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  1. There was a time I was really upset with Todd Bowles for him not letting Hackenberg play. I'm going to trust the coaches this time around (even if it is Adam Gase).
  2. Agreed. My biggest concern about him would be if he loses confidence (due to being with this trainwreck of a HC and team). I don't think that's happened and I hope it doesn't for his sake. Sam seems like a good kid and I'll root for him if he goes elsewhere (as long as it doesn't hurt the Jets chances).
  3. And to reply to the OP, I haven't given up on Sam. I still think he'll be good (though it will likely be somewhere else).
  4. Going into this season, you had Sam as the 4th best QB in the AFC (behind Mahomes, LJ and Watson). So 1 game into this season, you switched from that to "I knew he wasn't the guy"?!
  5. Argentine football legend Diego Maradona dies at 60 https://www.espn.com/soccer/argentina-arg/story/4244900/argentina-legend-maradona-dies-at-60
  6. I used to just think Manish was lame and used click-bait. But if this story is true, he's an awful human being. Stalking a guy's kid (and that creepy line about knowing what ice cream his kid is eating)?! I fully agree with Scott Dierking that the police should have been brought in at that point and there should have been a restraining order. And if the Daily News knew about this and did nothing, that's even worse!
  7. If this story about Manish stalking Joe D's kid is true, then Manish is absolute scum. That is absolutely crossing the line. But if Manish wants to defend himself, we owe it to him to hear his side of the story too.
  8. If the Johnson family made decisions about who our HC should be based on stuff written by Manish then the issue is with them. Who are you referring to btw? Doug Marrone?
  9. If Sam plays this week, I think we are a "live dog".
  10. If the Jets allowed people in the stands, I'm sure there would be people with a mask on over the bag. (Or maybe just drawn on the bag). But for sure there would be someone doing that.
  11. Agreed. Reminds me of a quote I once heard (I think it might've been from Parcells or at least someone on the Giants) that "if you only have 1 pass rusher then you don't have any". The theory being you can double or even triple-team a pass rusher. Once you have a 2nd legit threat though, teams can't load up the same way. That's probably why the Giants kept drafting LBs (Carl Banks, Gary Reasons, Pepper Johnson) despite having LT. Side note: Check out this NY Giants draft from 1986. They had 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds (including 4 #2's) and went defense with all of them.
  12. Mahomes and anyone would be fine by me. But if we can't have Mahomes (and we can't), then maybe things will work out for the best if we end up getting Trevor (assuming he's all he's cracked up to be). As we all know, the NFL is all about the QB. Obviously we have to protect our QB and give him weapons but getting a generational QB (again, if Trevor lives up to billing) would be a franchise-changer.
  13. It's too bad we can't draft Penei Sewell as bookend OTs (obviously we're taking Trevor if we get 1.01). That would be sick!
  14. I didn't clear my cache but it does look correct now. Possibly something you updated? In any case, thanks!
  15. Any chance you can do this type of montage for Mike Glennon?

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