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  1. Jones has to learn how to read a defense, something I believe Sam has learned.
  2. Its very disappointing to be a Jets fan, period. However to say that because Daniel Jones looks like the real deal is sill. I have no doubts, Sam Darnold will be a top 10 QB throughout his career as will Daniel Jones - they both have "it" as well as the physical talent to be that good. What will set them apart over the years to come will be the talent that surrounds them. Darius Slayton ( and what a find he was), Evan Engram and Golden Tate are each better than any receiver the Jets have. Not to mention the Giant OL is light years better than the Jets. Before we give up tho, lets see what a healthy 2nd year version of Sam can do. In spite of our pathetic roster, I believe Sam will give us a lot to cheer about throughout the remainder of the season,
  3. A better way to put it: Allen has been better than most expected, having said that, if the Bills had just an average D they wud be 1-4 right now.
  4. In Philly, raucous crowd, Eagles will score at will and we'll be lucky to get a first down. 45-0 Eagles.
  5. Ugh the '98 season, talk about leadership, Parcells waved the white flag as soon as Vinny went down.
  6. I believe Darnold will play. which only means we'll play well enough to cover the spread.
  7. Osemele has been terrible, he may be a huge strong beast, but he has no mobility left.
  8. That makes sense, I was sick for two weeks before my mono test came back positive.
  9. Not true, here's my picks: WR: Geronimo Allison and Travis Benjamin OL: Germain Ifedi, Jack Conklin, Andrus Peat, JC Tretter Edge: Whitney Mercilus, Shaq Barrett CB: Ronald Darby and Trae Waynes
  10. We need two edge rushers and perhaps two DL with McClendon and Leo leaving after the season. Henry Anderson also should not be a starter, he is more effective as a situational pass rusher. We need a min of 3 new OL for 2020, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 CBs, 2 OLBs and 2 DL. If we could fulfill half those needs prior to next season it would be a miracle.
  11. On paper Darnold prolly is better than all of them (Lawrence still has a lot to prove), what worries me about Darnold (and was my only concern about him coming out) is he is susceptible to batted down passes due to his long(ish) delivery. He has enough arm strength that a CB cannot make a break on the ball once he releases it, but getting the pass off - as long as he is in the pocket - will always be a concern. Of course he is not nearly as bad as Byron Leftwich nor as pathetic as Richard Todd was (tipped when he was going to throw by patting the ball) but its still a concern. Out of the 2020 class, I believe Jake Fromm may turn out to be the best of the group over the long haul, he may not have the big arm, but everything else is there.
  12. I agree regarding the Bears defense, but the Saints D is pretty nasty as well and if Brees comes back soon enough and healthy enough I have to go with the Saints as the NFC winner. As for the AFC, KCs D is still not up to par, meanwhile the Pats D is better than last year. If Josh Gordon can make it through the season without smoking weed and N'Keal Harry comes back after week 8 and is all what he's supposed to be, how do you not go with the Pats - again - defeating the Saints in the Super Bowl 24-17.
  13. This is the second comment about Darnold's injury history - does anyone realize he's not had one injury as a pro yet - last year was BS to give him a break. This year he sucked face with a FDU whore - mono is not an injury.
  14. Dude, Osemele is a lost cause, he may be more done than a retired Kahlil. He stunk it up for the Raiders the last two years - as it turns out - it wasnt the Raiders it was him.

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