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  1. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    Im not gonna lose sleep over this. We have bigger holes to fill. Outside of the secondary do you realize this roster is void of talent? Is there even one player on the team that would be a #1 pick in an expansion draft?
  2. McCown signs contract at Chik-fil-A

    "Dad, you just got $10M and we still have to eat this cr@p?"
  3. Trading up would be mistake

    I have been a draft fan for 35 years yet I have never felt as negative about the top QB prospects as I do this year. Am I nuts? I really dont see a pro QB outside of perhaps Sam Darnold (and yes his small hands concern me). Are the big 4 (Darnold, Rosen, Allen and Mayfield) really that good? My view: Sam Darnold, can make all the throws, reads all the defenses, goes through his progressions and has shown he knows when to check down...but has lousy pocket awareness, will fumble upon contact and will make lousy throws under pressure ( but same cud be said about T Brady). So yes Darnold dis worth the #1 overall pick. Josh Allen, how is this guy not termed a project. Lousy footwork, seemingly inaccurate, has an absolute cannon and is built like a TE. But a top 5 pick? Really? Josh Rosen, love the natural ability, but this guy screams Jay Cutler 2.0, No thank you. Baker Mayfield, why why why? I just dont get it? What is there to love? How is this guy not the test tube child of Geno Smith and Doug Flutie? I'm sorry I cant see him being a top pick. I wish there was not all this pressure on the Jets to find their QB this year. It makes no sense to force things when they are not there.
  4. IMO, the only QB worth trading up for is Darnold and I think the Browns want him too much. I see it shaking out like this: 1. Browns: Darnold 2. Giants: Barkley 3. Colts: Chubb 4. Buffalo (via Trade) Allen 5. Denver: Mayfield 6. Jets: Rosen I dont want Rosen and I think it will be a big mistake to pick him, but whatcha gonna do 2nd round hopefully get a TE and OG.
  5. No-brainer, must signing. But still need two more CBs.
  6. Have you forgotten Byron Leftwich
  7. Is Drew Brees available?

    The Jets offensive line is the wort Brees wud ever play behind, Brees also has had and needs weapons and a Pass Receiving RB is a must. At least Cousins has experience playing without a supporting cast. The Jets sign Brees they will go 6-10 the next two years. If they sign Cousins - at least they will play meaningful games in December. Neither scenario gets you to the Super Bowl, but none of the QBs in this years class, except perhaps Darnold, does either.
  8. Is Drew Brees available?

    Brees to the Vikings makes sense, coming to the Jets would be catastrophic for both sides.
  9. There is way too much pressure on the Jets to come away with a franchise QB from this draft that only bad things can come from it. I look at these prospects and I am not sure any of them can be Super Bowl QBs. They have been over hyped all year. TBH I dont really like any of them but if I had to choose it would be Darnold. Having said that there is no way in hell I would trade the farm to move up to #1 for him. We had a chance to tank and get a #1 spot and we blew it - own it - deal with it. There are way too many holes to fill and they all cannot be filled via free agency. I dont think anyone has a grasp of how bad the Jets roster is from top to bottom. Bringing in a Cousins or a Darnold is not going to make us a playoff contender next year. If I was the Jets GM I would stay at 6 and take the BPA unless there is a big offer to trade down. Re-sign McCown, bring in Bridgewater and draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round.
  10. 1. Mark Gastineau 2. Erik McMillan 3. Mickey Shuler 4. Wesley Walker 5. James Hasty 6. Greg Buttle 7. Lance Mehl 8. Joe Klecko 9. Bruce Harper 10. Richard Todd (for all the promise he never lived up to, for giving us the bird when we boo'd, for always tackling the player intercepting him, but mostly for the 16-15 comeback win vs Miami at Shea with broken ribs).
  11. 2017 Mets thread!

    I do not believe that was the case, he proved himself to be a contact hitter and hit well enough to stick around a team that other than Murphy and Wright was fielding a semi-pro (not even minor league quality) lineup. I thought the excuse was, we have Wright at 3B and Murphy at 2B no position to play him...
  12. 2017 Mets thread!

    I kind of get the feeling that anybody in the Mets organization (players, coaches, managers, right down to the ped delivery person) must kiss Sandy's old wrinkled saggy a$$ or they are gone. Look at the guys who have been let go - seems that anyone with balz gets shown the door. The Mets are run more like a big four accounting firm rather than a baseball team.
  13. 2017 Mets thread!

    I hear you but I dont think I can agree on everything. Injuries are rampant all over baseball these days. Just look at what happened to the Yankees over the last month. The Nats lost two key players in Eaton and Turner now, but they are so effin deep they could lose two more and still win without anything that resembles a major league bullpen. That brings up a whole other Mets problem - DEPTH, the Mets had zero ready for primetime prospects to bring up this year and made zero upgrades of any position. If I were running the show I would have picked up a Catcher, a 3rd baseman and at least two bullpen arms including a legit closer at the very least. I am sorry but having blown his last four post-season save opportunities was enough to convince me to take away the closer role from Familia. Wade Davis and Greg Holland were there for the taking. As for the pitching issues, why all these pitchers are getting injured - I believe is due to Throwing as Hard as they can on every pitch...too much stress on the arm (also consider they are throwing the secondary offerings (curve, slider) as hard as they can as well). Back in the day a great pitcher could reach back for a little extra to get the K, notice now how you see a pitcher throw consistently 97 and not have anything to reach back for when he needs it because he has already blown his load. Then the Harvey issue - I believe this years injury was due to improper rehab from the thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. Nevertheless - not one pitcher who had this surgery has returned to form and for most it was career ending...to name a few whose careers were ended due to this surgery: Josh Beckett, Tyson Ross, Luke Hochevar, Clayton Richard, Matt Harrison, Chris Carpenter, Noah Lowry and Shaun Marcum. Others like Harvey, Phil Hughes and Jamie Garcia have stunk since the surgery. So for the Mets to be counting on Harvey as a frontline starter was pretty foolish IMO. Then consider that deGrom and Matz were fresh off elbow surgery - hmmm perhaps making a trade for Chris Sale would have been a better indicator of "all in".