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  1. I like how you already had the spotlight white as the background prior to the Jets' uniform reveal.
  2. I think they're both pretty darn good. I honestly think I prefer Bob W but I'm guessing Giant fans probably prefer Bob P.
  3. To fit along with the subject line I think we should write his name as: Mahome's
  4. Gase is one strange looking MF'er. Obviously I'll root for the franchise though.
  5. Chris Simm’s Top 40 QB countdown — Darnold #22 I was a bigger fan of Matt Simm.
  6. 1 day on the job and JD has already found his replacement for Buster Skrine's hair.
  7. I created this poll because it feels like the forum has really swung toward thinking Adam Gase is going to be great. Personally, I still think he's unproven.
  8. There's a good chance that you're literally the only person on this forum who thinks CJ (not Macc) made that move. Don't give me "signed off on", btw. He's still going to sign off on Joe D's moves too, no? So is Joe D (the GM you're saying was the best GM candidate out there) not the real GM in your opinion? Another absurd post. I don't like Manish's articles (though I get a laugh out of them at times) but he's no public enemy. If you believe that Manish caused the Johnson's to not hire Doug Marrone then you should blame that on the Johnson Bros, not Manish. As for Joe B, this is you once again trying to increase your own stature by saying "I'm the new era Jet fan. No more of this SOJ stuff". You've been pushing this angle for a while now and it's completely hollow. Exactly what does your attitude have to do with the success or failure of this franchise? I mean, do you really think it's the attitude of Jet fans that has caused the franchise to earn the "SOJ" moniker? The Pats were sad sacks for a long time but now they're the best franchise in the sport. Was it because their fans "turned that frown upside down" or was it because of BB and TB? Hmm, let us all think about that one.
  9. I blame "Mistah T" for that because he traded up so often that we'd end up with 3 picks in a draft. Eventually that catches up to you (especially when the Pats were constantly loading up with extra #1's, #2's and #3's).
  10. What is your opinion of WJ as an owner? Sure he hired Casserly to recommend a HC and GM but they were both bad and they also weren't aligned (yet he didn't fire them). Though, based on your previous points, you probably believe that WJ was the guy making all the decisions anyway. So, in your opinion, was WJ a bad owner? And do you believe CJ swooped in to save the day?
  11. First off, that's Gase (not Bell) replying to a reporter. Second, it's pretty clear he's dismissing reports that he "didn't want Bell on the team" (by saying "We signed him. I’m excited we have him"). Let's be honest though that he would have to say something like, regardless of what he feels about Bell. But I think it's reasonable to say that he thinks Bell is a very talented RB (as why wouldn't he think that, given Bell's recent seasons). However, he also says "Whether or not we disagreed [on] anything … financially, that’s a completely different story than the person or the player". To me, that's a pretty clear indication that he's addressing Bell's contract, saying his issue was with how much money Bell was given. I guess I have to concede that I'm "reading between the lines" here but I believe that my interpretation is reasonable.
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