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  1. Dave Brown was an epic bust for the Giants, he barely played a down for Arizona. Now he's one of the wealthiest residents of Westfield NJ thanks to his rich daddy paving his way.
  2. I'm not calling Gase and Loggins Don Coryell, but you do realize they are the best Offensive Coaches we have had since Charlie Weis. Schemes play a major role in opening up holes for a running back, Gase made Ajayi and Drake look like superstars with a subpar OL.
  3. No to Savage and Ireland but Id take Pioli - tho I doubt he'd be interested in the Jet due to his strong ties to Belichick
  4. How about Chris offers up his wife for a night, Id clean his toilets for a year!
  5. The T-Shirt launchers never make it to midfield - I blame the Johnson's damnit!
  6. Nah tho that seems like the likely scenario I actually believe Gase is going to be a success mostly because we have great locker room leadership in Darnold, Adams and Mosely. All we need from Gase and Williams are creative game plans which both are more than capable of.
  7. You must be joking. The Johnsons have no idea what they are doing, they have never worked a day in their lives. I wouldn't want them to run a Burger King let alone a professional football franchise. If they had a clue they would have hired a Football man years ago but they remain stubborn and think they can run the team themselves like the Jets are a video game they used to play on their Atari when they were kids.
  8. EXACTLY - looking back it almost seems that Macc has no self confidence.
  9. Wud you be opposed to trading him to the Bengals for AJ Green and a 3rd Rounder, and then signing Suh?
  10. Problem with Lee is he was undersized and afraid to tackle. I wud compare him to Vilma who was undersized before he juiced in NO but Wilma at 220 soaking wet was a tackling machine - after juicing he became an all-pro. Lee juiced last year and he was still on his back on most plays - some guys dont have the mental toughness to compete in the NFL, maybe Reid will put him on the same crap Dee Ford was taking last year and make a player out of him but there was no sense keeping Lee as a lame duck backup who cant even play special teams.
  11. Listen people, for how many years have we been saddled with Nice guy/player coaches who dont enforce rules and dont hold players accountable? The last disciplinarian we had was Parcells, I wud say Groh - but he had no credibility in the locker room. Unlike many pro sports owners who are successful businessmen and know how to run a business the Johnson are heirs who never worked a day in their lives - they have no balls and no clue about anything but Country Clubs, Polo and recreational drug use. Maccagnan is a wimp who had no guts. Darnold fell into his lap - but yes he did put us in position to get him - but focus on what he didnt do - build an offense around Darnold. Think of the first thing Ernie Acorsi did for Eli - Ernie said we need to get him a franchise WR - so he traded for Plaxico Burress. Indy drafted Marvin Harrison for Payton. Oakland drafted Amari Cooper for Carr...I cud go on and on. Mac said meh we have Robby Anderson. He did nothing for the OL - Spencer Long - really? Dont forget Mac wasted picks on Petty and Hack before he got desperate to trade up. Now we have an Alpha Male whack job coach who feasts on weakness - he saw Chrissy Johnson is weak and Maccagnan is weak and he big time bitch slapped the both of them into submission. Good for him.. Now lets see what Gase can do - he's got the golden egg - a real Franchise QB - now lets see if he can change the culture and build a championship supporting cast. Also enough with the Miami complaints - he inherited a mediocre team with no OL and two ME stars in Landry and Ajayi - I believe Mayfield is the only guy who can get Landry to behave and Ajayi hasnt done much in Phlly. You guys make it seem he drove a perennial Super Bowl contender into the ground. Miami hasnt been the same since Shula retired for Christ Sake.! He inherited a mess and took them to the playoffs in his first year for the first time since the Pennington/wildcat miracle season. Who know what wud have happened if Tannehill didnt tear up his knee pr of they got a decent replacement in his second year rather than a washed up and disengaged Jay Cutler. Now lets see if Gase can get us more talent at WR, Center and CB, if he does this should be a very good season. I have been one of the more negative posters on this board over the years, however I am feeling the most excited about the Jets since Parcells was here (because I never believed in Mark Sanchez and never felt confident with Herm running the show). J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS - get used to that cause there's gonna be a whole lot of Kick-offs after TDs this year.
  12. Nope Parcells was GM and Head Coach he quit coaching but had one year left on his contract so he stayed on as GM for one year and after Beli didnt want to work for Woody he hired Groh. When his contract was up he pushed Groh to take the Virginia coaching job and recommended Terry Bradway for GM and Mo Carthon for HC, Bradway chose his buddy Herman Edwards instead. Neil Glatt should be a COO, he knows the business side of football from working for the NFL Corporate Development office for 15 years and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business - he knows nothing about field personnel. I rather compare the Gase situation to Joe Walton's arrangement - years of bad drafting and lousy coaching, but I think Gase is smarter and crazier than Walton - maybe like drunken psycho Walt Michaels - who should never been fired.
  13. Ummm, do you want a coach all the players love - like Bowles or Edwards? Or a complete a$$hole who gets the players angry like Gase and Williams. I rather have players playing angry than one blowing kisses to their head coach.
  14. IDK about terrible, if anything they over-achieved. The one season he had a healthy QB they went to the playoffs and only lost because Matt Moore stinks. I think the Dolphins under Gase always played hard and often gave the Pats fits. We haven't had a coach who had a pulse since Rex was canned, now we have two Gase and Williams who are equally insane enough to get along with each other. Lets stop complaining and give these guys a chance - you dont get a third chance in the NFL so if Gase doesnt win here he's done, With two nut jobs running the show I believe we will see a fired up team that plays like their lives depend on it. I stand by my 11-5 prediction and wish Mac luck as a scout in the XFL.

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