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  1. TuscanyTile2

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    This move is solid potato salad!
  2. TuscanyTile2

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    It's all about championships, baby!
  3. Other - they're proud to play in the embroidery capital of the world.
  4. TuscanyTile2

    John Dorsey

    Kitchens feels like a huge risk. From what I understand, Baker lobbied for him to be HC so we know who holds the power in that dynamic. Essentially Baker is running the show there because he can probably get his HC fired. Also, sometimes having stars all over the place isn't the best recipe for team harmony. I heard OBJ already is talking about wanting his contract reworked. Are the Browns going to be in cap hell in a couple of years? Heck, maybe that's the idea. Go for it while Baker is on his rookie contract. Once Baker gets a new deal the Browns will have to shed some of these stars.
  5. TuscanyTile2

    John Dorsey

    You're a Browns fan though so it's a biased opinion.
  6. TuscanyTile2

    John Dorsey

    You prefer Baker over Sam?
  7. TuscanyTile2

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    Like people want to search 20 pages in to the previous thread to find the point where Bell was signed so they can read posts about it.
  8. Barr backed out on us. Paradis signed in Carolina. CJ Mosely didn't want to leave the Ravens (but agreed to because we overpaid). It's unclear if Bell is just using the Jets to get a better contract elsewhere. What are your best guesses as to the root causes of this?
  9. TuscanyTile2

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Quote from Barr: “Due to the various uncertainties surrounding my position as it relates to the team’s new ownership, I have decided to resign as LB of the NYJ.”
  10. Why does the "Bounce Rate" (whatever that is) show up in green even though it's a negative number?
  11. TuscanyTile2

    Crazy traffic this week

    I want in on the IBO. Incarcerated Bob Offering.
  12. TuscanyTile2

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Update on the Jets and Bell:
  13. I think it's also 50/50 that Sam Darnold returns to USC this coming year.
  14. I preferred it when the Pro Bowl was the week after the Superbowl and when it was in Hawaii. Without both of those things, the Pro Bowl just isn't the same.
  15. TuscanyTile2

    Classic Clips

  16. Better than Alexandra Giaimo?
  17. TuscanyTile2

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Don't forget about the rushing TDs though.
  18. We have good starters and relievers this year (as long as they stay healthy). I think the question is the hitting but I have a good feeling about Alonso and they say Cano is hitting really well in ST. Plus Wilson Ramos should be an upgrade offensively at C. And we'll have a full year of McNeil. OTOH, we play in a tough division. I think we should be pretty good at least though. Certainly better than last year.
  19. We match on 3 of the 4 teams (I'm Rangers). It is painful though I do have some hope for the Mets this year.
  20. I never noticed it before.
  21. Didn't Barr say something like he felt physically ill at the thought of going to the Jets? lol
  22. It feels like kickers used to only be reliable inside 40 yards but a roll of the dice otherwise. Nowadays it feels like kickers can hit 50+ yard kicks with relative ease. Is this perception accurate? And if so, why did kickers get so much better? It really changes the sport (certainly the OT rule).
  23. Mods please merge this thread into all the other threads in the forum.
  24. TuscanyTile2

    Barr Stays with Vikings

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