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    O'Brien to Walker.....TOUCHDOWN!
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    Richard Todd's 5 Int's in the mud bowl.
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    Yes, but in diapers and spitting up.

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  1. Yes Elf!!!! Also some of my favorites; Kingpin, Superbad, The Interview, Dinner for Schmucks, Animal House, Annie Hall and The Jerk.
  2. Dont think he's that kind of QB, but Matt Stafford is as good of a comp as I can fathom.
  3. Well this was some night folks. In my 40+ years as a Jets fan this is my happiest first round draft pick since 1985 when we selected Al Toon. (I was actually pissed about Revis because I liked Hall just as much and we didnt need to trade up for him). I remember pi$$ing myself out of glee over Richard Todd too, so I cant claim genious. We almost didnt $uck enough for Sam, but at the end of the day - he was the one I wanted all along, lets hope me and Mac were right!
  4. Good call bro. Flacco may not make it out of Preseason as the starter - not that Jackson is all that, but Flacco sux.
  5. Interesting, very interesting. PRPIs kind of cure bone on bone these days dont they>\?
  6. deucebag

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    Ummmm IDK man, I count losses @Detroit, @Jax , vs Denver, vs Minn, @CHI, @MIA, vs NE, vs HOU, vs GB, @NE. ,
  7. deucebag

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    I doubt we see Darnold do anything but a few garbage time snaps. Its a redshirt year. The roster is still thin. We still dont have an OL. Its a tough schedule. Looking at no better than 6-10. NY Jets 2019 Division Champs!
  8. deucebag

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    I havent laughed this hard in weeks! Thanks - I needed that!
  9. deucebag


    Oy! I am not saying Darnold is a lock for Canton, but he is well over and above every QB in the 1st rnd of this draft. These mofo's were so overhyped. Mayfield, Rosen, Allen - MEH.
  10. Seattle has to go OL here, right? Or does Mike Hughes come off the board?
  11. No way, with our 4 remaining picks we need to focus on EDGE, OL and CB.