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  1. I dont think our schedule is that easy, I was thinking 9-8 would be our ceiling. Losing Lawson probably costs us 2-3 wins.
  2. Hey, anyone remember those "Bo Knows" commercials showing Bo Jackson playing a whole bunch of different sports? They should do the opposite for Tebow!
  3. The answer to the question should be: Yes Zach Wilson does suck, but so did Josh Allen. The million dollar question is can our coaching staff harness the raw talent and turn this young stud into an NFL QB?
  4. Half the league comes out as gay. Officials will be armed with crowbars to breakup pile-ups.
  5. My ideal scenario is to trade back in the 2nd to pick up a 3rd or even a 4th and somehow still land Creed Humphrey. Becton - Tucker - Humphrey - McGovern - Fant.
  6. Darnold will benefit from Joe Brady as OC, an above average OL, a consistent and effective running game and a slew of weapons. Carolina will go 10-6 and make the playoffs. Darnold will throw for 4,400 yards 27 TD and 14 Ints. Wilson will have rookie struggles, a below average OL, a poor running game and a below avg group of weapons. The Jets will finish 7-9 Wilson will throw for 3.600 yards 22 TDS 24 INTS.
  7. I hear ya, but I'll never forget that scene in year two - when Bowles went over to the DL members on the sideline and balled them out - as he walks away you could see the eyerolls and Leo Williams burst out laughing. They looked at Bowles as a clown - because he had no accountability for the terrible job his buddy was doing as DC. Saleh is a tough guy, he is not going to allow one of his assistants to cause him failure.
  8. Should anyone have thought otherwise, yesterday proved the Bieniemy does nothing. Its all Andy Reid, and Reid failed in the leadership department yesterday - not that I am blaming him - his son may be going to prison for a very long time. Don't underestimate the impact on the entire locker room of seeing one of your coaches - who also happens to be the son of your head coach - commit such a heinous and reckless crime. I will never understand why super wealthy people will insist on driving when intoxicated. Andy Reid must be worth at least $100M and I am sure his son gets paid generously. He couldnt take a ******* uber? Seeing that photo of that poor little girl in the hospital - I am shocked that KC played as well as they did.
  9. Todd Bowles has proven himself of being a great DC. I believe much of his failure with the Jets falls directly on his best friends Kacy Rogers. Remember when Rogers had to take a leave due to illness? The Jets D was incredible in those games. I think is was Kacy who did not prepare the defense (as Jamal had alluded to) and did not know how to call defensive plays. The other reason for his failure was he was not strong enough of a leader- I believe he lost the locker room for his blind loyalty to Rogers. In Bowles first season the team was on auto-pilot led by career years from Fitzpatrick and Marshall. The following season Fitzpatrick showed up fat and lazy, Marshall got frustrated and the locker room blew up. He tried to clean house, but thanks to Mac, talent was not replaced with talent, and Rogers only got worse. Bowles probably learned a lot of lessons and may very well make a good head coach someday. That is the fear of an inexperienced head coach, they do not understand the level of responsibility they bear and do not have a powerful voice to reign power. Nevertheless, I do not have that fear with Saleh - he is going to come in kicking ass and everyone will respect him for it.
  10. Here's what I could see happening. 1) Jets Trade Darnold and a #3 to the Niners for their #1 2) Niners cut Jimmy G. NE signs Jimmy G 3) Jets trade down from #2 with Cincinnati who wants Sewell and also get a second rounder. 4) Jets select Trey Lance at #5 5) Jets sign either Bethard or Mullens to start in 2021. 6) Jets select TE Kyle Pitts at 12 7) Jets select Travis Etienne at #23. 8) Jets grab Jayson Oweh and Creed Humphrey in Round 2.
  11. The salary diff is only $8M for 2021, 2022 and 2023. It just saves them from being stuck with a gutless crappy QB for the next 6 years. Even though Detroit is getting 3 draft picks, I feel like the Rams got the better of them. Goff sucks and McVay had it with him. They will probably draft a QB this year or next. San Fran is going to get a new QB as well. Mostly because they can cut Garoppolo this year with minimal cap implications. So either SF trades for Darnold, Watson or drafts one in the 1st round.
  12. Ehh, there's been others. Vinny T looked like the worst QB ever until Little Bill brought him to Cleveland. Drew Brees was good but not all world with the Chargers. Rich Gannon was garbage until the Raiders gave him Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Jerry Porter. Another former Raider - Jim Plunkett. Maybe add Ryan Tannenhill to that list. Has Darnold done anything to make us feel like he has the potential to be a franchise QB? He showed glimpses his rookie year and had a few good games in his mono year. This year I feel like he had a bad attitude from day one, maybe it was because he lost his most reliable target, maybe its because he realized the OL still stunk or maybe he just got fed up with Gase. Gase's offense was extremely uncreative yet very complicated - it required the WRs to read the defense and adjust their routes accordingly and the QB to see it the same way as the WRs do. You need very good chemistry with your WRs for this to work - 1st Gase season, Darnold caught mono but then had a few really good games, 2nd season - no OTA's, limited practice time and no weapons to practice with. You cannot disagree that Darnold was placed in a historically bad situation the past two years PERIOD!
  13. You know, I was thinking something similar, one more ACL tear and Watson could become Dante Culpepper.
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