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  1. A (probably) drunk guy doing something he thought would be funny and probably that his friends would get a kick out of for years to come makes a bad decision and some people want him to be crippled. (I know you're not one of them, JTJet). I hate how society thinks these days. "Step out of line and you deserve to be crippled".
  2. "The Catch" was Montana to Dwight Clark. I was referring to the 1988 Superbowl drive that ended in a Montana to John Taylor TD. Does that one have a name? And if not, that's surprising.
  3. One of the good posters on the forum. I couldn't risk leaving your birthday message to the whims of T0mShane.
  4. That was their best defensive play of the day. On a more serious note, what an idiot Diggs was to do that. Imagine he got hurt over something that should've been handled by security?!
  5. "Would the Bills have won this game if Mike White started?"
  6. The comparison was made in terms of having each team touch the ball in OT (sort of like a top and bottom half of the inning).
  7. I heard that baseball focuses on the HR due to analytics. The shift defense takes away a lot of the hits. Therefore you have to hit it out of the park to avoid the defense entirely.
  8. Yeah but having a top and bottom half of an inning is just part of what baseball is. Football has "sudden death" (though not really anymore).
  9. It's not really a joke. I'm saying today's NFL is really more like the Arena League. This is what Arena Football looks like:
  10. I don't know the history of brutal losses in Arena League Football so it's hard for me to say.
  11. They should go to penalty kicks
  12. I voted they both return. I think Brady will announce that next year (at age 45) is his final season though.
  13. It would quite an big deal for the NFL if Roethlisberger/Brady/Rodgers all retire this offseason. I think we know Ben is retiring. But what do you think about the other 2?
  14. So 80 minutes? And imagine a triple OT? That's 1.5 games.
  15. And what if, after those 10 minutes, the game is still tied?
  16. @Barry McCockinner Wordle 219 6/6 Today was a tough one.
  17. First off, if they're going to change the rule, make it consistent in both regular season and the playoffs. If for no other reason, to make it easier on the fans to know the rules going in. Heck, I wasn't even certainly yesterday if the regular OT rules applied. Second, are we going to turn OT into "give each team the same number of possessions" a la baseball with the top and bottom of an inning? I thought the idea was more "don't let a team win the coin toss and then have a short drive and win the game with a long FG". Of course, even with today's rules, if a team wins the coin toss
  18. I wonder what Bill Belichick was thinking after today's games as well. Is Mac Jones really the guy who can get a team over the hump in the AFC? I still think BB might go in a different direction next year if he gets the opportunity.
  19. It's almost surprising to me that that's legal. Actually, I wonder if it is.
  20. There are 2 links. One is "The Drive" and the other is the Montana Superbowl drive.
  21. I still can't believe Tampa tied that game earlier, btw. I know enough to never count out TB12 but that was still insane.
  22. Carl Howard was just as guilty but never took any heat.
  23. You know you have issues as a franchise if Jets fans feel sorry for you.
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