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    Richard Todd's 5 Int's in the mud bowl.
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  1. Woody would NEVER sell the team, the reason why is: He bought the team for one reason and one reason only - tax deductions! Woody amortized the cost of the team over a 15 year period and recovered that cost on his tax returns - probably not paying any income tax whatsoever during that time (prolly has an NOL carryover). Right now Woody has a ZERO tax basis in the team, if he sold now the entire sales price would be LT Capital gain income to him and one hell of a tax bill. Logically he will hold the team until death and the team will be part of his estate - at the date of death, his heirs would get a step up in basis to the FMW of the Jets at the time of death, tho I am sure he is doing some kind of estate planning to lesson the tax burden on the estate. Point being, he will not sell no matter what.
  2. I hear ya, but last year they had no healthy WRs other than Algohor, and this year wk 1 they were missing 3/5 of their starting OL, Johnson tho did play week 2. Maybe I am wrong, but I also feel Wentz has not been the same as he was prior to the ACL, he appears much less improvisational than he was.
  3. I just had a flashback - remember Dick Steinberg told Bruce he would fire him if he would not give up the play calling duties and hire an OC - welp we know how that turned out. Too bad there's nobody to threaten Gase like that.
  4. Walker was done by the time Brucie and his chubby daughter came to town, you're thinking of Rob Moore.
  5. Seriously Bro, in the history of broadcast media, has there ever been a more overrated talk show host than Joe Beningo? My psychologist forced me to stop listening to him and his little whiny ginger twerp sidekick.
  6. And he's worked with Chris Hogan before! Seriously though, he's only worked with mobile/running QBs: Colin, Tyroid and now Lamar. He wasn't all that in Buffalo - considering he had Shady McCoy, Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins as playmakers.
  7. "never retrace your steps" (Bill Parcells)
  8. IDK about that, I think Parcells actually inherited a pretty good roster, Kotite was a lousy coach but a pretty good GM for Jets standards. Parcells only meaningful additions in yr1 were Rick Lyle, Ernie Logan and Jason Fabini, yet they should have gone 10-6 and made the playoffs in his first year.
  9. He is what is missing from the Jets D this year. He was an emotional leader. You need fiery guys on your team. The Jets have no emotion on their team - they look like short circuiting robots now.
  10. Hey. the Saints gave us a #1 for Richard Todd, which we used to pick a 6'5" 260 LB who was afraid to tackle anyone.

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