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  1. Atleast Geno gives the Jets a better chance to win if they don't sign Fitzpatrick. Geno has potential and Hackenberg doesn't. that's my opinion.
  2. I have seen Hackenberg play live twice in person. He isn't that good of a quarterback. I'm not surprised at all and i'm still perplexed that the Jets would even pick him in the 2nd round when he wasn't even worth it. Just because Mccagnan had a friendship with Bill O'Brien when he was employed by the Texans doesn't mean he had to pick Sackenberg. Hopefully he holds the clip board for a long long long time. I would have much rather preferred them to have picked someone else. I believe he'll never play a down at quarterback for the Jets.
  3. I sincerely believe it will be Bryce Petty time in the 2017 season because he will have sat enough on the bench and will have learned a lot from the starting quarterbacks before him. He's the right option to start the season after this one because I want to see what talents he has to potentially be the ''Franchise Quarterback'' that everyone expects him to be. At that time it will be appropriate to give him a chance at being given the job.
  4. I really don't like the Jets chances if Geno is the quarterback it would make them a 4 win team from a 10 win team. From what I saw from watching him play he has potential but not enough to lead this team to a playoff spot. I really hope and pray that Fitzpatrick comes to his senses and resigns with the Jets because he is the stop gap hope for the Jets right now before its time for Bryce Petty to start which will be soon probably after this upcoming season.
  5. I look at this as a greedy gesture by the ownership of the New York Jets and whoever else is in charge. The team has not been to the playoffs since 2010. I get it that they were 10-6 but they still didn't make the playoffs. I also get it that the NFL is a business that always wants to make money. I sincerely hope that they are relevant next season as well because next years schedule is tougher. If last seasons success was a mirage then it will be "Same Old Jets" all over again. Whatever happens happens I have seen this over and over again. I expect playoffs but if it doesn't happen again for them then I will wonder what the heck else needs to go right.
  6. I hope Maccagnan trades him or lets him go. The least he can do is slide him down to the 3rd spot on the bottom of the depth chart.
  7. I chose Chrebet #80 , Coles #87, Cotchery #89, Decker #87, Marshall #15 because these 5 have shown me that they all deserve to be recognized because of their contributions to the Jets franchise.
  8. The Jets need that from Fitzpatrick next season. They came so damn close to the playoffs. I sincerely hope #14 has another over achieving statistical year.
  9. I believe he deserves it because he did win a Super Bowl in Indianapolis with the Colts. It also greatly helped that he had Peyton Manning quarterbacking his team back then or else he wouldn't be considered a good coach. He does a decent job on NBC talking about the NFL before the Sunday Night Football games on NBC. I would say no he doesn't deserve it if he didn't win that one super bowl. Dungy does have a losing record vs New England because of the numerous times they faced each other in the playoffs in the past. Just my opinion
  10. Theeeeeeee Raiders! Viva Las Vegas! I don't know how the NFL is going to allow this with all the gambling that goes on over there. Go Jets it's a good thing my team is staying forever.
  11. I will be one happy Jets fan when that evil dynasty ceases. I can't wait for that because that is the starting point for a potential Jets dynasty to begin which I can't wait for.
  12. The Jets need to sign him for next season. #96 needs to still be there to help the defense get to the QB
  13. I am very pleased that the Patriots lost today to Old man winter Peyton Manning. I never like seeing the Patriots in any Super Bowl games. The Patriots are the definition of an evil cheating organization that doesn't deserve anything good. I am also pleased the Jets beat that team in the Meadowlands the second to last week of the season. Brady played terrible today which was excellent and to see Belicheat disgusted on the sideline was also very great to see. All that deflating and spy camera actions the Patriots come up short in the end. Thank goodness Denver won. It's finally going to be a good Super Bowl to watch I can't choose a winner just yet because I have no dislike for either team. It should be fun.
  14. #Anybodybutthepatriots. Old Man Winter Peyton Manning hopefully wins 27-24 over Shady Brady and Billy Belicheat. In a perfect world I would want the Jets to be constantly in this situation. I can't bear to watch another Patriots super bowl. Letssssssssssssss gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BRONCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!
  15. I would prefer the Jets stick to signing and bringing back Fitzpatrick. Then if not I would sign Drew Brees because he should what it takes to win a super bowl and play well in the playoffs consistently.
  16. Let the Jets first get home field advantage first before we talk about possible playoff home games.
  17. Lmao It would be hilarious to see Mark Sanchez back at the Eagles starting quarterback position. I definitely am thankful that he is off the Jets. He is a ruined quarterback from Rex Ryan's system and he got coddled way too much which ultimately ruined his career.
  18. Belichicks arrogance got the best of him on that call. Instead of Brady going down the field first and potentially beating the Jets in OT. He never got the ball because our QB Fitzy the Harvard graduate goes down the field and throws the winning td to decker on the right side of the endzone from the redzone. What a great moment that was. Epic! I was at Buffalo Wild Wings at that time when the winning td happened the whole place full of Jets fans erupted in Cheers of Joy! It was awesome! Go Jets!
  19. I think our Jets have a quality receiver in Enunwa that's a great last name to say after he makes a great touchdown catch or first down reception. It's great to see a young receiver play well for the future to help out Decker and Marshall when they are double teamed. It has helped the team thus far. Go Jets! The present is bright! The Future is even brighter!
  20. Some of Chan Gaileys play calls were questionable with those dink and dunk passes going for short yards. It reminded me of what Chad Pennington did when he didn't have the arm strength anymore to throw deep. Fitzy has arm strength why not utilize that strength a lot more. Yes of course Fitzpatrick should be signed to a 2 year deal at most he is a great stop gap QB for the Jets. Fitzpatrick is doing better then when Favre was here that's for damn sure . Fitzpatrick is playing like an all time great and a franchise qb at the moment. hopefully that continues. The Jets do have a good chance at winning their first round game vs the Chiefs or Texans or Broncos. All of those teams have suspect quarterback play. We have defeated Peyton Manning before in the playoffs if we do play his Broncos. I'm very hyped up about this week and the potential playoffs. For the 1st time in 4.5 years of dreadful football with Rex Ryan we all have a team that we can be proud of. Go J-E-T-S!
  21. I believe the Jets will be so focused to win Sunday that the momentum of that game will propel them to great things in the playoffs. Hopefully a long playoff run is in the works for this team. They have all the makings of that to happen. Just take care of business on Sunday vs Rexy and the Bills. Who knows the Jets could go all the way to the Super Bowl momentum took the Giants all the way to Super Bowls. Why Not the Jets? We will see
  22. I have been to a Jets @‌ Giants preseason game back in 2007. If this game was a Jets home game I would probably go. Since it's a Giants home game the tickets are a lot more expensive and sitting on the couch with HD TV watching from home is a lot better. I have already been to a Jets game this year vs the surprising Redskins who we won by 14 against back in October. plus no traffic to get out and free food.
  23. I just hope the Jets beat them Sunday. That's all I want. I'm confident that they will do so because the Giants are injury rattled at many positions especially On the Offensive Line.
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