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  1. I think he worked for the NFLN but he branched out on his own and does YouTube. He makes good videos but he's had plenty of big misses (just like everybody) when it comes to player evaluations.
  2. The Raiders drafted 3 WRs: Round 1, No. 12 overall: Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama Round 3, No. 80 overall: Lynn Bowden Jr., WR, Kentucky Round 3, No. 81 overall: Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina
  3. If we could draft Shane Lemieux next and pair him with Cam Clark, we might really have the makings of a hockey team.
  4. Brett Kollmann makes very good videos but let's not forget that he can be as far off on his predictions as anyone:
  5. My feeling is that if Mims were picked where we expected (early 2nd round) then there wouldn't be this big concern on the forum. The fact that he fell a little further than expected (heck, we needed him but traded down) is the cause of all of this. The truth is we don't know jack.
  6. We traded our pic to the Pats..... Which picture did we trade? Hopefully not a scandalous one.
  7. For the record, my Jachai Polite comparison are meant in jest. I don't watch very much college football and I trust in JD anyway.
  8. I was banned too. I thought it was for joking that our next pick was "a human male" or "will weigh less than Mekhi Becton" but I guess others were randomly banned too.

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