosome is needed.
  12. TuscanyTile2

    Number 3 pick

    Are they throwing in 3 #2's as well?
  13. TuscanyTile2

    Miracle At The Meadowlands

    Agreed on L-Dubs. I think Macc's best signing was that Ravens' LB Mosely. Now we've got real players on all levels of the defense. If we can get a nice trade back for our 1st rounder we can fill in some offensive pieces and get some extra picks for next year too. This is one of the rare times where I think things have a chance to fall into place for this franchise. Hopefully Macc/Gase are the ones to make it happen. (Gase seems like a psycho to me but I'll judge him based on W's and L's and T's).
  14. It's interesting because the Giants were a sad-sack franchise and then had a rock-bottom moment (the Joe Pisarcik fumble returned by our very own Herman Edwards). This article makes the case that the play turned everything around in a good way for the Giants. It's funny to see that there have been Jet parallels over the years but they haven't (yet!) led to any major turnaround of the franchise: -The butt-fumble -The Jets drafting an unheralded QB (Ken O'Brien in 1983) -The Giants and Jets picking at #2 and #3 respectively in both 1981 and 2018 Interestingly, when the Giants made the playoffs in 1981 they needed help (and got it) from the Jets in week 16. The Giants had a long playoff drought at that point (I think around 15 years). Currently the Jets are on around 8 years. They say that history doesn't repeat but it does rhyme. The current Jets situation feels like it could be history rhyming. Let's hope we get the Giants' history that started in the mid-80's for the next 30 years. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/11/15/miracle-meadowlands-40th-anniversary-giants-eagles-joe-pisarcik-herman-edwards-harry-carson Based on what happened in the game’s aftermath, it’s not wrong to say “The Fumble” was the best thing that could have happened to the Giants franchise. Here’s a chronological look at the aftereffects of The Fumble, in the days, weeks and years that followed for the Giants: • One day later, Gibson was fired. • After losing three of their final four games to finish 6-10, McVay and his staff, along with general manager Andy Robustelli and the rest of the front office, were fired at the end of the season. THE THROWBACK: John Mara, future Giants owner, was the spotter for CBS’s broadcast of The Miracle at the Meadowlands • Because feuding Giants owners Wellington Mara and his nephew, Tim Mara, could not agree on a new GM, NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle stepped in and helped them settle on a candidate neither side had championed: George Young. • Within two months on the job, Young hired Ray Perkins as head coach and used his first-ever draft pick to select an unheralded quarterback from tiny Morehead State University—Phil Simms. Says Carson: “While I hated Ray Perkins at the time because he was really hard-nosed, a hard-ass coach, in retrospect he was probably the best coach we could have had to instill a sense of discipline in the players.” • Two years later, in 1981, the Giants drafted Lawrence Taylor. All he did was win NFL Defensive Player of the Year as a rookie. The defense improved from 24th in the league to third, and New York made the playoffs for the first time since 1963. • After the 1982 season, Perkins replaced Bear Bryant at his alma mater, Alabama. Charged with hiring a head coach for the second time in his career, Young promoted linebackers coach Bill Parcells to the job. • From that point, the Giants became one of the most consistently successful franchises in all of football, reaching the Super Bowl five times and winning four titles over the next 29 years. Would any of that have happened if the Giants didn’t implode in ’78? If “The Fumble” never happened, they would have been 6-6 and riding a bit of momentum going into the final four games. If they’d finished 8-8, would they have cleared the decks the way they did? “I’ve heard some over the years say ‘The Fumble’ turned around the fate of the franchise, and I agree with that,” says Simms. “It just made the Giants change how they run their football team, and it definitely made them better.”
  15. TuscanyTile2

    Second Day Potential Starters at Center

    Why not just sign a center in free agency like Ewing, Hakeem, Shaq, etc
  16. TuscanyTile2

    Second Day Potential Starters at Center

    Bird > Magic But MJ was the best I’ve ever seen.
  17. TuscanyTile2

    Second Day Potential Starters at Center

    He’s also 6’6” like the GOAT.
  18. TuscanyTile2

    Miracle At The Meadowlands

    In what way? My post discusses the Miracle at the Meadowlands and I try to tie it to "bad franchise turns things around when things look bleak" to tie it to the Jets.
  19. TuscanyTile2

    Miracle At The Meadowlands

    Sorry about that. There are plenty of "rumored trade" posts on here that you can read instead. Or if you're interested in speculating about the Jets' new uniforms, there's a pretty active thread about that. Enjoy!
  20. TuscanyTile2

    Miracle At The Meadowlands

    Btw, the Giants' HC at the time (John McVay) was also the father of current Rams coach Sean McVay.
  21. Needs some Christmas tree ornaments but dayum is this a smoke show.

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