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  1. Sorry all. I need some laughter out of this team.
  2. Let's hope it happens again soon!
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/miami-dolphins-fire-head-coach-adam-gase-0ap3000001006469
  4. He's still not fired.
  5. Holy crap is that inexperienced! OTOH, what does that say about his skills if he's still considered a 1st rounder.
  6. Did Sam improve in any area under Adam Gase?
  7. "Sam Darnold is a top 4 AFC quarterback". Sound familiar?
  8. Did you think that way after his rookie season?
  9. You think Gase was the 4th biggest reason for the Jets' failure this year, yet you're criticizing those who will be happy about him getting fired and think it's the darkest day in modern Jets history? We'd be starting from ground zero regardless of whether Gase was here or not. Though we'd be in far worse shape if googly eyes were back for another season.
  10. The correct thing to do would've been to announce, prior to the game, that Gase was not being brought back next year. I mean, he should've been fired after last season (well, he should never have been hired) but that's another story.
  11. Turns out, no one could develop Tannehill, he was a lost cause, a windmill to chase for 6 long years.
  12. If I told you the Jets were going to open 5-0 next year, would you call me crazy?
  13. It would be absolutely hilarious if they waited until Tuesday to fire him.
  14. He tricked a 2nd team into hiring him. He's rich AF.
  15. Maxman had the same worry about Crusher but he worked out just fine.
  16. I just wonder if Bienemy is more responsible for Pat Mahomes than Gase is for Peyton Manning.
  17. He remembers all the plays on the playsheet or some BS like that. The Chiefs can't wait for someone to hire him away from them.
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