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  1. Fields doing well will help his draft stock so I guess that would be good for us. But I'm worried we'll end up drafting him and he'll be a bust.
  2. "I didn't ask who gave the order for you to become a Jet fan".
  3. Even the 2 SBs he won, 1 was against a crappy Bears team in the rain. The other he was carried to by Denver's defense.
  4. I like Wischusen but I guess to each their own.
  5. Agree on Romo. As for Al Michaels, he's a legend but I'm tired of him already.
  6. This guy looks like a leader of men - lol.
  7. Do we know if they asked Ashtyn Davis who Adam Gase is? Also, I wonder how many offensive players don't know who Dowell Loggains is.
  8. Not that he had credibility but Gase had HC experience (Miami) when he was hired here. Or maybe you were making a joke about that ("look at where hiring a guy with experience got us")?
  9. Im in the 35% camp but I would bring in Trey Lance (at 1.02) if JD believes in him. He might need polishing (and some time to sit and learn) but he’d have that luxury if we bring Sam back next year. I know Lance is a boom/bust type pick but I don’t see how we’re going to win a Super Bowl if we don’t hit on a QB with very high upside. I’m far less convinced right now about Zach Wilson (looks too frail) and Justin Fields (just not a believer) but there’s a lot of time between now and the draft so things could change. Oh and as far as a veteran, Flacco (or someone of that ilk) is fine. Just someone not too expensive. If Sam doesn’t pan out I’d rather we sh*t the bed than put a band aid on the problem and win some meaningless games that will hurt next year’s draft position. Plus maybe Lance will be ready for some games by like week 12.
  10. Oh man, I completely forgot about that!
  11. 13-3 Jets with 12 minutes left in the 3Q if you turn it on now.
  12. Are you really from San Diego? Have you heard how there is almost no incidence of the flu so far this year (36 cases so far while there are normally around 17K by now)? "Amazing!" /sarcasm
  13. The other major risk of hiring him is that, if a Jet HC with that last name ends up failing, it's a virtual certainty that the media will start referring to him as "McClown". That's the absolute last thing this franchise needs!

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