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  1. If you're going to post a Danny DeVito "you'll come crawling back" type video, this is the only acceptable one:
  2. The thing that bugs me most was that DT drop. Maybe it wouldn't have meant anything but I still wonder if we had moved the chains there would it have built up Sam's confidence at all. (not to mention keep the defense off the field). I'm still very confident we would've lost but maybe it would've prevented the floodgates from opening up early and the score wouldn't have been as bad. I can already hear the sarcastic comments like "yeah, it would've been 33-3". And maybe that's true but I have to wonder if it would've made a difference.
  3. This has to have already been posted but I did a quick check and didn't see it. https://www.masslive.com/patriots/2019/10/tom-brady-setting-up-to-move-on-from-new-england-patriots-says-adam-schefter.html
  4. This is my guess into Gase's thought process: Gase told Sam to put it in the end zone but Sam didn't put it in the end zone. Sam has to learn from this mistake.
  5. NFL Trade Deadline - Oct. 29th 4:00pm - Movement starting Bowles Movement?
  6. That is the responsibility of the people who pay $50k or more. Now go do your job for once.
  7. For the record, I’m not actually criticizing STH’s. I’m just redirecting SAR I’s nonsense back to him.
  8. In 2 weeks Gase is going to start feasting on teams like the Dolphins, Bengals and Redskins.
  9. When the TV watchers pay their cable bill, tbeir responsibility to the team Is complete.
  10. Which of the Patriots' 6 Superbowl titles was your favorite?
  11. I don't think it would've made any difference. Brady gets rid of the ball in under 2 seconds.
  12. IIRC, last year he was the youngest QB in NFL history to ever start a game. This year we have no OL and he's recovering from mono. That plus he went up against maybe the best defense in the NFL and the best HC of all time. Last week he single-handedly made the team look good (and they were a sh-tshow without him). Let's give him some time.
  13. Then we let an injured player coach the team and we call a bunch of oopty oops.
  14. We should've hired the Knudsen's to coach the team.
  15. Why do you pay attention to the Jets then?
  16. Maybe next home game try cheering a little louder. I saw Fireman Ed was doing his part but the rest of the STH’s were practically silent after Brady’s opening TD drive. I blame them and them alone. But in particular, you.
  17. We've won a Superbowl. We're not the worst franchise in sports.
  18. Football announcing is at a nadir these days. It used to be fantastic back in the days of Summerall/Madden, Enberg/Merlin Olsen, Charlie Jones, etc.
  19. I can't listen to Boomer/Gio but I still get laughs out of Joe/Evan.
  20. This thread has come up almost every week now - lol.

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