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  1. This is NOT about who you want but rather about who you think will be our next HC.
  2. Heh, it's fine. Close enough! And certainly not worth bothering looking it up.
  3. That's 90210. Daphne Zuniga was Melrose Place.
  4. I found some Daphne Zuniga tape. Not very impressive.
  5. Peyton "signed off" on Gase in the same way that I feel like KC is doing for Eric Bienemy. They're like "Yeah, hire him! He's great!" while probably thinking "suckers!"
  6. To me, that statement meant "I'm very interested in the Jets' job if they get Trevor Lawrence".
  7. It's perfect symmetry. Rich Kotite also knew he was fired going into his final game.
  8. Even I'm listening and I can't stand Carton (or the pairing of Carton/Roberts)
  9. Why? Who on this forum is unaware that Darnold has played behind a crappy OL and backup WRs due to injury (not to mention the worst HC in the NFL)? It's been discussed non-stop for the past 2 years. The bigger question (also discussed ad-nauseam) is if we expect Sam to overcome it
  10. We scored 23 points. We were hardly running away with the game.
  11. I agree. The only reason I was asking is because I've always been one of Sam's biggest defenders on here.
  12. I've posted a bunch of times about Trey Lance. I think he would fit in well here because he could sit behind Sam next year. If Sam looks good, we have a nice problem on our hands. If not, then we already have our potential solution in-house. And he'd have already learned for a year from whoever our next HC is going to be. The thing that stinks is that Cincy is at #5 right now. If they were at #3, we could've traded back 1 spot and still have been guaranteed that Lance would be there. If we trade back to #5, there's a real chance some other team might trade up for him. Obviously Lance is risky but there's also a potentially big reward. And with his strong arm and great running ability, I could see teams convincing themselves that he'll be the next Mahomes when we get closer to draft day. I expect that I'll think that way myself.
  13. My point: The Browns losing their top 4 WRs and 2 OL allowed the Jets to overload against the run. That's why Chubb/Hunt got 15 carries combined while Baker threw the ball 53 times. Ftr, I'm not a Baker fan and never have been (he's mediocre). And for those wondering, I'd still rather have Sam than Baker.
  14. I'm neither making excuses or feeling sorry for the Browns. My point is that I wouldn't give too much credence to how well our run defense played against a Browns' team that was missing its top 4 WRs and 2 OL. Why do you think Baker threw the ball 53 times while Chubb and Hunt only got 15 carries combined? Possibly because the Jets were overplaying the run because we knew they were using practice squad WRs?!
  15. The Pats are only 3.5 point favorites over us. Pathetic!
  16. Fwiw, if we lose and Jax wins, we get the 1st pick of the 2nd round
  17. Lol, my bad. Though the OP did start the convo with "I have to say, I am impressed with our run D. I never expected it to be so stout against the Browns combo of Hunt and Chubb especially without Q."
  18. So you meant "you" as in "people in general". First off, the OP's point was about our run defense, NOT Sam. Second, I'm not the person to direct this point to. I haven't given up on Sam (though I admit I'm a little discouraged by his play this year) and I've always been one of his biggest defenders on here.
  19. They were missing 2 OL. And they had practice squad WRs. You don't think that would allow the Jets to overload against the run?! Is that why Chubb and Hunt got a total of 15 carries combined while Baker threw the ball 53 times? (And we only scored 23 points so it's not like it was a shootout.)

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