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  1. To be fair, Frank Reich was a long-time backup QB too and is a good HC. Otoh, Reich had a pretty decent amount of coaching experience when he got hired by the Colts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Reich
  2. I like McCown but wouldn't he be a 1st year coordinator, let alone HC?!
  3. Because CJ is basically admitting how badly he effed this one up.
  4. Yet another example how much of a laughingstock we are. (I'm referring to the entire sentence, not just the bolded part, which I can't "un-bold" for some reason)
  5. Don't forget though. He'll only be unemployed for 30 seconds...
  6. One thing that adds to the miserableness of a 2-13 season is that we pretty much always get the lowest-rated announcing team on whatever station the game is on. I've been watching Red Zone this year though (where you can hear the announcers of all the games) and it feels like most of the announcers are terrible. I'm wondering if anyone agrees.
  7. As the creator of that pic, it brings me happiness to see that it now has a life of its own.
  8. I'm going to miss these posts after this coming Monday! Bravo on this canon of work. I got many laughs out of it! (sincerely)
  9. Yeah, if he's interested let's ignore him. Eric Bienemy is available and the Chiefs just can't wait to have us take him off their hands! /sarcasm
  10. Brady always gets rid of the ball very quickly though so he makes any OL look better.
  11. If there are no special restrictions (masks, vaccine, etc), I'd be extremely happy to go back. Unfortunately, I don't think that will be the case.
  12. Mekhi Becton: "Media types saying I haven't 'lived up to expectations' aren't real media types"
  13. I love how all the media types stick the loser guys who can't get a HC job elsewhere (Bienemy) with the Jets.
  14. I think he experiences a Marino-like fall and Miami ends up grabbing him late in the 1st round with their own pick (currently #23) rather than with the Texans' pick.
  15. Reminder that this poll is about who you think will be our next HC (not who you want).
  16. Come on Cowher! The subject line is critically in need of a comma!

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