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  1. Did this ever happen? What's the link?
  2. https://nypost.com/2023/03/21/aaron-rodgers-steps-out-as-jets-trade-drama-persists/
  3. I hope the Jets don't sign OBJ. We don't need the headache. It's unclear to me what he's got left (though he was obviously very talented at one point) but I really don't want to have to root for him.
  4. The Diaz thing feels very SOJ (even though he's a Met). RBs get hurt all the time though it does stink that it happened right as Breece was starting to truly become electric. I love the direction JD is taking us, btw. I still feel very good about having him as our GM. I realize he hasn't hit on a QB (yet) but I'd absolutely re-sign him if he continues to take this franchise in a positive direction (which I fully expect him to).
  5. I know you wrote "so far" but I think we have to let things play out a little more. Let's see what JD has in store for us.
  6. If the decision was left up to me, I'd check in with Joe Douglas.
  7. I wonder if we'll be trading both 2nd rounders for Rodgers. That would basically mean our 2023 2nd and 3rd rounder plus Eli Moore for Rodgers. I could certainly live with that (though hopefully that would be the entirety of the trade).
  8. CJ Stroud is his #1 QB on the board. Likes his size. Says his decision-making is "borderline flawless" (as good as he's seen, only behind Joe Burrow). Says his mechanics are "flawless". And it's not "dink and dunk". It's 15, 20, 25 yard throws. His movement is underrated and there's untapped potential. Has Bryce Young #2 and Hendon Hooker #3. When asked which QB he's down on, he said Will Levis. Said he has a high ceiling but a low floor.
  9. There's something almost poetic about the way this is playing out. We've heard that it's done and our players have already celebrated the acquisition. I kind of want this to die down and for people to just forget about it entirely. Then a few seasons will have come and gone and Jet fans will still wax poetic about what a momentous occasion it was when we acquired him (even though we never did) and people will look back fondly at "the glory days".
  10. Ideally, I'd just like JD to fleece them and only trade away a 4th rounder this year and nothing else (other than maybe Braden Mann).
  11. Talk about a clever plot twist! Well done, writers of the 2023-24 edition of "The Script"!
  12. We've missed the playoffs for 12 straight years. If the Sacramento Kings make the playoffs this year (and it looks like they're going to), we'll have the longest playoff drought in the 4 major sports. We don't need any type of additional distractions.
  13. In other words, the NFL doesn't want to bother the "serious" teams. The Jets have already appeared on it. It should go around to every team in the league before we have to go again.
  14. Unfortunately, I think you're correct. It just adds to the LOLJets circus.
  15. I hope he's not part of what's holding up the trade. This guy has to be a fixture for this franchise going forward. But if he is part of it, then Hard Knocks absolutely needs to film the whole process of choosing the person who has to tell him that he's been traded.
  16. The difference is that we'll likely never find another Brett Ratliff
  17. I could be wrong but I interpreted Zachtomims47's post as him referring to the Packers and Jets (not FootbalGuy and Mogglez) as babies.
  18. Agreed. He's a gadget guy. I think he could even be a RB.
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