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  1. 54 minutes ago, BCJet said:

    For Miami's pick at 13?

    Next year's draft should be "better" then this year because you have some skill position guys and Tua.  And its clear that Miami, wants to do a full tank and is trying to acquire picks in next years draft to ensure they have the ammo to move up if necessary.

    If we could take a pass rusher or QW at 3 and then take someone like Cody Ford, Jonah Williams or Bradbury at 13, even if they played a different position from where they wind up (RT for Ford or Jonah until Shell comes off the pup), or in the case of Bradbury sat for a year to develop and get stronger, is it worth it?

    Absolutely not.

  2. 36 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

    I would not sir. I would happily trade with them this season to get their picks for #3, but I would not give up next year's capital. I would the that. Just like how much I hate not having a number 2 this year.  I wouldn't give Darnold back for it of course, but it still blows. 

    What are you doing on here?  Shouldn't you be working on the "Post Of The Week" algorithm for Max?

  3. Maxman - are you going to have a way to add up the POTW winners and then we can award a POTY based off each week's winner?  Or maybe the person who gets the number of POTW wins for that year is the poster of the year?  

    Also, when does the week begin?  12AM on Sunday feels like the standard but, during the season, it feels like the week ends after the Monday night game ends.  So maybe like midnight on Monday?  Or 1AM on Tuesday (depending on OT)?

  4. 2 hours ago, Maxman said:

    We used to do this thing call post of the week here. Anyone remember it? People have asked for it over the years, and I think we have a way to do it again.

    Should we bring it back?

    A resounding yes.  But actually can we have it as "Post of the year" and vote on it at the end of the calendar year?  I tried to get that going for the past couple of years but it never caught on.

    One other thing - there's a green up arrow for "up vote" and a heart for "like".  Aren't these basically the same thing?  Can't we do something with one of the icons (preferably the "like" since the "up vote" is the default).  A Mehta icon would still be funny but it would probably be too similar to "butt fumble".  Maybe a "This" icon? 

    Or maybe we can create a thread with suggestions and then a poll for the suggestions to see what people think?  (Though I realize this place isn't a democracy).  And that's fine because a democracy is like 2 Snacks Harrisons and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.

  5. 10 hours ago, Klecko75 said:

    I can't reveal my list ;) but I will say that the playoff game against Cleveland in 1987 is on my honorable mention list and not my top five. Most that have read the book have said I was crazy but I explain my reasoning in the Jets chapter lol

    Can I at least guess - was the worst loss the Denver AFC title game loss after we led 10-0 in the 2nd half?  I'm convinced we would've won the Superbowl that year had we held on in that game.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Klecko75 said:

    Hahaha, misery loves company. I felt compelled to write a book about my decades of suffering following my teams. I listed the top five worst losses for each of them. I needed to vent on a massive level and not just on a cool forum like this. I was a bit surprised how many other Jets fans disagreed with my list of heart-breakers. In all fairness though, we have way too many to choose from :( 

    Can you share the losses for each?  I wonder if I agree with them.

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