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  1. Plus why would they want to make him play through it? What if he sabotages the situation and Sam gets injured?
  2. Happy 150th birthday, Creepy Lurker! May your next 150 years be even creepier than your previous 150!
  3. Oh really? I was convinced Scherff was drafted as a G.
  4. Is there a breakdown between C, OG and OT? I remember people saying drafting a guard with a high pick (Quentin Nelson) would be a huge waste of resources. But now I get the feeling that, in retrospect, people would say that both he and Brandon Scherff (who the Redskins took over Leonard Williams) were worth it.
  5. I like the creativity but I’d be too worried to risk Sam’s health while LW learned a new position.
  6. He was the key to victory. He got the fans into it.
  7. I feel pretty confident we're already not going to get the #1 overall pick. I think there's a very good chance the Dolphins are going winless this year.
  8. Does anyone know how many BTUs the stadium emitted yesterday?
  9. Whoa - I can't recall anyone else in this forum ever even raising this issue. How in the world did you identify it?! I am seriously impressed with your football acumen!
  10. After yesterday's win over the Cowboys, you might be experiencing feelings of happiness derived from your team's success. Recall, however, that SAR I is the arbiter of what feelings you're allowed to be experiencing. So please refrain from any having any positive emotions until you've received his written permission. That is all. Thanks, The management
  11. Remember everyone that SAR I is the ultimate arbiter of what you're allowed to think regarding the Jets.
  12. While I was not on the "fire Gase" brigade (though I wasn't exactly thrilled when we hired him), my feeling on the guy was the same before the Cowboy game as it is after it - the jury is still out.
  13. Right now my rankings are: 1) Darnold 2) Lamar Jackson 3) Josh Allen 4) Mayfield 5) Rosen
  14. I assumed it was obvious from the absurdity. People were even posting stuff like "are you serious". It's similar to saying now something like "Chad > Brady"
  15. I didn't post it to get a rise out of people. I posted it because I thought it was an obviously absurd statement that people would get a laugh out of. If anything, it was to meant to lightly poke fun at the people on here who were badly disappointed that the Jets weren't able to sign him. And to laugh at our "misfortune" because we've got a young FQB in Sam. Note that I never wanted the Jets to sign Cousins. I always thought he was fool's gold.
  16. Thanks for the cheering up. I really needed it after today's painful win.
  17. My insecurity is making me ask this: How many do I need to make laugh for it to count as being actually funny?
  18. Would it be possible for Sam to give Brady mono?
  19. To be fair, the only NFL acronym funnier than "Just End The Season" is "Boy, I Love Losing Superbowls!"
  20. I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. As for your question, all I can say is that Sam is still alive.

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