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  1. If the women were adults and weren't coerced then are you saying that, in general, women are not mature enough to make their own decisions? And that the legal system needs safeguards in order to protect women from themselves (and their own bad decisions)? Also, what about the reverse case of male prostitutes? Should the female clients be put in jail? And in either case, should the prostitutes be put in jail too or are they just victims in your mind?
  2. You asked me how I could write "what about 'my body, my choice'". I explained it to you. The law against prostitution makes no sense anyway. How is porn legal but prostitution illegal? In both cases women are selling their body for money. The only difference is the camera.
  3. TuscanyTile2

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    What's more of a disaster? 8-8 or 4-12?
  4. TuscanyTile2

    NY Jets Schedule Announced

    It would be the worst case scenario if Gase survives but Macc doesn't. It would mean yet another GM would be saddled with a HC that he didn't choose.
  5. TuscanyTile2

    NY Jets Schedule Announced

    Does Gase survive if we finish 8-8? And Macc for that matter? Sadly, I think the answer is yes for both.
  6. So you're saying a woman should be told (and this should be enforced by law) what reasons are acceptable and unacceptable for sleeping with men?
  7. TuscanyTile2

    NY Jets Schedule Announced

    My initial thought is that weeks 2-6 are going to be absolutely brutal (2 games vs the Pats, @Eagles, vs Cleveland, vs Dallas). If we can get 3-4 wins in our first 7 games then we'll have a shot. Also it sucks that our first game vs the Patriots is on short rest. And the week 4 bye is far earlier than I'd want it. It's much better to get a bye later in the season when the team is beat up and needs a playoff push. The last 3 games of the season look tough too. (@Ravens, vs Steelers, @Bills). Of course, you never know how things will play out. I'm thinking we're an 8-8 team though (and a 2-5 start)
  8. TuscanyTile2

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    Knee-on Dee-on
  9. TuscanyTile2

    Mike Leach/Kingsbury - Air Raid/NFL

    I'm not buying this for a second. First off, the guy who made the video was also the guy who loved Christian Hackenberg. Second, we heard the same type of noise about Steve Spurrier's offense.
  10. I'm aware of that. It was "guilt by association". Ridiculous.
  11. You accused Kraft of "buying porn stars and thinking they can just grab and grope any female they please, and brag about it!" I said "As far as we know, absolutely none of what you wrote happened". You interpreted that as "sounds like you're justifying what you did". That's 100% a girl reaction. It's the "you're not allowed to defend a male against things that I don't like (even if we have no reason to believe that he did them). You must be one of those guys too!!!" (knowing the white knights will be there to defend you).
  12. We need the Dolphins to have "Good Fitz" this year. (unless you want them getting Tua).
  13. TuscanyTile2

    What is the Jets biggest need in this Draft?

    Couldn't agree more. We can't let Darnold get hurt or lose confidence. Even before we get him weapons we need to protect him.
  14. Don't we play MNF in week 2 and then the Patriots in week 3? In other words, we play the Pats in their building on a short week of rest.
  15. I think he holds long grudges. He abhors the Jets (I wish I knew why) and I think he still holds the "can't wait" rant against Bart Scott.
  16. As far as we know, absolutely none of what you wrote happened. There's no reason to think this wasn't consensual (sex exchanged for money between 2 consenting adults). The human trafficking thing seems to be a complete fabrication. That makes the whole thing even more ridiculous as it was the alleged reason the police were videotaping in the first place.
  17. Red/Blue - it makes no difference. We're already way past that point.
  18. What about the women who voluntarily do this (in exchange for money, of course)? Where is your comment about them?
  19. What ever happened to "My body, my choice"?
  20. Maybe we could then trade down again to a team who wants Haskins (Giants? Redskins?). Multiple trade-downs with an additional #1 next year from a team who could fall on their face (like the Giants and Skins) would be ideal because we could continue to trade down again next year (ideally while in position to draft Tua).
  21. Before this spins out of control, I meant human trafficking (and I edited my post).

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