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  1. deucebag

    Game Observations (MIA)

    I remember when TB was billed as a Parcells guy. The ONLY thing TB learned from the Tuna is stubbornness. Also if I hear one more person (yes listening to WFAN) defend Mac i a m going to go nuts. Beningo said he deserves to stay because every one of his #1 picks is playing. Where's the pro bowlers I ask you?
  2. This roster is so void of talent its a disgrace. We have no stars - zero. I didnt even want the Jets to draft a QB because I knew they had nobody on the team to support one. This organization is a disgrace from ownership downward. Everyone applauds Woody - I have always felt he is no better than the Wilpons. Its time for Woody to break open his piggy bank and hire a real GM and give him autonomy. We need a scouting department, an established coach and professional assistant coaches. I feel bad for Darnold, he was thrown into a cesspool and now he's just trying not to drown in the sewage. Looking forward to 2019 we need 5 offensive linemen, three pro WRs, a pro RB, two edge rushers, two CBs, and two run stopping DTs. We are so far away its not funny. Its not something one offseason can fix. We need to start drafting pro-bowlers and signing quality free agents. Thats not gonna happen under Mac.
  3. deucebag

    Name the quarterback

    Payton Manning
  4. Excellent point!!! Many Jets fans dont realize we are in a similar situation as the Mets with the Wilpons. We have owners who rely on their pro sports team investment for a steady stream of income. Therefore any savings they can derive from payroll are essential for them to maintain their lifestyle.
  5. Id give them Crowell and a conditional pick 4th thru 7th.
  6. deucebag

    The best thing about tonight's game

    They should cut Crowell for that.
  7. The theme under Bowles continues - never makes adjustments and too damn conservative.
  8. I'll say this - Baker Mayfield played at a level so much higher than Darnold it would have been embarrassment had Cleveland took Darnold instead. Mayfield has a lot of Steve Young in him and Darnold - a lot of Eli Manning.
  9. Not to complain but this is the second game breaker we cud have had but Mac blew it on. Dont tell me Kahlil Mack and Josh Gordon were not worth the comp. Those two players make us a playoff team this year.
  10. We are not that good, keep in mind Detroit has only one pass rusher - and he didnt play much of the game. The Dolphins will have Wake and Quinn coming off the edges. Sunday will be much more competitive.
  11. Yeah but calling a TO would have given the NFL more time to look at it. Given blue chalk flew up from his toe, he was in and takes 3 pts off the board.
  12. Cant NO MORE TO's, I think he was in. that was messed up
  13. WTF is with burning all the TOs? Is this Herm Edwards/Hackett redux?
  14. deucebag

    Predictions for the 2018 season

    With Kahlil Mack, possibly. The defense has been good in preseason but the absence of any kind of pass rush is disgusting. I do not believe we will be able to run the ball on offense, putting too much on a rookie QBs shoulders.
  15. deucebag

    Predictions for the 2018 season

    I believe Cousins is a choker and he will feel the pressure of his big contract and passing up more money with the Jets. If you can stop Diggs and Rudolph, nobody else scares me - will Cook be as good as he was pre-injury?

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