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  1. You're down to your last couple of days of this. I appreciate that you're milking every last joke out of it!
  2. Would people be as excited about Fields today if he was mediocre yesterday?
  3. Since we're in the best position of the entire draft, maybe we could get Jax to trade us their 2nd rounder this year if we agree to swap draft positions with them in the 1st round.
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=300117024 M. Sanchez12-23, 100 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT
  5. There's definitely some truth to your criticisms of Peyton and Marino but they're still top 10 of all time and we'd still have loved to have had them, no? Also, we have no idea yet if TL or JF are going to be "big game QBs" in the NFL either. And fwiw, Marino does have a famous clutch pass against Georgia (2:35:23). So if you want to say that a QB being heroic in a big college game is significant then how do you reconcile that play against your comment that Marino "never lifted that team and his teams were stacked". (I'm not a believer that those teams were stacked btw. And Duper and Clayton were far more products of Marino than vice-versa).
  6. If you've been all over Fields through thick and thin then I'll give you credit for staying consistent. I'm sure you would at least agree, though, that there are plenty of people on here who are "reactionary" (and will be to the negative side if Fields plays crappy against Bama). But who do you think should be apologizing to you? Neither TL or JF have played an NFL down yet. It's a bit early to be taking a "victory lap", no?
  7. Peyton Manning was 0-4 vs Florida. Dan Marino's numbers fell off his senior year in college.
  8. Uhh, yeah that's the point I was making. SMH.
  9. If that's not your thing then you should avoid this forum until after the draft. Also, what if Fields looks mediocre against Bama? Are you still going to point to yesterday's game or are you going to suddenly feel that he's not what he's cracked up to be?
  10. I'm not comparing Fields to Nagle. I'm saying there are plenty of examples of QBs playing great in bowl games who stunk as pros.
  11. If he played a bad game last night do you think everyone would be as high on him as they are today? And if he plays badly against Bama, same question.
  12. I'd be thrilled if that's how it played out too! Come to think of it, maybe Urban Meyer is the key to this whole thing! He could either be HC of the NYJ or go to the Jags and cause us to get Trevor. lol
  13. Again, if that's the case, I'd be all in. I think Urban Meyer will be a terrific NFL HC (should he decide go that route). And if anyone could maximize Fields' talents, I think it would be him. While I don't think Urban is seriously considering us, if he did come here, I'd be psyched for next season.
  14. He definitely played great last night but there are plenty of examples of QBs who played great in bowl games that stunk in the pros. Browning Nagle certainly comes to mind.
  15. For the record, I'm not a huge fan of Fields either. I mean, he definitely has a lot of talent but that doesn't necessarily mean we should invest the #2 overall pick on the guy (especially with our track record of coaching hires). We saw him play a great game yesterday but, as someone else said, I think this is recency bias. (He didn't look so great against Northwestern) . It will be interesting though if he plays great again next week though. That would really set this forum on fire.
  16. So if the Jags offered us the choice of who we wanted, you'd refuse?
  17. I think we have to root for OSU next week against Bama and hope that Fields has another great game. Highly doubt the Jags will consider taking Fields over Trevor but we could probably at least get a lot in a trade down (should we go that route). Basically I think it'll give us more leverage with that pick.
  18. If we could get Urban Meyer to coach the Jets, and he wants Fields, then I'd be good with going that route. Realistically, though, Urban wants no part of us and, if he's seriously considering the NFL, is likely going to the Jags to coach Trevor.
  19. If the Jags do end up taking Fields I wonder if any longtime Jaguar fans will end up switching allegiances to root for the Jets. @Spoot-Face
  20. Will you post a “NY Jets Draft Blunders Part II” video of it?

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