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  1. Damn could I go for some Welch's Grape Soda now, I forgot how good that sh*t is. 7/11 better have it.
  2. THIS IS HUGE! I have not been this excited about the Jets since Bill Parcells was hired. Saleh is for real, he's going to bust balls and kick ass. This team will play angry and hungry. Kudos to Joe D for not just looking for the next McVay in Joe Brady. Saleh is a leader, the likes of which we haven't seen - well, since Parcells. I could not be happier. MARK MY WORDS - Saleh will take us to the playoffs! Now let's build a ******* team for him to coach!
  3. Hard Pass on Arthur Smith - unless you think he will buy the Jets from the Johnson's when his daddy drops dead and Arthur inherits billions, Saleh is leaps and bounds more appealing. He has learned defense under Pete Carroll and Gus Bradley and offense under Kyle Shanahan. Logic tells you tho, his heart is with the Lions.
  4. Hard Pass, the Ravens are a defensive factory. even Mike Nolan succeeded there. BFD He's also very much a players coach...Harbaugh is the disciplinarian not Wink.
  5. What you should look for in a head coach is a great inspiration leader who motivates ALL, the players, the assistant coaches and the training staff. He also must have expertise regarding both sides of the ball. This BS of a HC delegating all decisions to a coordinator doesn't float - no dotted lines! Lastly he must hire the great coordinators and great assistants who know how to develop talent - again the HC must oversee everyone and make sure everyone is doing their job.
  6. Look at what happened to Dungy once he had Peyton Manning.
  7. Hiring Mike Nolan as DC has really hurt Dallas, he is the most uncreative DC in the game. He has only had success when coaching elite defenders. Huge blunder by McCarthy.
  8. I would trade both Crowder and Maye. Crowder is injured too often and yes he's only here for one more year and Maye is also has a checkered injury history and he's good but not great. When you are starting from scratch you dont want aging and or expensive player who are replaceable. Get some more draft capital, if we can three 2nd's for Darnold, Maye and Crowder you do it and pray that JD will select future pro bowlers.
  9. I agree, this one turns ugly fast. Lev Bell will rush for over 100. Cheifs score on their first five possession and go up 35-3 at the half. Second half will be nap time (or leaf cleanup if you are not exhausted from misery).
  10. You could probably get him for free, if anything a conditional 6th. He hasn't shown a damn thing in the NFL.
  11. Pretty much every top college QB prospect comes from a stacked team - except....Josh Allen - I didnt just go there did I?
  12. That is deceiving, They had a top five defense that set up the offense. He only coached then FOUR years - 2011-2014 and had three winning seasons. In his four years his passing offense ranked 29th, 23rd, 30th and 30th - that is not a recipe for success in today's NFL and certainly would be a waste of a Trevor Lawrence. You could say he would adjust to the talent he has - but listen to rumbles of the Michigan base who complain about Harbaugh's overly conservative offense. The best comp today for Harbaugh's style would be Tennessee - but they have a monster RB, dynamic WRs, a great OL and a dominating D - then add to that - Vrabel appears to be an exceptionally intelligent football coach - by far the best of Little Bill's kids. Also, look at Harbaugh's coaching style - not really a great schemer, but more of an overly intense rah-rah type who will eventually lose the veterans. If you want experience you go for Jack del Rio or hope that Pederson or by some miracle Payton shakes loose. Jason Garrett may not be a bad choice - I feel Jerry Jones interferes a lot - so perhaps Garrett cannot be completely to blame for the Cowboys shortcomings - nevertheless I recall seeing too many games where the 'boys came out flat. If you want to roll the dice with a young OC, then you go for Joe Brady or Kevin O'Connell. I look at Greg Roman as a very intelligent in a book smart kind of way - but not really Head Coaching material. Daboll is interesting - but he does have close ties to Little Bill so he may not want to associate himself with the Jets. You want a young coach with good genes? Go for Scott Turner or Brian Callahan.
  13. What has given Mahomes trouble this season has been pass protection - I do not envision the Jets being able to create the kind of pass rush Mahomes has faced thus far - unless of course Zuniga is the second coming of LT. On the other side of the ball, I could see Spagnola throwing blitz after blitz and once again burying Darnold. So yes I took the Chiefs.

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