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  1. LOL, dont forget the other three....McDermott was only in as an extra OL, so yeah one would hope 6 would block better than 5. Wesco looked awful BTW.
  2. Allow me to add that Gase's offense reminds me a lot of Joe Walton's offense. with a mix of over conservative predictability and route trees that take geniuses with mental telepathy to execute. Rather than simplifying an offense to cater to practice squad caliber receivers, he is still running a scheme that requires the receiver to adjust their route based on their read of the coverage - if Sam does not see the coverage the same way as the receiver you get the apparent brain fart resulting in an incompletion or a pick. As Ken O'Brien used to say "we were out of sync".
  3. Agreed, he did the same thing with Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry, if he doesn't like/want you he makes the team suffer for it.
  4. Ur joking right? I admit I am guilty, at the 2018 home opener there was a very obnoxious Dolphin fan sitting next to me who kept on making snide remarks, when Darnold threw a pick "you guys dont know how to draft a QB, that guy is a bum and will be out of the league before his contract is up". When Tannenhill made a 3rd down conversion "that's a real QB you see out there, something the Jets will never have", every time the Jets messed up he would start laughing loudly, every time the Dolphins did something good he would through in a dumb remark "you guys have no chance", "I cant believe you Jets fans bother showing up for games", "I knew this one would be easy". At halftime he turns to me and says "I'm really angry, I came all the way from Florida for one quarter of football, I thought you guys would put up a decent fight but you dont have a team, I dont know how I am going to sit through the second half with the game already over". I turned to him and called him every name in the book, I said if I hear one more word from you today I am going to personally kick your ass right back to Florida! The guy then said, dont be so emotional, its just a game to which I replied **** YOU!
  5. Here's my hunch, Ravens 47 jets 0. Sam gets sacked 9 times, throws 3 picks and fumbles twice, we wont make it into Raven territory the entire game.
  6. Dalton is going to start because the Bengals do not want to go 0-16. It may be a hotly contested game.
  7. The Raiders are not all that good, the only team with a winning record they have beaten was the Colts. If the Jets shut down their running game and get pressure in Carr's face they will beat them.
  8. It should be dry for most of the game and the winds are not going to be all that strong.
  9. Be careful, this is one of Chris Johnson's pets:
  10. It was great hearing Boomer this morning state that MetLife Stadium is infested with feral cats who feed off the rat population inside the stadium. Makes hitting the concession stands so appetizing.
  11. I disagree in regard to the fact that I firmly believe Sam is the real deal and will become a top 15 QB in this league. Nevertheless nobody can deny the absolute obscene lack of talent on this roster. San is due to become a free agent after the 2021 season - in other words the Jets have pissed away his rookie contract as I doubt all the pieces will be in place for the team to be a contender in 2021. So maybe the smart move is to trade Sam and start anew. I am not in love with any of the QBs in this year's draft - but we're looking at another losing season in 2020 anyway, so go with a stop gap in 2020 and hope to get a top QB in 2021 - whether that be Lawrence or someone else who rises to the top.
  12. The drop off in talent level from every other team the Jets have played this year to the Dolphins is so extreme coupled with the Gase revenge factor that anything other than a dominating performance from all facets of the team should lead Gase to the unemployment line.
  13. And next season the Jets will stink as well. Do you realize how far away the Jets are from becoming a contending team? How about 4-5 OL, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB, 2 CB, 2 EDGE, 2 DL - that doesn;t even include depth and special teams. We are 1-7 and have been competitive in 2 of 8 games. Adams would leave via free agency before we have a .500 season anyway.

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