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  1. Exactly. And this past offseason was the most attractive this job was going to get for a GM (at least if CJ gave a GM the power). He could've drafted his own players, spent $100M in free agency and hired his own coach. Now it's a situation we're he's stuck w/ a HC, stuck with a previous GM's players, and has less money (IIRC $40M) to spend. That plus the HC wouldn't report to him. Not to mention the HC is a power-hungry nutjob who the owner trusts completely.
  2. TuscanyTile2

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    As a Jet fan, you should never such a question.
  3. TuscanyTile2

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    He'll have the QB in place and a very promising defense. But the rest of our offense is question marks.
  4. TuscanyTile2

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    If so then why hasn't he joined a front office yet? Or even taken a job as an announcer? He would've been handed a front-office job and would've been begged by a network to have him announce.
  5. TuscanyTile2

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    And if Joe Caproso's words are to be believed (see podcast from Villain's post below), apparently Bell doesn't fit Gase's offense:
  6. At around 16:45 Pauline says (paraphrasing):  Gase saw Tevin Coleman as a better fit because Gase runs an outside zone type running system, whereas Le'Veon Bell is an "interior gap runner". So this goes completely against @SAR I's point about Gase/CJ choosing the players while Macc did the dirty work. Also it completely goes against the idea that "who cares that Macc was the GM this past offseason. We got these great players." If the GM and the HC are not on the same page these are the types of issues that are going to come up (players who are a bit fit for the HC's system). It also cost us a lot of cap money, as Tevin Coleman would've come a lot cheaper than Bell.
  7. Caproso also says that the Dolphins are viewed as one of the worst teams talent-wise in the NFL. He follows that with "and who had a say in choosing their players the prior couple of years? The current HC of the NYJ".
  8. At around 11:30 Caproso says Joe Douglas to the Eagles is definitely not a done deal and that the Eagles think very highly of him and want to keep him. Also he raises the concern about having to rubber stamp everything Adam Gase wants. If we end up with Joe Douglas I'll be ecstatic. If we lose Joe Douglas then I will be livid. We should've just fired Macc/Bowles at the end of last year and hired Douglas at that point (when our job was way more appealing).
  9. Are you referring to Macc and Gase? https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-jets-behind-scenes-adam-gase-mike-maccagnan-20190517-wnaoganfijefdi452rtuxb4tsa-story.html
  10. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-jets-behind-scenes-adam-gase-mike-maccagnan-20190517-wnaoganfijefdi452rtuxb4tsa-story.html
  11. TuscanyTile2

    Possible trouble for Johnson & Johnson

    Huh? Is this true? Maybe they don't run anything to do with the company anymore but would they be affected financially if J&J takes a major hit? If so, then this story (and ones like it) are relevant.
  12. Mangini was a sane human being at least. I think if given more time, he would've built a winner. But that's just my opinion.
  13. In a follow-up post, he did say that Jill needed to go but that the Jets were too scared to fire her because of #MeToo.
  14. I still blame the Johnson family for this though because they paired these 2 together while having each report to them. I still don't get why a franchise would do that (and I know the Jets aren't the only ones doing this btw). I think you hire "the guy" and let him make the decisions.
  15. I'm not saying Bowles didn't deserve to be fired too but Macc didn't give him very much to work with. Look at our QB situation for example. Hack was a huge swing and miss. Of course that stuff happens (e.g. the Broncos and Pax Lynch). But you can't really win in today's NFL without a good QB. And Macc's non-high-1st-round picks were mostly forgettable (Devin Smith, Chad Hansen, Ardarius Stewart, Lorenzo Mauldin, etc). For a guy with a scouting background, that was inexcusable. Let's hope he hits on a few in this past draft but I'm not holding my breath. I'm confident Quinnen will be good but we'll see if he hits on any others.
  16. "How To Be Popular" - is that the type of thing you're joking about - lol! Speaking of the Brady Bunch, hopefully Gase can prevent opponents from stealing our playbook. Btw, what boy that age would risk having Marcia break up with him by stealing her brother's playbook? Where were his priorities?! He was dating Marcia Brady for crissakes!
  17. Were we even on pace to build one in 7 years?
  18. I didn't want any part of any of these coaches (McCarthy, Ruhle, KK). I don't know about Gase (there are seemingly some positives but he seems mentally unstable) though I wasn't thrilled with the hire. I badly wanted the Jets to get John Harbaugh but he didn't shake free and I wouldn't haved trade our #1 for him. So, in short, I don't know that I even had a preferred candidate of what was out there. I did want an offensive HC for once and Gase was at least that. And he was supposedly a highly regarded OC before he went to Miami. I remember people around here talking him up early on in his Miami tenure too. I just fear he's the type of guy who is too combustible to last long-term anywhere. And I feel like Jet ownership is now bending over backward to find a GM who can work with him. Maybe they're going to have to name Gase both the HC and GM. This way, if it fails, they can start from scratch and just hire a GM and let the GM decide the rest (as it should be!)
  19. Probably Charley Casserly. Of all the stories out there, that's the one that really bothers me the most. Macc was going to get fired in Houston but he was Casserly's buddy so that was the recommendation. The Johnsons hire the guy for his help and he pulls that crap?! I'm probably more upset at Casserly than I am at Macc/Bowles/Johnson bros.
  20. TuscanyTile2

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    This I'd be fine with. Well, I think so anyway. That "Director of Football Operations" thing for Peyton (who is still unproven) scares me a little but if that's what it took to have him as "Personal Guru to Sam Darnold" then sign me up! If Douglas doesn't happen, I'll be very bummed out. I'd like the Jeremiah thing to happen as well.
  21. TuscanyTile2

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    The LAST thing I want is for the Johnsons to try to reinvent the GM position by hiring “out of the box”. I can only imagine what they’re envisioning. Does Peyton have ANY front office experience?! I love this whole “he has to get along Gase” talk. I don’t think it came from CJ but I feel like there has to be truth to it after Gase won the power play. It truly is like “Emperor Gase”. Bottom line - just do whatever it takes to get Joe Douglas in here.

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