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  1. There's still talk that Sam could get us a 2nd rounder. What exactly could we get for Gase?
  2. Remind me - was Sam brought here to develop Gase?
  3. The Johnson brothers and Macc are the other 3?
  4. Nah. The jags would’ve figured out how to lose.
  5. I’d prefer the Jags to win for our draft position but I don’t see it happening
  6. Today was his 16th double-digit loss in 32 games as HC of the NYJ. 50% for his Jets’ tenure until he gets sh*t canned tomorrow (or hopefully tonight)
  7. We need to bring back Frank Gore next year so he can pass Walter Payton. Let's get our priorities straight!
  8. That is seriously impressive. We need to not only bring him back next year but also give him a 5 year extension!
  9. Just kidding. Now that it doesn't affect our draft position if we win or lose, we're definitely going to lose. And I know that if we lose and Jax wins that we have the 1st pick in the 2nd round but, considering they play at 4:25PM, they control the situation and we've already seen how they laid down last week.
  10. It would probably be better for us if he was great and increased his value. But I agree it would be very interesting to see what people's opinions in this forum will be.
  11. How Jetsy would it be for us to hire a HC with "flu" in his name.
  12. Sam Ficken got waived https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-activate-rg-greg-van-roten-from-injured-reserve-waive-k-sam-ficken
  13. I'm sure he's interested because of Trevor. Urban is no dummy.
  14. Do you think Gase is going to use his laser eyes to vaporize the Met fans who root for this franchise?

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